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Israel just lost American Jews

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It finally happened. In the last day or so, major mainstream voices condemned Israel’s shootings of unarmed Palestinian protesters on March 30, in which 17 were killed.

Chris Hayes did it on MSNBC last night. “A frankly unconscionable use of force.” Ayman Mohyeldin of MSNBC called out the racism in the media’s indifference to the killings. David Rothkopf of the Carnegie Endowment questioned Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. The New York Times, Washington Post and J Street all criticized the murders (albeit with equivocations), while on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer show, Cornel West said Martin Luther King Jr would have spoken out against Israel’s “massacre” in Gaza, and Brian Lehrer, an Israel supporter who regularly hosts neoconservatives, did not seek to contradict West.

Why did the dam break and what does it mean?

It happened because the left is applying all the force here, largely through social media; and the rightwing advocates are silent. Bill Kristol, Jeffrey Goldberg and Jennifer Rubin seem to have taken one look at the awful videos from Gaza and, finding the Israeli actions indefensible, turned back to Trump.

It is hugely meaningful: The American Jewish love affair with Israel is over. We are going to see more and more outright signs of the breakup in the discourse and in our politics too in coming years.

Let’s consider the dynamics first. The mainstream editorials appeared only after social media, alt web sites, and human rights groups said emphatically for several days what was plain as the nose on your face: that these were war crimes. And more important, the mainstream spoke after seeing there was no pushback from the Zionist center/right.

The Onion did as much for the narrative as anyone. “Teen On Birthright Trip Hadn’t Expected To See So Many Dead Palestinians,” it mocked. The Onion‘s fictitious young Jew, Sarah Caplan, said she was “surprised that there were so many people her age in the Israeli Defense Forces killing Palestinians.”

The Israeli human rights group B’Tselem condemned the shootings as crimes the day they happened. Four days later, Human Rights Watch called the killings “unlawful” and “calculated,” and said the soldiers fired because of a “longstanding culture of impunity.”

Then Omar Shakir of Human Rights Watch threatened to prosecute Israeli officials for war crimes.

Israel, we will be watching & documenting what you do in Gaza on Friday. Domestic impunity won’t protect you from prosecution abroad.

IfNotNow, the non-Zionist Jewish group, did not need to be told these were murders. It led demonstrations at the Israeli consulate in Boston on Tuesday, at which eight young Jews were arrested for saying the killings go against the spirit of Passover, and at the offices of a New York Jewish establishment group last night:

The group called on the URJ [the Union for Reform Judaism], the largest denomination of American Jewry — which has taken bold progressive positions against gun violence and Israel’s mistreatment of liberal Jews, among other issues — to condemn the shocking murders of Palestinian protesters by the IDF.

Some voices in high places spoke out. Mohyeldin of NBC hit the racist blind spot in the mainstream coverage of Gaza:

After Rula Jebreal wrote, “The 1-state reality…is gun practice to liquidate humans rights, ultimately killing Israeli democracy,” David Rothkopf responded eloquently,

Until every resident of the land over which Israel enforces control has equal rights and protections under the law it’s not a democracy.

Rothkopf is as Jewish establishment as they come. The former head of Foreign Policy magazine, he once tarred Walt and Mearsheimer as gentile anti-Semites (“they made a cynical decision to cash in on anti-Semitism by offering to dress up old hatreds in the dowdy Brooks Brothers suits of the Kennedy School and the University of Chicago”). But Rothkopf was enraged: 

Israel’s brutal treatment of the demonstrators in Gaza…and Gaza itself…is the anti-Passover. It represents the height of hypocrisy: A supposedly Jewish state violating the most basic concepts of the religion in order to defend its “right to exist.”

Notice his sarcasm about a mantra Israel supporters have tried to shove down our throats forever: its right to exist.

The most important element of the reaction to the massacre was the fact that the neocons and rightwing loudmouths were quiet. They know they cannot defend Israel’s conduct, so they sat on their hands. Bill Kristol is silent. Jeffrey Goldberg silent. Jennifer Rubin silent. Bret Stephens silent. Bari Weiss silent. Tamara Cofman Wittes, silent.

The usual chorus of very connected mainstream hooligans who campaign for Israel in the press and on television was dumfounded. They don’t understand why Israel did this, they just wish it would go away. (And they can all say that they have bigger fish to fry: Trump. But it must tear them up that Netanyahu loves Trump.)

Their silence left the field to Bernie Sanders, for his good statement on the killings–including to Jake Tapper on TV. Followed by Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Rep. Betty McCollum of Minnesota:

I am horrified by the tragic wounding & killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza last Friday. Attacks on peaceful Palestinian protesters must end, and the U.S. & the international community must do more to support a resolution to the conflict.

