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March 2018

Israeli justice: Jewish Israeli admits to brutal attack on Palestinian man; judge sentences him to community service

Kate on

A Jewish Israeli man was sentenced on Tuesday to 400 hours of community service and a $2,200 fine after participating in a group assault on a Palestinian man returning home from work. Daniel Cohen Shor, along with five others, attacked a 45-year-old Palestinian, hitting him in the ribs and left ear, before beating him as he lay on the ground and racially abusing him. The Jerusalem District Court judge justified the light sentence “because of the man’s personal circumstances and because he accepted responsibility for his actions”.

War-loving, Muslim-hating John Bolton wants to give ‘pieces’ of Palestine to Jordan and Egypt

Philip Weiss on

Trump’s next national security adviser, the Islamophobic warmonger John Bolton, is realistic in declaring that the two-state solution is dead. Though his solution to the Israel Palestine conflict is not. It is for pieces of the West Bank to be deeded to Jordan and Gaza to be deeded to Egypt, on the theory that Palestine is “bits and pieces” of the former Ottoman Empire.

Being present during the destruction of Gaza

Marilyn Garson on

Marilyn Garson reflects on the recent news that the Trump administration is cutting aid to UNRWA as the World Bank and UN Special Rapporteur warn of an imminent collapse of Gaza society.

Clashing with the Jewish state: ultra-Orthodox Israelis who reject Zionism

Jaclynn Ashly on

Many of the Eda Haredit, an ultra-Orthodox group in Jerusalem, are descendants of the Old Yishuv, Jews who resided in historic Palestine under Ottoman and then British rule. The group opposes the Israeli state and any attempts at assimilating them into the larger Israeli society. The cloistered neighborhood of Mea Shearim has become a symbol for the group and outside many Eda Haredit homes hangs a sign that reads: “Here lives a non-Zionist Jew.”

Ron Lauder’s two-state epiphany elicits rage and condescension in Israel

Philip Weiss on

After Jewish leader Ron Lauder wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying Israeli settlement policy and “semi-theocratic” leadership are delegitimizing the country and fostering the assimilation of young American Jews, he was confronted in Jerusalem by rightwing minister Naftali Bennett. “What are you doing? What are you doing, Man?” the 45-year-old said condescendingly to the 74-year-old.

Criticism of Women’s March leaders reminiscent of attacks on Jesse Jackson 30 years ago

Eric Morgenson on

Recent criticism of Women’s March activists Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory over accusations of antisemitism have caused a new round of moral manic about left-wing antisemitism. Eric Morgenson recounts a similar episode from the 1980s when Jesse Jackson faced criticism over Israel and his association with Louis Farrakhan: “If the Jewish community’s experiences with Jesse Jackson in the 1980s teaches progressives anything, it should be that accusations of antisemitism can be weaponized to de-legitimize those on the left, especially people of color.”

Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village

Yumna Patel on

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian who was imprisoned in December for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier, has reportedly reached a plea bargain to serve eight months in prison including time served. She would be released in July along with her mother, who video’d the incident, according to preliminary reports.

International Solidarity Movement tour conveys Palestinian trauma to a stunned US audience

Philip Weiss on

Two activists from the International Solidarity Movement, Rana Nazzal and Joe Catron, describe their work in Palestine on a North American tour that continues to many other venues in Canada and the States. Anyone who wishes to understand the depth of the conflict, and the trauma visited on Palestinian children, should catch one of these appearances. 

In the occupation, slapping a soldier is worse than killing a Palestinian

Jonathan Ofir on

Israeli justice is defined by two events on Monday: the military parole board further reduced Elor Azarya’s prison sentence for killing an incapacitated Palestininian suspect, and a military appeals court rejected Ahed Tamimi’s appeal for an open trial on charges of slapping an Israeli soldier occupying her home.

The struggle against colonialism: a review of ‘Why Palestine Matters’

Nada Elia on

Nada Elia reviews ‘Why Palestine Matters: The Struggle to End Colonialism,’ a new book by the Presbyterian Church Israel Palestine Mission Network: “With Why Palestine Matters, the Israel Palestine Mission network of the Presbyterian Church is once again proving that it is serious in enacting solidarity, with a highly-readable book providing accessible analysis, online resources, discussion guidelines, and concrete action steps towards a solution.”

Dear Senator Harris, You have been drinking the pro-Israel Kool-Aid

Alice Diane Kisch on
California Senator Kamala Harris speaks at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C., March 28, 2017. (Photo: AIPAC)

Bay Area activist Alice Diane Kisch pans Senator Kamala Harris over her AIPAC speech: “Your support for Israel is the diametric opposite of a path to peace in the Middle East.  I am so sorry that you are not the politician that I was hoping you’d be.”

Dear Amir, you don’t need to describe what death means to me

Ahmed Alnaouq on

Gaza resident Ahmed Alanouq responds to an Israeli who writes to him: “You say that your ‘dream is to advance the cause of Palestinian human rights and to expose the ‘human face’ of the Israeli occupation.’ But the Israeli occupation is humane. It is much more humane than your own regime and your people, the Arabs. The occupation supplies you with everything you need.”

We must end the manipulation of history

Lillian Rosengarten on

Zionists have manipulated history to hide the Palestinian Nakba. Their brilliant yet deeply disturbing introjection of “victim” status sustains fears still smoldering in Jewish consciousness and is aided by clever, ugly propaganda. In truth, Israel is an occupying power.

Israeli courts denies Ahed Tamimi’s request for public trial

Yumna Patel on

Israel’s military appeals court ruled on Monday against an appeal by 17-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi and her defense team to hold the teenager’s trial proceedings in open court, citing historical “benefit” of closed-door trials for minors. Fadi Quran, coordinator of the Free The Tamimis campaign, tells Mondoweiss, “The military can close the courtroom doors but it cannot close people’s’ eyes to the injustices that are happening.”