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Trump cites Israel’s interest in the Saudi-US portfolio — not Russia’s

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Donald Trump’s shocking statement Tuesday giving the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia a pass on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was titled “America First!” but twice mentioned Israel’s interests, saying Israel needs to have the US “remain a steadfast partner of Saudi Arabia.” The statement also parroted Israeli talking points by identifying Iran as the leading malefactor in the world. As if Hezbollah and Hamas are threats to the U.S.

Trump’s use of Israel’s interests to deflect criticism of his indifference to the murder was noted with concern by the Israeli press: as an embarrassment to Israel, which Benjamin Netanyahu had brought on himself by adopting the same line as Trump.

But our press is in the business of downplaying Israel’s influence, so it largely ignored the Israel angle.

Commentators were quick to say that Trump had grossly inflated the amount of money the Saudi relationship is worth to the United States, though no one was pointing out what Trump’s ferociously pro-Israel policies have been worth to him: the generosity of three billionaires, chief among them Sheldon Adelson and wife Miriam, who have given some $150 million to Republican campaigns in the last 3 years or so. And by the way, Miriam received the presidential medal of freedom last week, along with Elvis and Babe Ruth and Alan Page.

Trump warned in his statement that if the U.S. loses those billions in Saudi arms deals, they’ll go to our rivals Russia and China. This is a reminder of the fact that whatever Russia did to swing the 2016 election in Trump’s favor, it made a hash of it: Trump hasn’t stayed bought. He’s increased sanctions on Russia and is taking on the Russia-Iran alliance in Syria, and demonizing Iran.

I have no doubt that Russia interfered in the election and that the Trump campaign was corrupted by its desire to get Russian help. The evidence about that June 2016 meeting by Donald Trump Jr. with Russians in Trump Tower at which the easing of sanctions was discussed in apparent exchange for Russian dirt on Clinton is strong, and in that famous press conference in Helsinki, “it was hard to believe Trump could have acted as he did unless Putin had some sort of hold over him,” as David Bromwich wrote in the LRB. 

Yet “Russia remains the obsessional concern” for the mainstream media, as Bromwich said, and the result is stories reminiscent of Cold War indoctrination campaigns. We’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys. A series of New York Times Russia-for-dummies videos — Operation Infektion — have duly showed up on NPR and PBS and the graphics even look like 1950s propaganda. The media almost never talk about our interference in Russian elections. Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University figures that between 1946 and 2000, the US intervened in 81 foreign elections, while Russia interfered in 36; and that includes the Ukraine on Russia’s doorstep.

The New York Times’s sleuth on Russian disinformation, Adam Ellick, said last week on NPR that Russia relied on “useful idiots” to spread its lies: “they also kind of have to be an idiot because they need to be able either to be willing to pass it on or they need to genuinely believe it.” But how many American opinion editors ever talk about the “useful idiots” among them “prominent figures in the North American liberal establishment,” who were crucial to launching the great blunder of the war in Iraq, as Tony Judt wrote years ago in the London Review of Books. Just as it was in the London Review of Books that Bromwich warned that these liberals have learned nothing from their mistake.

the unipolar press that in 2003 overwhelmingly endorsed the Iraq War. From the New York Times and the New Yorker to CNN and MSNBC, nothing has changed in the mentality of the people who arrived at that verdict 15 years ago; and the next Democratic president, if there is one, will be under pressure to mount continuous threats against a nuclear power the Democrats have gone back to calling an adversary.

The American press has a limitless ability to ignore what it needs to ignore. Robert Worth just wrote an excellent story on Saudi’s Yemen genocide for the New York Times, including a focus on the U.S. role in backing the slaughter. But Worth also admitted that Yemen simply wasn’t a story for four years. Why not? Terry Gross asked. Well, because the press decided not to make it a story:

I would ask myself – you know, I’ve got two young children – do I want to risk my life for this story which not that many people here care about? And for years, the answer was essentially no… [W]hen I would talk to my editors about Yemen, I got the sense that they felt – well, you know, we already have one big Arab war that is filling everybody’s consciousness to the extent that they care about the Middle East at all.