Ari Fleischer is surely right, when he observes that progressive Democrats are beginning to turn against Israel:

Democrats – welcome to what your party has become. 1) It’s not a protest when you cross a sovereign border. It’s an invasion. 2) The Democrats used to support Israel. Now, many of them don’t.

Liberal media is responsive to these stirrings. This week there were finally outspoken Palestinian voices on the most important platforms. Diana Buttu had an op-ed in the Washington Post saying, It’s “time to crack down on Israel.”

[A]s the United States and the E.U. continue to try to appease Israel, Palestinians pay the price — with their lives.

Rawan Yaghi got an op-ed in the New York Times, with a wrenching description of a visit to the protests on Sunday:

I left the protest thinking of the rest of Gaza — shellshocked for years, its borders closed and its United Nations-funded infrastructure in decay. I thought of the kids in my neighborhood who play football in what used to be the ground floor of a tall residential building, with bare concrete columns and poking iron rods as their only audience. And I thought: Once again, Gaza the Injured has come out to protest, and to scream for life.

So the left was dominating the commentary on the massacre; and mainstream voices finally spoke up.

The New York Times ended its three-day silence on the killings with an editorial that had unusually sharp language for Israel. The Israeli ambassador to the U.N. was angered. Though the Times typically framed the matter as a crisis for Israel, with the headline, “Israel Courts Catastrophe in Gaza Protests,” it dared to pronounce that Israel should “not use live ammunition on unarmed demonstrators.”

 Israel’s response appears to have been excessive, as human rights groups have asserted.

A godawful Washington Post editorial said that Israel fell into Hamas’s “trap” by killing so many Palestinians. But it conceded that Israel had suffered “a moral and political blow.”

J Street ended its three-day silence with a statement putting blame on Palestinians and Hamas, but noting the “disturbingly high number of casualties.”

We urge the Israeli government and IDF to exercise maximum possible restraint and to use non-lethal force in such situations. We are dismayed that members of the Israeli government have already dismissed out of hand calls to conduct a thorough and independent investigation of these events.

And last night Chris Hayes broke his silence with a segment denouncing the shooting of 750 Palestinians. “Yes that is a correct number.” After the usual disclaimers about Palestinian extremism, he said that that “in no way justifies what Israeli soldiers appear to have done, which is perch on a hill and pick off protesters with sniper fire.” They “rained down bullets on unarmed people, again and again and again.” Then Hayes called out the “vast number of Congressmen” who have said nothing against the massacre.

Yes, Hayes was late, but he knows the story. He and Mohyeldin work for a network that is run by a man (David Cohen) who threw fundraisers for the Israeli army, and that is chaired by a man (Brian Roberts) “known for his affinity for Israel.” Jake Tapper works for a network whose marketing exec wrote speeches for Netanyahu.

My headline says that American Jews are done with Israel. The deluge is coming. Ten years ago Max Blumenthal came out as an anti-Zionist at rallies for the Israeli massacre of the moment, and it was shocking. Today David Rothkopf comes out as an anti-Zionist, and we all get it. So much has happened since Cast Lead of ’08-09. One massacre after another, that ravening Israeli Jews fully approved. American Jews are not going to hold the bag any more.

Thanks to Ofer Neiman, Allison Deger, Scott Roth, Bob Herbst, and James North. 

Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is senior editor of and founded the site in 2005-06.

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64 Responses

  1. eljay on April 5, 2018, 12:59 pm

    A lot of people seem upset about Israel’s actions – better late than never, I guess – but it doesn’t look like anyone is prepared to abandon the idea of a religion-supremacist “Jewish State” just yet.

    Even Rothkopf’s “sarcasm” seems much more like a shaming of Israel than a condemnation of Jewish / “Jewish State” supremacism.

    I wonder how little Israel would have to “make nice” in order for these upset Zionists to step back into line.

    • Donald on April 5, 2018, 1:51 pm

      You might be right. It has always worked that way in the past. Phil is correct in observing what is happening, but it has happened before, notably during the 82 Lebanon War when Israel was bombing civilians and later that year with the Sabra Shatila massacre. Sometimes Israel defenders realize it is better to lie low and let the storm pass. If violence ends and nothing further happened, based on past experience, the NYT and all the rest will happily forget the shootings and go back to normal.

      However, with Trump possibly about to present a “peace plan” with his good buddy in Saudi Arabia, that might keep the issue alive. Also, we have a still functioning internet and it is harder for the MSM to impose its view on the situation.

      I think things are gradually inching in the pro-Palestinian direction, but in the US this is in part because the Israeli right has zero ability at public relations. A smart person in charge over there would pretend to be interested in peace and then the NYT and the rest would fall over themselves accepting that there was a “peace process” and that would be good enough. The Likudists won’t even pretend to give a crap what Palestinians want.

