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July 2019

Palestinian stories and histories will never be erased

Lina Assi on
The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) celebrates the Ghassan Kanafani resistance arts scholarship in Toronto. (Photo via Palestinian Youth Movement)

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) Toronto chapter was supposed to hold a scholarship launch party to celebrate the artistic expressions of Palestinian youth in Canada and the United States, but right-wing supporters of Israel successfully pressured the venue to cancel shortly before it was supposed to take place. The PYM event was still able to take place, but the threat remains. “Efforts to suppress the Palestinian narrative and the voices of Canadians and others who support Palestinian rights is widespread and should be deeply alarming to anyone who cares about human rights and freedom of speech,” Lina Assi writes.

Israel comes up often in Jeffrey Epstein case

Philip Weiss on

Jeffrey Epstein has friendships with many Israel supporters, from Les Wexner to Ehud Barak. There is speculation that he had links to Israeli intelligence.

Marc Lamont Hill was ‘hurt’ and ‘indignant’ to be fired by CNN for calling for equal rights ‘from river to sea’

Philip Weiss on

After Marc Lamont Hill gave a speech at the U.N. last November calling for equal rights in Palestine, his employer CNN called the next day and fired him. “They said, ‘Your speech was not in line with our values,'” he recalls to Palestinian journalist Janna Jihad. “I said, which part of the speech? They said, The speech.” Hill was shocked. “I’m prone to saying crazy shit. I just didn’t do it that day!”

Where should Palestinians stand on the protests by Ethiopian Jews inside Israel?

Ahmad Al-Bazz on
Israeli police officers in Jerusalem's old city on October 15, 2015. (Photo: Oren Ziv/

Ahmad Al-Bazz writes Palestinians realize that the recent wave of protests by Ethiopian Jews over the killing of a 19 year-old Ethiopian-Israeli man by an off-duty police officer is a natural consequence of the racism against them by the Ashkenazi majority. But the hard question here is: how should a colonized people think about the oppression of a segment of their colonizers?

Meet Jamil al-Baz, portraitist of the March of Return’s fallen

Ahmad Kabariti on
Jamil holding a portrait of his friend, Tamer Abu al-Khair.

“Posters of the world’s cinema heroes are pasted on the walls outside Gaza, but the martyrs of the March of Return have become the heroes of our real life cinema here in Gaza,” explains 16-year-old Jamil al-Baz, who has drawn the portraits of dozens of the protesters who has been killed in the 66 weeks of the protest in Gaza so far.

Vivid Snapshots of Israel’s Impossible Cruelty: Our New Team Member Shares How Mondoweiss Stories Power Her Activism

Olivia Katbi Smith on
Olivia Katbi Smith is a leading activist for Palestine in Portland, Oregon. Photo: Bette Lee.

For our summer fundraising drive, “One Story At A Time,” Mondoweiss staffers are sharing stories we’ve published that inspire their work to share the truth about Palestine. Today’s message is from Olivia Katbi Smith, a dedicated activist who joined our team just last month. Read on to learn what keeps Olivia fighting for solidarity — and please give now. A loyal donor has pledged $20,000 if we can raise $60,000 by August 1.

Qatar is becoming Gaza’s only reliable donor, but the massive cash influx is still only a band-aid

Fadi O. Al-Naji on
A Palestinian man rides his motorcycle in front of the image of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, adorn's a barrier where a project funded by Qatar is under construction, in Gaza City on October 21, 2012. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images)

Qatar first began funding Gaza in 2012, in conjunction with the rise to power of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and has since sent more than $1 billion. But the Gaza Strip suffers from the world’s highest rate of unemployment and poverty, and Qatari money hasn’t reduced the decline. “To really address the humanitarian crisis, we need to find solutions, not just temporary relief,” says Yahya Qaoud, a political researcher with the Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies.