The press is also obsessed with Russia and WikiLeaks. Chris Matthews posts clip after clip of Trump citing WikiLeaks on the campaign trail in 2016, as if WikiLeaks, allegedly provided to us by the GRU or Russian intelligence directorate, is what got him elected.

Was that really the case? Were swing voters really moved by what they learned in Wikileaks? Maybe it’s true: that an aura of corruption in the Democratic National Committee, fostered by WikiLeaks, hurt Clinton. Certainly this election came down to a few thousand voters, so it’s hard to say just what was in the balance.

There are problems with blaming WikiLeaks. One is cultural, it’s just another tribal iteration of elites vs. deplorables. The liberal press liked Clinton, and no one they know voted for Trump, so they are too eager to believe that Trump voters were stupid people brainwashed by Russians rather than voters acting as voters do, on the basis of their own prejudices, values, and interests. Hillary Clinton actually is a neoliberal globalist (as the WikiLeaks speeches reminded us), and was correctly seen as pro-war and pro-regime change in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, states that had suffered higher casualty rates than other states during all our adventures in the Middle East.

Also, even if Russian hackers supplied them, WikiLeaks was true; and as usual, the mainstream press ignored what it wanted to ignore: the evidence in WikiLeaks that Hillary Clinton was all but selling her stances on Israel to the lobby. Clinton issued a statement in 2015 to lobby boss Malcolm Hoenlein distancing herself from Obama’s policies on Israel so as to please Haim Saban and other big donors. And Stu Eizenstat, her Jewish liaison, met with Netanyahu to figure out just how soon after taking office Clinton would invite Netanyahu to the White House to clear the fumes left by Obama, as well as just how Clinton would attack the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, BDS, which has caused Israel fits, so as to compensate for her backing Obama on the Iran deal.

But paying too much attention to the Israel lobby is considered anti-Semitic; so the press gave these Wiki-revelations a pass. Though if Trump’s victory came down to a handful of people who couldn’t make up their minds, you could as easily blame Sheldon Adelson’s corrupting influence–Adelson who wanted Obama to nuke Iran and who tells young Jews they must be “emissaries” for Israel and “fight for us”– as the Russians’.

Sadly, Trump won and tore up the Iran deal. His statement on Saudi Arabia shows that he is now in the same business as Clinton in her WikiLeaks dance steps, conflating Israeli and American interests so as to curry favor with donors.

The Israeli press is right to see a danger here. The Khashoggi story is embarrassing in a way that the Yemen genocide is not; and Trump has now put the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel in the same boat, as rogue warriors and assassins. In a few years maybe that will be the story.

Thanks to Donald Johnson and Jefferson Morley, of Deep State.

Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is senior editor of and founded the site in 2005-06.

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  1. Citizen on November 24, 2018, 1:33 pm


  2. JLewisDickerson on November 24, 2018, 1:51 pm

    RE: The New York Times’s sleuth on Russian disinformation, Adam Ellick, said last week on NPR that Russia relied on “useful idiots” to spread its lies: “they also kind of have to be an idiot because they need to be able either to be willing to pass it on or they need to genuinely believe it.” ~ Weiss

    MY RHETORICAL QUESTION: Does a “bot” qualify as a “useful idiot”? Enquiring minds mimes desperately want to know!

    ■ Changing the hive mind — How social media manipulation affects everything: Tim Weninger at TEDxUND (19,349 views)
    TEDx Talks
    Published on Feb 27, 2014
    Tim Weninger, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Notre Dame, describes a study he conducted on in which he had a computer program up-vote or down-vote the latest post every two minutes. As he explains, the experiment shows that early random up-votes makes a post 20 percent more likely to appear on the front page. His conclusion? Just one quarter of one percent of viewers determine what the rest of the site’s readers see—so don’t believe every trending content rating you see online.