      • eljay on April 5, 2018, 2:14 pm

        || Donald Johnson: … I think things are gradually inching in the pro-Palestinian direction, but in the US this is in part because the Israeli right has zero ability at public relations. A smart person in charge over there would pretend to be interested in peace and then the NYT and the rest would fall over themselves accepting that there was a “peace process” and that would be good enough. The Likudists won’t even pretend to give a crap what Palestinians want. ||

        It’s pathetic that it would take so little to bring American Zionists back into the fold, and its speaks to just how driven are Israeli Zionists by their hatefulness and immorality that they can’t muster the wherewithal to throw their American co-collectivists and supporters that small bone.

  2. Maghlawatan on April 5, 2018, 3:05 pm

    Cornel West is too classy to be mainstream. Last year he spoke about Trump

    “Not in touch with reality.  An Expression of spiritual blackout.
     Represents the   Eclipse of Integrity/ honesty/ decency . Disregard of rule of law. Expression of worst of American culture.  ”

    And I am holding my breath on US Jews breaking with the junkie cousin .

  3. druid on April 5, 2018, 3:40 pm

    I wish that were true! Probably true at the margins. But the tribe stays strong! For them, just a blip, as so often in the past

  4. Jackdaw on April 5, 2018, 5:21 pm

    the action of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences:

    • Mooser on April 5, 2018, 7:56 pm

      ” fear of the consequences:”

      And what consequences need American Jews fear if they stop supporting Israel’s murderous policies and actions?

    • oldgeezer on April 5, 2018, 8:30 pm


      Cold blooded murder

      If Israel does not occupy Gaza it has no business or concern with what they do on their own land.

      • Jackdaw on April 6, 2018, 12:33 am


        Right. Israel has no business in a Gaza she doesn’t occupy, unless 30,000 Gazans try to cross the border and invade Israel.

        The Great March of Return to Israel. What part of that don’t you get?

      • oldgeezer on April 6, 2018, 10:08 am


        30,000 people aren’t trying to breech the border.

        Israel is slaughtering civilians. Mostly unarmed civilians.

        Cold blooded murder.

        Israel has become an abomination.

      • Jackdaw on April 6, 2018, 2:42 pm

        @old wheezer

        Fumble around for your reading glasses, old man.

        The leader of Hamas just announced that borders are to be removed and the right of return implemented, i.e. a mass invasion of Israel.

        link to

      • pgtl10 on April 6, 2018, 2:51 pm


        Invasion implies there was a foreign entity involved. There wasn’t the Palestinian aren’t foreign here but apart of the social fabric that Zionists continues to ignore.

      • Mooser on April 6, 2018, 4:55 pm

        ” i.e. a mass invasion of Israel”

        I think that one is about used up “Jackdaw”. A mass invasion perpetrated by unarmed people?

    • Marnie on April 6, 2018, 1:38 am

      What is a false moral equivalence?

      Moral equivalence is a term used in political debate, usually to deny that a moral comparison can be made of two sides in a conflict, or in the actions or tactics of two sides. The term had some currency in polemic debates about the Cold War, and more currently the Arab–Israeli conflict.

      Moral equivalence – Wikipedia


      noun: liar; plural noun: liars

      a person who tells lies.

      • lonely rico on April 6, 2018, 10:59 am

        > oldgeezer

        Israel has become an abomination.

        Hear the words of Ahad Aham in 1891 –
        “What do our brethren do in Palestine? … They treat the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, unscrupulously deprive them of their rights, insult them without cause, and even boast of such deeds; and none oppose this despicable and dangerous inclination.”

        During the years of the British mandate,
        Zionist settlers murdering, maiming and terrorizing the Palestinians, who had done them no wrong (State of terror/Thomas Suarez).

        Culminating in a paroxysm of criminal violence and cruelty in 1947-48,
        ongoing to the present.

        The sorry truth is Israel has always been an abomination.

      • Misterioso on April 6, 2018, 12:53 pm

        @lonely rico

        “The sorry truth is Israel has always been an abomination.”


        And given that the entity known as “Israel” was conceived and founded on the basis of Zionism, it could only be an “abomination.”

        Zionism is racism, Zionism is theft, Zionism is fascism, Zionism is doomed.

      • RoHa on April 6, 2018, 10:11 pm

        “… Zionism is doomed.”

        Maybe, but when is this doom going to happen? Doom deferred is doom denied.

    • Misterioso on April 6, 2018, 2:21 pm


      “Palestinian Ahed Tamimi ‘sexually harassed’ during interrogations in Israel, lawyer says
      Teenager was allegedly flirted with by interrogator and told: ‘You have eyes like an angel’”

      By Bethan McKernan Beirut @mck_beth

      Thursday 5 April 2018, The Independent

      “Seventeen-year-old Palestinian resistance figure Ahed Tamimi was sexually harassed by an Israeli interrogator during detention, the girl’s lawyer has alleged.

