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Palestinian set to begin classes at Harvard is questioned about his religion and friends’ political posts, then deported

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A 17-year old Palestinian set to begin classes at Harvard University was denied entry into the United States, had his visa revoked, and was deported after he was allegedly questioned by immigration officers for hours.

Ismail B. Ajjawi, a resident of Lebanon, arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport on August 23. According to a written statement he released, Ajjawi was interrogated at the airport for hours. Other international students were also questioned, but they were allowed to leave after a certain period of time while Ajjawi  was repeatedly questioned about his religion. He was also forced to hand over his laptop and phone so they could be searched. Ajjawi claims that he’s never made political posts on social media, but was questioned about the political posts of his friends.

“When I asked every time to have my phone back so I could tell [someone] about the situation, the officer refused and told me to sit back in [my] position and not move at all,” he wrote, “After the 5 hours ended, she called me into a room , and she started screaming at me. She said that she found people posting political points of view that oppose the US on my friend[s] list.”

The Harvard Crimson reports that four graduate students endured similar problems in 2017 as a result of the Trump administration’s travel ban. Although visa records must remain confidential under U.S. law, U. S. Customs and Border Protection spokesperson Michael S. McCarthy sent an emailed statement to the paper. “Applicants must demonstrate they are admissible into the U.S. by overcoming ALL grounds of inadmissibility including health-related grounds, criminality, security reasons, public charge, labor certification, illegal entrants and immigration violations, documentation requirements, and miscellaneous grounds,” he wrote, “This individual was deemed inadmissible to the United States based on information discovered during the CBP inspection.”

This news comes just days after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu barred Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) from entering Israel over their support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Many believe that Netanyahu made the decision under pressure from the Trump administration.

Ajjawi is currently back in Lebanon trying to resolve the issue before the semester begins. A university official told the school paper, “The University is working closely with the student’s family and appropriate authorities to resolve this matter so that he can join his classmates in the coming days.”

Michael Arria

Michael Arria is the U.S. correspondent for Mondoweiss.

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33 Responses

  1. CigarGod on August 27, 2019, 6:47 pm

    We must have hired Zionists to run our airports.

    • Misterioso on August 28, 2019, 9:21 am

      This disgusting, dumb, essentially racist incident is sending shock waves throughout America’s academic community:

      “Guilt by Association?” Inside Higher Ed, August 28/19, by Jeremy Bauer-Wolf

      “Palestinian student bound for Harvard said he was blocked from the U.S. after immigration officers questioned him about friends’ social media posts critical of President Trump. Civil liberties advocates fear incident could deter international scholars and students.”

      “Ismail B. Ajjawi, a Palestinian student from Lebanon, arrived at Boston Logan International Airport on Friday, just days away from starting his first year at Harvard University.

      “But the 17-year-old said he was turned away and sent back to his home country after immigration officials searched his laptop and phone and found social media postings from his friends that were critical of the United States and President Trump.

      “This is the first known case of a foreign college student being barred from the country potentially based on political views — views that were not even his own — expressed online. The move rankled civil liberties advocates, many of whom worry that such actions will dissuade foreign students and researchers from studying in the United States.

      “The Trump administration has already come under fire for its numerous attempts to bar immigrants from certain countries from the United States and for its widespread denials of visas. Opponents of such policies have said they are rooted in racism and anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments designed to appeal to the president’s political supporters.

      “Matt Segal, legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, said in a statement that if Ajjawi’s account is accurate, then it would ‘confirm our worst fears about current immigration policy and border searches.’

      “’That they will be used not to improve America’s security,’ Segal said, ‘but instead to impose Trump’s ideology.’

      “Higher education groups have already criticized a new U.S. State Department policy, which took effect last month, that requires visa applicants to submit information about their social media accounts from the last five years, saying it would deter international scholars from coming to the country.

      “The barring of the Harvard student, however, was a decision made by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which has separate rules and regulations from the State Department.

      “Ajjawi touched down in Boston last Friday night and said immigration officers detained him for hours, questioned him about his religious practices and then searched his phone and laptop activity for several more hours. Ajjawi shared his allegations in a written statement provided to the student newspaper The Harvard Crimson. News organizations, including Inside Higher Ed, have been unsuccessful in contacting Ajjawi.

      “Ajjawi had arrived at the airport with other international students who were also questioned but were subsequently allowed to leave, Ajjawi said in his statement. He said an immigration officer asked him to remain behind and demanded he unlock his phone and laptop, which the officer searched for about five hours. He said he was detained for a total of eight hours before being told he would not be permitted to stay.

      “After the officer came back, she took Ajjawi into a room, where she screamed at him and interrogated him about his friends’ social media posts blasting U.S. politics, he said.

      “Ajjawi’s statement does not contain specific details about the posts other than that they were political in nature.

      “’I responded that I have no business with such posts and that I didn’t like, share or comment on them and told her that I shouldn’t be held responsible for what others post,’ Ajjawi said in his statement. ‘I have no single post on my timeline discussing politics.’

