Kamala Harris skips AIPAC conference — but AIPAC comes to her!

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Last Thursday Senator Kamala Harris accepted the challenge from progressive groups and said she was skipping the AIPAC conference. Jewish Voice for Peace had slammed Benjamin Netanyahu’s racism, Israeli war crimes, the killings of Palestinian protesters– and MoveOn brought in AIPAC’s opposition to the Iran deal– in making the demand of US politicians especially those running for president.

Well, Harris is a very pragmatic politician, and the conference came to her yesterday! She met leading AIPAC officials at her office and then tweeted her devoted support to Israel.

And AIPAC promptly took credit for her coming to the conference!

We are delighted that as part of AIPAC Policy Conference our leadership met with who reiterated her support for the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Here’s Harris’s tweet:

The meeting drew sharp criticism on twitter and the San Francisco press highlighted Harris’s hypocrisy.

“As @AIPAC literally piles on Ilhan Omar and tears her down, then starts blasting AOC and others, Kamala Harris doubles down her support of them. Disturbing,” activist Shaun King tweeted.

I’d point out that AIPAC president Mort Fridman, who is at Harris’s left in the foto, earlier that day had introduced Mike Pence at AIPAC with fulsome praise.

Mike Pence greeted by AIPAC president Mort Fridman, hours before Fridman visited Kamala Harris.

Vice president Mike Pence has demonstrated a profound love for the Jewish state and at this moment with sSrael under attack, we are proud to be joined by a leader who has always stood with Israel in her times of need and always defended her right to defend herself… We are greatly appreciative of all that the Trump administration has done in the last year to strengthen the US Israel relationship.

Fridman praised the pullout from the Iran deal, the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem, “the eternal capital of Israel,” and hailed Donald Trump, too.

Odd that Kamala Harris wants to give this sort of person sick access.

Harris has often met with AIPAC before. She said recently she supports Israel because of the civil rights movement in the U.S. South.

Last year she said that Israel made the desert bloom, and she helped out as a girl. The year before that, she proudly met the rightwing prime minister who race-baits Arabs.

Sen. Kamala Harris with Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. 2017, from twitter.

Note that Harris in tweeting her meeting yesterday talks about the need to fight antisemitism and Israel’s right to defend itself:

Great to meet today in my office with California AIPAC leaders to discuss the need for a strong U.S.-Israel alliance, the right of Israel to defend itself, and my commitment to combat anti-Semitism in our country and around the world.

But she has nothing to say about Palestinian rights or bigotry against them. That doesn’t exist. Israel has a right to defend itself, but Palestinians have no such right. Who would even think to ask if they do?

Thanks to Donald Johnson, James North and Adam Horowitz.

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So much for Moveon.orgs hard work trying to get these shameless Democrats to reject the zionists and their influence in our politics. Harris is a very ambitious politician, and has shown her devotion to Netanyahu and Israel many times before. Will Moveon not support her if she wins the nomination? I hope they don’t.

The biggest thing about this story is she got ratioed. in fact, the tweet is STILL ratioed (Reply 5.2K Retweet 897 Like 3.9K) which is actually rather stunning after all this time because it’s been plenty of time for her supporters, or aipac supporters, to help her out. when i realized this and tweeted it out in the middle of the night it was even a worse ratio, every single comment (already literally thousands) was… Read more »

Here’s another professional scam artist within the gangster Corporatocracy.

How do I despise thee, Kamala Harris? Let me count the ways….

I have no love at for Kamala Harris and know she’s attended aipac in the past but it kind of seems they bushwacked her. Since she made a point of stating she wouldn’t go – they’re like ‘Oh really Kamala – well we’re bringing the nasty to you then and we aren’t leaving until we get a photo of you with us for proof’. We are going to ruin you one way or another, but… Read more »