      “The minor, then aged 16, was arrested in December after slapping two Israeli soldiers who refused to leave her family’s property during a demonstration in the occupied West Bank. ”

      “She accepted a plea deal of eight months in prison last week in a closed military court.
      Attorney Gaby Lasky filed a complaint with the Israeli general attorney’s office earlier this week over the ‘inappropriate conduct’ of one of the minor’s questioners, it emerged on Wednesday. “

      • MHughes976 on April 6, 2018, 5:47 pm

        I hope she told him that his eyes and his job were satanic.

      • eljay on April 6, 2018, 10:09 pm

        || Misterioso: … Meanwhile … “Palestinian Ahed Tamimi ‘sexually harassed’ during interrogations in Israel, lawyer says Teenager was allegedly flirted with by interrogator and told: ‘You have eyes like an angel’” … ||

        Thank goodness she’s being held captive by a “moral beacon” and “progressive paradise” state that will treat her better than Saudi Arabia, Mali, African “hellholes”, etc.

      • lonely rico on April 7, 2018, 3:59 pm

        > RoHa

        Doom deferred is doom denied.

        Insanity in Gaza doesn’t leave much room for a smile.
        Thanks RoHa for a moment of levity between the tears.
        It’s a beaut !

    • Misterioso on April 6, 2018, 2:32 pm



      “Palestinian Ahed Tamimi ‘sexually harassed’ during interrogations in Israel, lawyer says.”

      By Bethan McKernan Beirut, The Independent, 5 April 2018

      “Seventeen-year-old Palestinian resistance figure Ahed Tamimi was sexually harassed by an Israeli interrogator during detention, the girl’s lawyer has alleged.

      “The minor, then aged 16, was arrested in December after slapping two Israeli soldiers who refused to leave her family’s property during a demonstration in the occupied West Bank. She accepted a plea deal of eight months in prison last week in a closed military court.
      Attorney Gaby Lasky filed a complaint with the Israeli general attorney’s office earlier this week over the ‘inappropriate conduct’ of one of the minor’s questioners, it emerged on Wednesday.”

      “Ms Lasky said the behaviour of the interrogator from Israel’s central military intelligence unit, who allegedly remarked on the girl’s appearance and attractiveness, was a ‘gross violation of the law’ and sexual harassment.

      “He allegedly told her in Arabic, ‘You have eyes like an angel’, and made ‘creepy attempts at flirting,’ the complaint said.

      “Ahed was also interrogated by two men simultaneously without the presence of a female officer or access to her family, a lawyer or a questioner trained to deal with minors, Ms Lasky said, which goes against standard procedure.

      “The complaint also said that the named interrogator had threatened to arrest other members of Ahed’s family if she did not cooperate.

      “The girl’s experiences proves that ‘the [Israeli] law enforcement system infringes upon the rights of Palestinian minors,’ Ms Lasky wrote.”

      Ah yes, Israel, “a light unto nations [not]”

    • Mooser on April 6, 2018, 3:08 pm

      “the action of discouraging an action or event through instilling doubt or fear of the consequences:”

      As in “Israel’s massacres will have a deterrent effect on support for Israel.”

  5. Citizen on April 5, 2018, 6:39 pm

    Sure Phil, let us know when Chris Hayes adds to what he said with a short discussion of what the snipers’ targets were protesting: the occupation. Ending maybe on a final note to his audience that the first step is to end it, using the leverage of the endless billions US taxpayers pay to prolong it.

    • inbound39 on April 6, 2018, 4:47 am

      This is the Key to it all. The American Government could have ended this conflict decades ago by insisting Israel abide by Resolutions and International Law or no Aid. The American Government still holds that power with the exception now that Israel controls the American Government. Time for Americans to reclaim their government and outlaw anyone acting on manipulating government policy for Israel’s benefit so it can continue its criminal activities. American Jews hold the key here and can benefit Jews Worldwide by outlawing Israeli intransigence and criminal policies.

    • Mooser on April 6, 2018, 10:59 am

      ” a short discussion of what the snipers’ targets were protesting: the occupation.”

      Yes, one might conclude the Palestinians were protesting a lack of some civil rights guaranteed in the Israeli Constitution. Or the price of cottage cheese.

      • Citizen on April 6, 2018, 7:09 pm

        Or one or thousands might conclude they were just “Joo Haters.” Chris Hayes could add that the Leahy Amendments apply.

