A Call to Action from Gaza: Cover your city with posters of the Great March of Return heroes

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Palestinian organisations in Gaza are calling upon all people of conscience around the world, to make posters of the fallen heroes of the recent Great March of Return and plaster these all over your cities and towns, especially opposite Israeli and American embassies. This is an action that will greatly benefit the visibility of our cause!

PDF files of the fallen demonstrators can be found here :

Please send pictures or videos of your action with statement of support for the Right of Return and the Great March of Return to:

Following the media coverage of the massacre that Israel carried out against us on the first day of our march, we have been receiving less and less media coverage.Yet more and more of us are being killed every day. Gaza has been bombarded night and day too. Since the start of the Great March of Return, over 135 unarmed protesters have been shot dead and more than 14,000 wounded by the occupation forces, including children, medical staff, journalists, and the disabled. Gaza’s health system has been pushed to the brink of collapse, as hospitals struggle to handle an influx of serious and life-threatening injuries.

Help keep the freedom of Palestinians and the right to return in the spotlight!


Great March of Return-Steering Committee

The Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU)

University Teachers’ Association in Palestine

Palestinian Students’ Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel Al-Aqsa University

One Democratic State Group

Voices Against Israeli Apartheid

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Loads of Palestinian flags in evidence at the Ulster football final yesterday in Ireland “It was very interesting to notice the attitude of the Israelis towards us. They couldn’t comprehend why were doing this. What we were doing challenges their mindset and that is why it is such an effective tactic. They treat the Palestinians as if they are subhuman. They don’t think Palestinians deserve to live in a normal society, to be… Read more »

Here is how far the hatred has spread. This guy must come from the illegal settlements, he certainly behaves that way. The narration is great and even funny. We can only hope the Australian voters have more intelligence than the ones who voted for Trump here. This guy is a typical zionist, he attacks and then pretends HE is the victim.

In Melbourne Australia spreading the lies and hate.

When and where is this Great March of Return supposed to to take place?

Annie and the editors, Please look into the mirror and chant a thousand times: “I am a gutless chickenshit for not allowing anyone to post anything that contradicts my viewpoint that Palestinians are totally innocent of absolutely everything.” ———————– Tehran may not be the safest place these days to put up your posters. Are these protesters actually shouting “Death to Palestine” as the FB feed says? If they are, it’s because Iran is diverting badly… Read more »

@Kay24 “This guy is a typical zionist, he attacks and then pretends HE is the victim” Thanks for the link to the video.Seriously funny. Did he say that the older “blonde” with shades was his mum. Shurely Shome Mishtake.He looks well Moroccan (no offence to Moroccans) and well she looks Scandanavian(no offence to Scandanavians). Still looks and sounds as if he would need his mum alongside him 24/7 to change his nappies(aka diapers). I think… Read more »