    • JLewisDickerson on November 24, 2018, 2:54 pm

      P.S. ALSO SEE:

      “Trump Campaign Used Social Media Manipulation, Says The Guardian” | by Carolyn Fortuna | | May 26th, 2017

      “How Russia used social media to divide Americans” | by Tom McCarthy | | October 14, 2017
      Russian trolls and bots focused on controversial topics in an effort to stoke political division on an enormous scale – and it hasn’t stopped, experts

      “Social Media and Fake News in the 2016 Election” | Hunt Allcott and Matthew Gentzkow | Journal of Economic Perspectives | Volume 31, Number 2, Spring 2017 | Pages 211–236

      ■ VIDEO: “Social Media Psy-Ops” (1:48:02)
      Richard Hall
      Published on Sep 24, 2017
      Richard speaks to Neil Sanders about online skulduggery by some very rich people and some very powerful secret organizations. The manipulation is being done using Facebook and Twitter, but is not limited to social media websites. The vast majority of people are totally unaware of what is going on. Fundamentally there are two aspects. The first is acquiring your personal data. The second is manipulating your opinions, actions and emotions by using this data or using other psychological tricks. Social Media, it seems may have been used to manipulate both the outcome of Brexit and the outcome of the U.S. election. Much emphasis in our media is placed on the dangers of social media due to ordinary people misusing the internet. But little is being exposed about the rich and powerful misusing the internet, who have access to far more sophisticated techniques than you or I.

      • Shingo on November 24, 2018, 4:56 pm

        “How Russia used social media to divide Americans”

        Absolutely absurd claim given that most of the click bait consists of ads that were posted after the election

  3. JWalters on November 24, 2018, 7:26 pm

    “The American press has a limitless ability to ignore what it needs to ignore.”

    A good reporter tells us how this happens. He thinks about proposing a story, but stops himself because he already knows his editor will reject the idea.

    Oddly, ALL the mainstream media editors think in unison about Israel, as if all their news outlets were a single monopoly, owned by Israel (or Israel’s owners).

    This article is an excellent catalog of the current stream of stories the American press ignores regarding Israel’s massive influence on American politics. Despite searching for every bit of possible criticism of Trump, they somehow “miss” Trump being a 100% puppet of Israel, including pushing for the next war Israel wants (the U.S. to fight on its behalf). That control over the press requires a lot of money.

  4. Kay24 on November 24, 2018, 9:43 pm

    The US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, the axis of evil, that plots and plans to bring Iran down.

    Trump’s sick loyalty, embarrassing from any US president, is most probably based on personal financial benefits.
    We will never know what Jared and he have conspired, and agreed to, with Salman. He is trying to do killer Salman’s propaganda work, speaking up for him, protecting him, and most probably persuaded Salman to lower the price of oil, just to show Americans what a” kind” man he is. While the CIA has investigated, listened to tapes handed over by Turkey, and concluded that indeed Salman has ordered the killing of Khashoggi, Trump has once again, thrown them under the bus, and embraced another tyrant killer. We should all be ashamed. I guess if we can give deadly weapons to Israel, to kill unarmed civilians, selling those weapons to SA to kill starving children in Yemen, is okay too.

    Are they republicans going to ignore this sick relationship Trump has with Salman, too?

    • Marnie on November 25, 2018, 12:38 am

      He’s normalizing his gangster-style presidency, but he’s got to be the most chickenshit gangster in the world. Constantly berates the military while fellating police. Too afraid to make a traditional visit to troops in war zones on thanksgiving and opts for a phone call to complain about how unfairly he’s being treated by the judiciary but not any thanks to the troops, not a word. He’s afraid he’d be killed, but will claim any soldier knew what they signed up for so its okay. It’s okay to kill journalists who report inconvenient truths. It’s okay to lock up your opponents or ‘enemies’. And it’s domino effect is terrifying. Remember when he praised filipino dictator Duterte for being ‘tough’ (extrajudicial assasinations of drug addicts/dealers). He praised ‘little rocket man’ for being ‘tough’ (gulags all over the country, murder of inconvenient relatives, citizens), then claimed they ‘fell in love’. He’s praised Putin for years but must be up to his eyeballs in debt to him. His business dealings with the saudis should prove to be enlightening, him and his spawn. He wanted to have James Comey and Hillary Clinton arrested. He claims the caravan of people containing, per he, a large number of ms-13 gangs, killers, rapists, drug dealers and some ‘middle easterners’ will be held in Mexico while awaiting review by u.s. Mexico says ‘What?’ He makes promises to his base, then repeats his promises as facts, then puts the whole lie at the feet of those he has lied about. And the republicans are okay with all of it, so his disavowal of CIA reporting that ben salman ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi ‘maybe he knew, maybe he didn’t’ doesn’t matter; they’ll murmur disapproval and do nothing. I bet those wrinkled old white [email protected]#ers are having nightmares and flop sweat about the women riding the blue wave into d.c.