      • pabelmont on April 7, 2018, 3:36 pm

        Mooser: Please remember, at all times, that the USA public is fed much misinformation and a great silence about context. How many years did USA celebrate Columbus before a few people began reflecting and speaking out about his bad behaviors (bad from today’s standpoint, today in time and today in multiculturalism). So don’t assume that people generally understand and know what you understand and know. Zionism seemed “kulturny” in 1898 and probably even in 1930. Settler colonialism was OK for many poeople of white-European backgrounds, and Arabs were despised and disregarded. Now, fortunately IMO, settler colonialism and brutality and refusal of democracy and refusal of human rights are getting more popular. Criticising Zionism from today’s standards, (Not that any “standard” is universal — the standard I suggest clearly does not exist within Jewish-Israelis. Or within the American ruling class come to that.)

  6. Rusty Pipes on April 5, 2018, 7:14 pm

    Do you have a recent link for the Congress people who have commented on Gaza? As of yesterday, Electronic Intifada adds Barbara Lee to the list, but not Patrick Leahy.

    • captADKer on April 5, 2018, 8:17 pm

      sure rusty-

      “better than wages”

    • Rusty Pipes on April 5, 2018, 9:05 pm

      As of yesterday, nothing from Leahy, just his aide:

      An aide to Patrick Leahy, Sanders’ fellow Democratic senator from Vermont, told the publication Splinter that Israel’s actions in Gaza should be considered in light of a US law that prohibits aid to foreign military units that engage in human rights violations.

      Leahy hasn’t tweeted about the matter.

      • Marnie on April 6, 2018, 1:45 am


  7. Spring Renouncer on April 5, 2018, 7:40 pm

    The least we can do is hope for change. I hope the progress you write of is real, but criticism of Israel still seems like a fringe phenomenon in US media, politics and society. The most promising signs of change are in the attitudes of the young… I am not sure that the establishment can change, but eventually it will be aged out, replaced – hopefully – by something better. I also hope that MSNBC’s critical coverage of the Passover Massacre in Gaza will spread beyond Chris Hayes’ remark. I won’t hold my breath, though.

    I was so affected by this most recent atrocity in Gaza that the day after it happened I wrote a long and strongly-worded Facebook-message to Lawrence O’Donnell. Realistically, the chance that he will read any of it is very slim, but I hope others with more influence will exert similar pressure on prominent hosts. We won’t be able to know if the trend you describe is a genuine one, rather than just an anomaly, until the likes of Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell openly confront Israel’s crimes on air. Considering their lucrative myopic obsession with Trump and Russia, I don’t know if they will find space to broach the subject. But as I wrote to O’Donnell: if you have time to sing praises of Parkland school-shooting survivors-turned-activists, such as David Hogg – shielding them from right-wing attack – then HOW DARE you ignore the story of Ahed Tamimi and other Palestinian children, who have – quite frankly – faced far more than Hogg or most American adults ever will with inspirational strength and poise?

    • JWalters on April 6, 2018, 1:42 am

      Thank you for writing to O’Donnell. It’s very important that these stories be pushed in the faces of people like O’Donnell, Tel Aviv Rachel, Judy Woodruff, etc, who should know better. Some of them must have a conscience that will snap on when enough earned shame is piled on them.

  8. Kay24 on April 5, 2018, 8:15 pm

    Finally the “zionist” media has to own up that Israel is NOT defending itself. It CANNOT blame Palestinian militants for the IDF shooting young kids at the back as they run, walk, or pray, and that BLAMING the victims, is not working anymore, when there are numerous videos disputing their lies. The silence from the right wing apologists is deafening . Bret Stephens, Bill Kristol, and even Dershowitz, seems mute. Had these been the deaths of Israelis, they would be howling with outrage, and zionists like Michael Oren and Danny Dannon, would have got prime spots to show their anger, and trying to make out that Israel is the victim. As for the US, we have got to wonder where that brilliant peace maker Jared Kushner is in all this, and even Donald J. Trump should be questioned if he thinks that handing Jerusalem to these killers, was the right thing to do.
    I hope American leaders who put Israel above their own country are proud of it today.
    Perhaps they don’t care that Arabs have been killed and injured unmercifully. That is how it has been anyway.

  9. RoHa on April 5, 2018, 8:40 pm

    ” The American Jewish love affair with Israel is over”

    Sure it is.

    “and we are going to see more and more outright signs of the breakup in the discourse and in our politics too in coming years.”

    Yeah. Call me when the US Congress denounces Israel and refuses to send more money.

    • pabelmont on April 8, 2018, 10:03 am

      RoHa, I think you’re right that any blip in the long-nurtured pro-Israel conditioning — brainwashing and corruption — of the American ruling class is just that, a temporary blip. On the other hand, if a continuing progression of signs of break up of this long-held vice-like grip on the American oligarchs and their puppets in Congress should surprise us all by manifesting itself, I’ll join the cheers. As you say, reports of its death, tho, seem a bit premature.

