Mother of slain medic goes to border fence, vows her daughter’s mission will not end

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Yesterday paramedics staged a march along the eastern borders of Gaza with the family of the medic shot dead last week, Razan al-Najjar.

The 21-year old paramedic was killed when Israeli troops opened live fire on tens of protesters near the fence east of Khan Younis. Al-Najjar was attending to wounded protesters.

Her mother Sabreen explained why she was attending the demonstration, below. “For me, coming here is more powerful than words. I came to complete my daughter’s mission…. We will continue working tirelessly until the whole world gets our message.”

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Impressive. Maybe the early Zionists should have went to Antartica or Greenland, when the locals, or at east the local colonials, in Africa, let them know they could not go there?

I thought her daughter had no mission but to help save lives as a medic.