      • Kay24 on November 25, 2018, 7:26 am

        I agree with all you say. He is indeed the mafia president that all Americans should be ashamed to have in the White House. I am sick of the Republicans enabling him, supporting him, and not saying a damn word to show their disapproval, hold him responsible for the direction he is taking the country.

        “There comes a time when silence is betrayal” Martin Luther King

        The Republicans have created this monster by not putting the interests of this country above party at a crucial time like this.

        We can only imagine how they would have reacted had this been a certain black President.

      • Misterioso on November 26, 2018, 10:51 am


        Excellent summation of Trump!!

    • Misterioso on November 26, 2018, 11:23 am

      @Kay24, et al

      Since 1948, the parasitic entity known as “Israel” and its lobbyists have been sucking the financial blood of America and successfully pressuring its governments to go to war on behalf of Zionism (e.g., the invasion/occupation of Iraq, with Iran possibly on the horizon) and finance its now 70 year brutal/illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian and other Arab lands through tax payer funded aid, which now totals about $12 million per day, excluding enormous sums in specific grants and tax deductible donations from individuals and organizations.

      A reminder:…
      “Congressional Research Service, U.S. Foreign aid to Israel, Jeremy M. Sharpe, Specialist in Middle East Affairs, April 10, 2018.”
      “Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. To date, the United States has provided Israel $134.7 billion (current, or non inflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding. Almost all U.S. bilateral aid to Israel is in the form of military assistance, although in the past Israel also received significant economic assistance. At a signing ceremony at the State Department on September 14, 2016, representatives of the U.S. and Israeli governments signed a new 10-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on military aid covering FY2019 to FY2028. Under the terms of the MOU, the United States pledges to provide $38 billion in military aid ($33 billion in Foreign Military Financing grants plus $5 billion in missile defense appropriations) to Israel. This MOU replaces a previous $30 billion 10-year agreement, which runs through FY2018.”

      Beginning at its inception, with the eager assistance of bribed politicians, the racist, fascistic entity known as “Israel” managed to convince the average American that it is a U.S. asset and “in the right.” However, as poll after poll now attests, slowly, but surely, its image is headed for the toilet, especially in the eyes of America’s most important segment, i.e., youth, including informed Jews. The “alliance” between inept, unprincipled and self-serving President Trump (bought and paid for by the ultra-Zionist, Sheldon Adelson), utterly corrupt, floundering PM Netanyahu and the ego-maniacal, man child, mass murderer, MsB, will prove unsustainable.

  5. RoHa on November 25, 2018, 12:10 am

    “Sadly, Trump won ”

    Equally sadly, had he not won, Clinton would have. You were doomed either way.

    • Kay24 on November 25, 2018, 7:34 am

      I agree that Clinton would not have been great either, but looking at the mess this nut job is creating in this country, there are many things Hillary Clinton would not have done, including isolating this country from allies who have stood by us for decades, embracing tyrants while throwing American intelligence official under the bus, attacked Mexicans, Muslims, supported white supremacists, divided the country, had racial policies, reneged on international pacts and deals, destroyed environmental regulations, given Chelsea and her husband a prominent role in the West Wing, insulted Gold Star parents, the list goes on. Compared to what Trump and his family are doing, renting the Lincoln bedroom in the WH, pales into insignificance. It is all relative now.