  10. CigarGod on April 6, 2018, 12:02 am

    I appreciate the time and effort to do document words and silence.
    Unfortunately, you can add up all the expressions of “how awful” and they don’t amount to a single call for boycott, or a single charge of apartheid.
    Similarly, “silence of the right” seems more like keeping their heads down until the PR barrage is released certifying the whole thing is Hamas’ fault…or highly likely the work of Russians (sarcasm)

  11. Kathleen on April 6, 2018, 1:20 am

    Was so great that Hayes broke MSNBC’s silence. Maddow now the number one cable show will not jeopardize her paycheck and ratings.

    Earlier that day Ari Melber host of “The Beat” hosted an incredible panel of three generations of U.S. civil rights activist and heroes. During the program they discussed how blacks had always been painted as stirring up problems etc. So many things said during that one hour that Ari could have been comparing to the I/P conflict but of course did not.

    The Wall of Silence is breaking.

  12. JWalters on April 6, 2018, 1:34 am

    “American Jews are done with Israel. The deluge is coming.”

    Thanks to courageous, independent news and analysis websites like Mondoweiss, American Jews will realize this is another banker’s war, masquerading as a “sacred” project. e.g.

  13. Marnie on April 6, 2018, 1:42 am

    Phil, I think there’s too much optimism in this article; the left and so-called progressive jews in the u.s. and the world almost talk the talk but will do nothing else. They will never agree to punish israel for it’s innumerable war crimes and atrocities as in the manner of nuremberg and nothing less will do. The kid gloves have to come off when dealing with ‘israel’; the zionist state sees the world as bark with no bite and laughs.

  14. Frankie P on April 6, 2018, 6:45 am

    Ho hum,

    If I had US$5 for every time Phil Weiss said “It has finally happened” or “It’s finally happening” or “It’s really going to happen this time”, I would be a couple of hundred dollars richer than I am now. I agree with RoHa’s sobering statement regarding the US Congress: let me know when we have statements denouncing Israel and demanding an end to all US aid from the 70 Senators who would sign the napkin within 24 hours. Call me a cynic, call me a realist, call me a party pooper. Just another episode of advanced lawn management to add to a long list of seasonal mowing of the lawn. Yes, they mow the lawn in Israel, even as the East Coast of the US gets snow in early April.

    My hopes for change in the I/P conflict lie in outside forces, but certainly not in some kind of change in the attitudes of US Jews, or US Christians, or US policy for that matter. Give up on that stale dream, realists. My hope for change in the I/P conflict lie in real forces: Hezzbollah, Syria, Iran, Russia. The Resistance. The Israelis continue their turkey shoot in Gaza, and the media makes some noise, Phil and company have a fit, AIPAC squeezes its fist a bit tighter on its puppets in the US Congress, but in Lebanon and Syria hard men continue preparing for the future, a future that they know is real, and is coming. They have been preparing non-stop since 2006, and they have made significant progress. They are preparing now with a larger group of hard men, better organized, men with better military material, more experience, better training. They have taken advantage of massive US errors, often at the behest of Israel, played out to the tired old muzak of “Assad must go”. They have sharpened their skills in battles against the US/Saudi/Israel supported Sunnite radical head choppers, street by street, house by house, patient, formidable, fearless, confident. Every day more progress. Every day the Syrian air defenses are modernized and integrated more closely with the Russian air defenses. Every day Hezzbollah amasses a growing arsenal of accurate guided missiles capable of striking any place in Israel, from Dimona to chemical tanks in Haifa. Every day plans are made, and these plans will change the situation.

    US voices changing their tired tune of blank check support for Israel? Come on, even the Christian voices are totally self-censoring out of fear of the anti-semite card, those that is who haven’t drunk the evangelical fundamentalist end of times kool aid and will support Israel until their imagined war between Gog and Magog. US Jewish voices changing their support in any REAL way? A pipe dream.

    Long live the Resistance.