Israeli plan to raze East Jerusalem homes may be first step towards mass demolitions across the West Bank

Yumna Patel on
The Wadi al-Hummus area of Sur Bahir, East Jerusalem (Photo: Saleh Zghari)

Dozens of Palestinian homes in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood Sur Bahir are under threat of demolition by Israel. While home demolitions are a common occurrence in East Jerusalem, these homes in Sur Bahir lie in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority. International and local officials fear that if Israeli carries out the demolitions, it could pave the way for the destruction of hundreds of homes in PA-controlled areas of the West Bank.

It’s about the Benjamins — Trump’s smearing of congresswomen demonstrates Israel’s influence in US politics

Philip Weiss on
Images of Reps. Rashida Tlaib (l) and Ilhan Omar

Donald Trump’s charge that four congresswomen are Israel haters is a political tactic aimed at taking pro-Israel donors away from the Democratic Party. Liberals set the table for Trump’s racist comments by roundly condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar as anti-semitic, when she was addressing an important issue in US politics: the role of the Israel lobby in setting foreign policy in the Middle East.

AIPAC and friends slam IfNotNow as ‘anti-Israel’ for asking Democratic candidates about ‘the occupation’

Philip Weiss on

The young Jews of IfNotNow are making Israel’s occupation an issue in the Democratic race, and the group Democratic Majority for Israel is fighting back, calling IfNotNow anti-Israel and advising candidates to avoid answering IfNotNow’s questions. IfNotNow says the Democratic Majority group is a front for AIPAC, the Israel lobby, which has long had a home in the Democratic Party.

One story at a time: Help Mondoweiss continue delivering news

Adam Horowitz on
One story at a time: Help Mondoweiss continue delivering news

A generous donor has set a challenge for the Mondoweiss community. He will contribute $20,000 if we raise $60,000 by August 1 to press forward in sharing the truth about Palestine. We can only get there with your help.

Dareen Tatour appeals to supporters as Israeli prosecution attempts to reopen case against her

Yumna Patel on

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour is appealing to her supporters to sign a petition in support of her freedom of expression after she received a letter from the Israeli Supreme Court that the public prosecution was seeking to reopen the case against her. Despite already serving her time in prison, and a court partially acquitting her of the charges against her, Tatour fears that Israeli authorities are attempting again to silence her voice.

Liberals bashing leftists is a big problem

Donald Johnson on

Liberals want leftwing votes, but they dismiss leftwing goals. Michelle Goldberg says Democrats must “court” nihilistic leftists, but what does courtship mean? Supporting a warmonger, Hillary Clinton, because she’s a foreign policy genius. And the same on health care and the climate crisis: we are supposed to settle for policies that are at best inadequate and at worst catastrophic. Who are the nihilists here?

Israeli Jews question Palestinians’ loyalty and don’t want them in government — leading political scientist

Philip Weiss on

Benjamin Netanyahu has the inside track to remain prime minister of Israel because he supports the “Jewish identity” of the state, says political scientist Tamar Hermann. The left is a marginal factor in the Israeli election in September, and Israeli Jews overwhelmingly don’t want Palestinians in any governing coalition. The only thing Israeli Jews and Palestinians agree on is that the Trump peace plan won’t work.

How the Goliath of the Jerusalem settler movement persuaded the world it’s really David

Jonathan Cook on
An Israeli settlement in Silwan, September 2015. (Photo:

Israeli police forced out the Siyam family from their home in the heart of occupied East Jerusalem last week, the final chapter in their 25-year legal battle against a powerful settler organisation. The family’s defeat represented much more than just another eviction. It was intended to land a crushing blow against the hopes of some 20,000 Palestinians living in the shadow of the Old City walls and Al Aqsa mosque.

The force of law vs. the law of force: a review of Noura Erakat’s ‘Justice for Some’

Richard Falk on
A Palestinian child plays in the rubble of a mosque as UN lead investigator Richard Goldstone and members of his delegation arrive to inspect the destruction at the Samouni family home in Gaza City on June 03, 2009.

Richard Falk praises Noura Erakat’s new book ‘Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine’: “What Erakat seeks and achieves is less about the emancipatory interpretation of legal norms and more about allowing us to grasp the manipulative nexus that underlies international legal discourse, and shapes political patterns of control and resistance.”