      • Eric on November 25, 2018, 1:11 pm

        Trump is “throwing American intelligence officials under the bus,” says one commenter. You mean the same “intelligence” apparatus that brought us the Iraq war? That’s actually one of Trump’s few achievements.

      • Kay24 on November 25, 2018, 5:28 pm

        They got the Iraq war wrong, yes. But that does not mean they are wrong about everything else. No American President stands next to a dictator, who interfered in the US elections, and throws his own people/intelligence agencies/experts, under the bus that way, showing he takes the word of that dictator….it was embarrassing and cringeworthy, and totally unpatriotic. Achievement? More like making an ass of himself for the entire world to see.

      • Mooser on November 25, 2018, 7:51 pm

        “They got the Iraq war wrong, yes.”

        As I remember, Bush and Cheney and the neo-cons set up their own intelligence shop to supply what they wanted.

      • RoHa on November 25, 2018, 8:26 pm

        “there are many things Hillary Clinton would not have done,”

        I have good reason to believe that she would have done plenty of equally bad things.

        “including isolating this country from allies who have stood by us for decades,”

        I actually think this is rather a good thing. It is forcing those allies to rethink their relationship with the US, and perhaps reduce some of their support for the US.

        “embracing tyrants”

        With the possible exception of Carter, I have never seen a US President who was not an enthusiastic supporter of several assorted tyrants. The US established quite a few of them.

        “while throwing American intelligence official under the bus”

        Best place for them.

        “attacked … Muslims”

        Clinton may not have said rude things about them, but there can be no doubt she would have bombed Muslims as enthusiastically as GWB and Obama did. It’s the American way.

        (And I suspect she would have been equally enthusiastic for war with Iran and Russia.)

        “divided the country”

        She divided the country into Clinton voters and deplorables.

      • RoHa on November 25, 2018, 8:47 pm

        “No American President stands next to a dictator, who interfered in the US elections, ”

        Assuming you mean “No American President stands next to a dictator who interfered in the US elections,…”, which dictator was that?

      • Marnie on November 26, 2018, 12:24 am

        ‘You mean the same “intelligence” apparatus that brought us the Iraq war?’

        Was ‘intelligence’ to blame or the complete lack of it? The bush administration created a false narrative and ran their mouths with that lie for months (‘weapons of mass destruction’), then demanded the intelligence community come up with proof to back up that Texas size pile of horseshit when in reality they went after Saddam because he went from petrodollars to euros. You f#$k with the united $tate$, you get war. And yes, hillary clinton is the nightmare that keeps on giving, it’s like someone somewhere said: Old political hacks don’t die, or go into that good night or fade away FFS; they haunt your dreams. I’ll never understand why Bernie Sanders dropped out because he would have been elected easily.

        and PS @eric – if you aren’t a woman you can’t fully comprehend the complete revulsion the circus peanut and his family deliver to most women, especially those who’ve had their pussies grabbed by some slime-encrusted dirtbag who thinks he’s entitled. Try to keep that in mind when you jump at the chance to knock @Kay24, known by you as ‘one commenter’.

      • Keith on November 26, 2018, 12:25 am

        KAY24- “No American President stands next to a dictator, who interfered in the US elections, and throws his own people/intelligence agencies/experts, under the bus that way, showing he takes the word of that dictator….it was embarrassing and cringeworthy, and totally unpatriotic.”

        It is comments like this which have caused me to lose all hope. You are defending the “intelligence agencies” and jngoistic patriotism? Have you lost your mind? Seriously, I am not joking. You, my dear, are part of the problem, not the solution.

      • Keith on November 26, 2018, 12:41 am

        ROHA- “I have good reason to believe that she would have done plenty of equally bad things.”

        That Hitlary was a warmonger second to none should be obvious. Debating whether Trump is worse than Hillary would have been is pointless. Both are despicable. Neither could/would have significantly altered the policies of the deep state. The empire is what it is. Politicians manage society in accordance with the wishes of the financial/corporate oligarchy which rules us. Anyone who thinks even for a minute that the political system guides the ship of state is so far out of touch with reality to be not worth talking to.