    Frankie P

    • wfleitz on April 6, 2018, 4:49 pm


    • DaBakr on April 8, 2018, 2:42 am


      Now your talkin’. One of the freshest, most honest voices I’ve read here on MW in a long time. Absolutely no bullshittin around in your analysis, our hopes, for what kind of “Resistance” or enemy forces it would take to even initiate a change in military strategy. Just as long as you understand your thinking about the big one. The all out war. And I don’t mean that this war would extend to far reaching and wide swaths of territory not in the basic region. Of course that will be a major point that the media will try and play up to scare certain factions against proceeding. And of course there could be factions that are not under control and try to use foreign violence to drag in other forces(that will always be a danger in how wars, symmetrical or not have been fought).
      . But let’s just say this “resistance” you hope for is contained to the basic ME and the nation’s who supply the weapons…..uh. Wait. Um. Ok, let’s just say israel mages a deal to not bomb something in return for Russia not bombing something so that the US doesn’t bomb some Russian something (and China is having a nice tea party in the corner) But say it all works like you dream.
      . It is still Armageddon. Unimaginable death and the Arabs aligned against Israel gain nothing. In fact they lose most. The long tortured(by there own brethren) palestinians will also end up with less then they have now but I’m sure anybody could come up with songs rinky dink theory on how Israel loses all, US fails, Russia dominates and China is new king. Three are SO many reasons why it’s asinine I’ll just leave it as a fantasy fulfillment clause.
      But you dude? Fp? Your truth is a revelation here on MW where phony left-wing’ peacenik haters abound. Maybe you’ll inspire some others to crawl out of their exoskeleton s

  15. JimMichie on April 6, 2018, 9:55 am

    So can anyone, other than the New York Times, Zionist Israel and its “sympathizers” across the globe, take issue with my often used descriptions of “brutal, ruthless, racist, genocidal, ethnic cleansing, land-stealing, fascist, terrorist, Zionist” Israel? I await your response!

    • on April 6, 2018, 5:41 pm

      Does ethnic cleansing include the appropriation of hummous? If so, your description of Zionist Israel is, imo, accurate and complete.

      I’m certain of two things: the continued growth in Palestinian support as the cause becomes entrenched in the wider human rights movement AND Israel will continue on its racist murderous path largely unchecked.

      The outcomes of these two forces colliding is anyone’s guess to make but one thing seems apparent – the more colliding that occurs, the more liberal Jews that abandon Zionism.

      Great article Phil – i see the glass as half full and hope that all these latest developments are indicative of what’s to come, freedom for the Palestinians and an end to Zionism and a Jewish supremacist Israel.

      • DaBakr on April 8, 2018, 2:54 am

        Yeah, @ lh, the great World war that destroys millions of lives will be know as:
        The Great Hummus War. Arabs willingly gave their blood and honour to stop the insidious and evil Jews (or the Zionists if you optically believe the two are unrelated ) from taking credit over the entire universe for making and/or appropriating the best hummus known to the world.

        Saving the honor of keeping the Smashing up fava beans or chick peas jew free will be known as the Arabic world’s most important contribution to humanity. Those cheeky damn Israeli Jews, daring to think they could steal hummus and Christmas.

    • DaBakr on April 8, 2018, 2:48 am

      No issue taken at all using those terms to describe the palestinian Arabs, their leaders, the Hamas, PLO, PA and all the corrupt money grubbing thieves that stole the palestinians billions of dollars of legacy money. That duped two, soon three generations into believing if they keep sacrificing their blood for Hamas, Abbas, PLO, Meshaad, Arafat’s fat pig wife and all the other pallazzo owning billionaires living in Gaza and outside Ramallah in the lap of luxury while the stupid masses continue to think their blood is sacred and instrumental in wresting Israel back from the Jews.
      Now, another bad joke?

  16. JLewisDickerson on April 6, 2018, 2:08 pm

    RE: ‘The American Jewish love affair with Israel is over. We are going to see more and more outright signs of the breakup” ~ Weissglossian optimism

    COMMENT: I will only believe it when there is no longer any possibility of “makeup-sex”!

  17. genesto on April 6, 2018, 2:18 pm

    We have been announcing the ‘breakup’ for decades now, the most personal being what was considered the end of Israel as the world’s victim following its murder of 10 Turks on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010. That was supposed to be the beginning of the end of Zionism, but – at least politically and financially – it’s stronger than ever at present. So I wouldn’t get too excited about this – at least not yet.

    The good news is that the progressive movement is forcing the Democratic Party, against its will to keep pandering to billionaire Zionist donors, to move towards the Palestinians and away from Zionist Jews on this issue. They are being aided by young Jews who, all sides agree, are moving away from Jewish exceptionalism and towards human rights for all as they more and more distance themselves from Israel. However, this, too, is nothing new, since American Jews had little connection to Israel prior to the 1967 War. The political establishment, including the Democratic Party leadership, is resisting this strongly, as it needs that Zionist billionaire money desperately to survive. Witness the silence to date from practically all of Congress regarding these daily massacres. Bernie demonstrated that there is a way around reliance on corporate, Zionist money by securing millions and millions of small donations, but its still questionable if enough money can be raised this way to overcome the corporate and Zionist financial influence in national elections. We’re talking billions of dollars here!

    The success of actually achieving a ‘breakup’ depends, to a great extent, on where the Palestinians go from here. If they keep the pressure up, keep exposing Israel’s crimes for the world to see, then this may, indeed, be the beginning of the end of the Zionist grip on our country. Once that happens, Zionism will likely disappear, hopefully as quickly as did apartheid in South Africa. I’m still hoping to celebrate that day before I die.