      • Citizen on November 26, 2018, 5:51 am

        @ Mooser:
        Yep. How quickly some forget: The Second Iraq War & The Zionist Lie Factory–the “Office Of Special Plans” (OCS) via @MotherJones

      • Marnie on November 26, 2018, 7:06 am


        ‘Have you lost your mind? Seriously, I am not joking. You, my dear, are part of the problem, not the solution.’

        Holy smokes – does that mean you’re part of the solution!? Could have fooled me! Well then, you best get yourself into some dry Huggies my dear, you sound a little rattled.

        FYI – it’s comments like yours that confirm mine. Best wishes my dear.

      • Kay24 on November 26, 2018, 7:58 am

        Thank you Marnie, a sane voice rising out of the hogwash. :))

        I agree with you Mooser.

      • Keith on November 26, 2018, 2:51 pm

        MARNIE- “Holy smokes – does that mean you’re part of the solution!?”

        At this stage of the game, I cannot even envision a viable solution in view of the overwhelming power of our vicious and brutal empire. Part of this power is the ability of the elites to manufacture consent among the faithful followers of our political system. To get them to believe ludicrous stories of Russian influence and support destructive policies increasing the chance of terminal nuclear war.

        I do, however, take feeble comfort in not contributing to the problem. I am painfully aware that the FBI functions as the national political police, and that the CIA is basically an international terrorist organization masquerading as an intelligence gathering organization, and which gets considerable dark funding from the international drug trade. Hating Trump is no excuse for turning a blind eye to reality nor functioning as a loyal Democratic cadre parroting Deep State memes. Opposing Zionism does not justify de facto supporting empire. Trying to ever-so-slightly reduce tensions with Russia is the only positive thing Trump has done in office. Throwing the intelligence agencies under the bus? From Kay’s mouth to God’s ear!

        “We live entangled in webs of endless deceit, often self-deceit, but with a little honest effort, it is possible to extricate ourselves from them. If we do, we will see a world that is rather different from the one presented to us by a remarkably effective ideological system, a world which is much uglier, often horrifying.” (p1, “Turning the Tide,” Noam Chomsky)

      • Mooser on November 26, 2018, 3:20 pm

        “I agree with you Mooser.”

        It wasn’t that long ago. I think we remember.

      • Mooser on November 26, 2018, 3:42 pm

        “Anyone who thinks even for a minute that the political system guides the ship of state is so far out of touch with reality to be not worth talking to.” “Keith”

        Gee, I don’t know, are you worth listening to? All I hear is right-wing fever-swamp echo-chamber nonsense, but cast in your absurd ‘more radical than thou’ dudgeon.

      • gamal on November 26, 2018, 4:51 pm

        “but looking at the mess this nut job is creating in this country”

        According to the very debonair Vladimir Pozner “the united states created Putin”, he musters a simple and clear argument, the nuts and bolts of which are worth taking note of i would have thought, it’s going to be Rhinoceros all over again.

      • Keith on November 26, 2018, 4:57 pm

        MOOSER- “All I hear is….”

        What you want to hear.

      • Mooser on November 26, 2018, 5:38 pm

        “What you want to hear.”

        Maybe I have lost my mind mind? Seriously, I am not joking. I must be part of the problem, not the solution. I’m so far out of touch with reality to be not worth talking to.

      • Keith on November 26, 2018, 7:38 pm

        MOOSER- “I’m so far out of touch with reality to be not worth talking to.”

        You are putting forth a very convincing argument. Perhaps you need to reflect upon what is the essence of capitalism.

      • Marnie on November 27, 2018, 12:15 am

        Hating Trump is no excuse for turning a blind eye to reality.

        Fixed that for you.

      • Mooser on November 27, 2018, 11:20 am

        “You are putting forth a very convincing argument”

        Of course. Look where I got it.

      • Sibiriak on November 27, 2018, 6:48 pm

        Mooser: ll I hear is right-wing fever-swamp echo-chamber nonsense….

        You’re not listening.

      • Eric on November 27, 2018, 7:55 pm

        Trump was one of the most flawed Presidential candidates in American history, utterly repulsive to a large segment of the population — including a significant % of Republican voters. The fact he was elected President tells us all we need to know about Hillary Clinton. Instead of complaining, let’s try nominating a better person in 2020. That’s something I’d hope we can all agree on.

    • Marnie on November 25, 2018, 9:25 am

      ‘You were doomed either way.’

      Don’t you mean we? His refusal to accept the scientific proof wrt climate change alone affects the whole world. And if he’s petulant enough he’ll declare war on Iran for his special jewish friends in israel and claim he was the only president who said enough talk, time for action!

      At any rate, if clinton had been elected and then impeached, Tim Kaine imo would have been an ok president. A president pence only sounds okay if you want to party like its 1859. But you’re right, we’re doomed regardless.

      News of the weird: In a taxi a month ago, the driver told me he lived in NYC for 20 years then came back when Obama was president and claimed he loved tRUMP because ‘he has huge balls’ and I said tRUMP was a yuge pussy. He said ‘really’? Yep.

    • Kay24 on November 25, 2018, 8:46 pm

      I have had this debate with others, and I still say Clinton would have been lesser of the two evils.
      She is not faultless, but we would still be honoring the Paris deal, and the Iran deal, among other things, and most definitely fewer investigations. We can agree to disagree.

      • Eric on November 26, 2018, 8:26 am

        First she defends the perpetually hawkish and incompetent US “intelligence” community, then calls Putin (thrice democratically elected) a dictator and concludes that Hillary would’ve been a better President — though there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Empire’s two parties. So tell me, which media outlet do you rely on to be so well-informed: CNN or MSNBC? Or do you also watch Fox, to get a balanced perspective?

      • Marnie on November 26, 2018, 9:21 am


      • Kay24 on November 26, 2018, 2:52 pm

        Eric, you are a bore. Every considered that?

        If you cannot understand what I have said, it is your problem, as others seems to get it.

    • Sibiriak on November 27, 2018, 6:46 pm


  6. RoHa on November 25, 2018, 12:12 am

    Not entirely off-topic, here’s an interesting article by David Stockman.

    Can’t bring himself to say the word “Israel”, but still worth a read.

    • Boomer on November 26, 2018, 10:53 am

      Thanks for the link. Worth reading, despite some omissions, as you noted. The lessons of this history have been not-so-much forgotten as never learned, alas.

  7. Boomer on November 25, 2018, 2:45 pm

    An excellent commentary, a needed corrective to the slanted version of reality reported by much of the MSM.

    PS: regarding the blunder of the second Iraq war, as I recall, the war drums were beaten mainly by the elite press where the neocons ruled: NYT, WaPo, WSJ, etc. During the run-up to the war, Editor and Publisher repeatedly surveyed opinion among editorial boards of a much broader sample of U.S. press throughout the country, and found much less support for invading. The coastal elites got their way. Perhaps Trump is their belated punishment. Unfortunately, we all must suffer as a result, much like the teacher who punishes her entire class for the sins of the true malefactor.

  8. NorthCascadian on November 25, 2018, 8:13 pm

    Surprised there is still nothing up on Mondweiss yet about Rand Paul!
    (November 21, 2018 / JNS) Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has a history of being skeptical about U.S. taxpayer funds going towards the Jewish state, has placed a hold on the U.S.-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018, which provides Israel with $38 billion in military aid over the next decade.

    This has caused backlash from organizations such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee….

  9. Citizen on November 26, 2018, 5:41 am

    So let me sum up all the comments here: Israel Wins America’s 2018 Midterm Election–No Matter Who Is Elected, Israel (Not America) Comes First: via @grtvnews

  10. James Canning on November 26, 2018, 11:48 am

    Shameless promotion of the interests of the Israeli government, rather than a strong pursuit of the best interests of the American people, is the order of the day. And Hamas & Hezbollah obviously are not enemies of the US.

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