  18. Mooser on April 6, 2018, 3:33 pm
    • genesto on April 6, 2018, 5:10 pm

      Of course, and that’s fantastic!

      • Mooser on April 7, 2018, 12:11 pm

        Sorry, I must have screwed up the link.

  19. inbound39 on April 6, 2018, 6:36 pm

    What I find most disturbing is elected officials in EU and US and British governments, where the citizenry of said governments oppose Israeli actions in Palestine by a large percentage, are totally mute and immobile. The absolute arrogance of these politicians is astounding. They are elected to serve the people int the countries they were elected and act in the peoples interest and not in Israel’s interest. Something is definitely going to give. What these politicians are doing is unsustainable and undemocratic.

    • genesto on April 6, 2018, 7:56 pm

      When the end comes to Zionism, these gutless reptiles in government will act as though none of this, despite having occurred over many decades, ever happened. They will hope and pray that there won’t be any accountability for their treachery. We should be ready to make sure that there is!

  20. jimby on April 6, 2018, 10:32 pm

    maybe someone already posted the interview with max blumenthal by abby martin. it’s been blocked on youtube in 28 countries. i just watched it. it is powerful if you can watch..

  21. Maghlawatan on April 6, 2018, 11:38 pm

    Hannah Arendt predicted an eventual parting of the ways between militant Israeli Jews and their snowflake American coreligionists who didn’t grow up marinated in trauma and therefore have far less of a penchant for cruelty. The problem with Zionism is that it takes up too many evenings. It is too contrived. It is too murderous.

    • DaBakr on April 8, 2018, 2:57 am

      Omg! Yet another millionth mention of the mouldy old Arendt. Who the fuck cares? Is only here on MW that her ‘seminal’ work is still discussed as if she changed the world. In fact, her premise had become less and less recognized and respected as time goes on and humans learn actual truths about their histories.

  22. chris_k on April 6, 2018, 11:52 pm

    If American Jews indeed turn against Israel, Israeli opinion is still more extreme than ever and getting worse by the day. Netanyahu may start looking like a flower child when the next PM comes. American Jews created a monster they either can’t control or will probably never muster the resolve to if they could.

  23. DaBakr on April 8, 2018, 1:26 am

    Um,. Exactly how many times and over how many years has just PW been squealing the same mantra about Israel losing: us Jews, young us Jews, young college educated us Jews. Jews Jews Jews. And it’s still the same hysterical bs.
    . Why doesn’t (they probably already did) MW do a piece on how many American wasps that marry NY left wing elitist Jews who are obsessed with Israel and jew counting stay married for more then ten to fifteen years? Or study how much your typical day cost wasp gives a crap about Israel or the Arabs. Sure, as a Christian country there is always going to be a bias towards Israel but nobody gives a crap about Muslims minding their own business, Sikhs, Buddhists. That apocalypse will come much much later. And it isn’t gonna be instigated by the Sikhs or the Buddhists either.
    . Time to find a nice beautiful Mexican/ Central American fishing village And then, go back and forth from there to Jerusalem.

  24. Rafi on April 8, 2018, 4:45 am

    dumbfounded. not dumfounded

  25. Kathleen on April 8, 2018, 11:45 am

    So MSNBC AM Joy Reid spent a few moments Sunday morning reporting about the journalist killed by Israeli (terrorist) snipers on Friday. She even mentioned the other Palestinians murdered by Israel. A few minutes.

    She did not have any guest on to talk about the massacre, the ongoing movement, the history of the conflict. We know Melissa Harris Perry would have covered this massacre. We know Cenk Uygar would have covered the massacre. We know Dylan Ratigan would have reported about the massacre. We know MHP, Cenk were canned. More than likely because they were unwilling to report with inside the Comcast box.

    So Joy Reid dribbles out a bit about the massacre. Tiny movement on her part but still pathetic and shameful. Would so love to hear the conversation between her and her producers about this critically important issue.

  26. ritzl on April 8, 2018, 3:44 pm

    You can also shift the Venn diagram a bit by applying American Jewish “community” responses ranging from silence about mass murder, to outright support for mass murder and say that American Jews have lost America on this one. This is just that blatant and bad.

    Clearly a notable subset of American Jews have stridently condemned this ghoulish [pattern of] behavior, but by and large it’s been silence, equivocation, and/or outright support. I think that if you ask Americans whether mass murder is ever acceptable behavior most (but sadly, not by any means all) would say no. So, bit of a moral divide there.

    I’d love to see a poll on this. One using blunt questions. I could just be full of it, and most Americans do support mass murder.

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