      “The officer then canceled his visa and Ajjawi was allowed to call his parents before being put on a plane to Lebanon.

      “Customs and Border Control deemed Ajjawi ‘inadmissible to the United States based on information discovered during the CBP inspection,’ Michael S. McCarthy, an agency spokesman, said in a written statement.

      “’CBP is responsible for ensuring the safety and admissibility of the goods and people entering the United States,’ McCarthy wrote. ‘Applicants must demonstrate they are admissible into the U.S. by overcoming all grounds of inadmissibility including health-related grounds, criminality, security reasons, public charge, labor certification, illegal entrants and immigration violations, documentation requirements, and miscellaneous grounds.’

      “A State Department official declined to discuss the case, citing federal confidentiality laws.

      “Ajjawi, who would be due to graduate from Harvard in 2023, was on a Hope Fund Scholarship, which provides financial support for Palestinian youth from the Gaza Strip, the West Bank or Jerusalem to study in the United States. It is administered by America-Mideast Educational and Training Services Inc., or Amideast, a nonprofit that works to improve relations between Americans and citizens of the Middle East and North Africa.

      “The Crimson reported that Ajjawi had sought legal help through the organization. An Amideast spokeswoman did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

      “Jason Newton, a Harvard spokesman, said, ‘The university is working closely with the student’s family and appropriate authorities to resolve this matter so that he can join his classmates in the coming days.’

      “Classes begin at Harvard Sept. 3.

      “Harvard’s president, Lawrence Bacow, wrote to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of Homeland Security, last month saying that he had ‘deep concern’ over the administration’s immigration policies.

      “Delaying visas has made international scholars’ ‘attendance and engagement in the university unpredictable and anxiety-ridden,’ Bacow wrote. Students reported they could not get initial visas and they had trouble securing ‘routine immigration processes’ such as visas for family members or clearance for international travel.

      “Bacow wrote that recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program were perhaps most vulnerable. DACA temporarily protects from deportation young undocumented immigrants — many of them students known as Dreamers — who were brought to the United States as children and allows them to live and work in the country legally.

      “Students and scholars with Temporary Protected Status — temporary legal resident status allowed for people fleeing war, personal violence or natural disasters in their home countries — are also ‘at risk’ under Trump administration policies, Bacow wrote. The White House has tried to eliminate this protection for more than 250,000 immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan, but a federal judge in October issued an injunction blocking the order to revoke TPS.

      “’The success of the American academic system, particularly at research universities, is based on a vibrant, free and open community that develops talent, produces leaders and creates new knowledge,’ Bacow wrote. ‘Together these university outputs drive innovation that has shaped the economy, fostered new industries and improved health and well-being both in the United States and around the world. I recognize and support the fundamental role of your agencies in ensuring that those who come to the United States do so with appropriate and honest intentions that meet the goals and requirements of our laws. However, the increasing uncertainty around the systems in place to accomplish this task are driving anxiety and fear on our campuses and undermining the impact of our critical work.’

      “Six major higher education groups, among them the American Council on Education and the Association of American Universities, wrote to the State Department two years ago opposing the rule on submitting social media information in visa applications, which not yet taken effect, calling it ‘vague and ill‐defined.’

      “The groups complained the policy would prevent international students and educators ‘from contributing their talents to the United States.’

      “’This would cause disproportionate harm to the United States’ higher education system and research enterprise, suppressing our nation’s ability to innovate and be both globally collaborative and competitive,’ they wrote. ‘These new barriers to entry risk the United States’ global pre-eminence as the international leader in scientific collaboration and research, further widening our nation’s innovation deficit, and sending a message to the rest of the world that international academic talent is not welcome here.’”

    • CigarGod on August 28, 2019, 11:47 am

      Follow up comment:
      You guys are starting to give me some hope…so many of you seeing the Zionist hand in things.
      We talk about the Occupation of Palestine; but we talk very little about the many ways we in the USA are Occupied and Controlled.

  2. Stephen Shenfield on August 27, 2019, 7:39 pm

    So now US immigration officials as well as police officers are being trained by their Israeli counterparts?

    • Keith on August 27, 2019, 11:40 pm

      STEPHEN SHENFIELD- “So now US immigration officials as well as police officers are being trained by their Israeli counterparts?”

      Since the Jewish State is an integral part of empire, what could be more natural? For comparison, the CIA has long brought Islamic terrorists into the US for training/support. Below is a 27 minute MUST SEE video of a Chris Hedges interview of Max Blumenthal on US support for Al Qaeda/ISIS.

      Link to Chris Hedges/Max Blumenthal interview re: US support for ISIS:

    • Sibiriak on August 28, 2019, 9:33 am

      Orwellian Surveillance of Tohono O’odham Nation – A Test Case for Entire US Border?

      Will Parrish tells the story of how Israeli surveillance techniques originally developed to control Palestinians are now being used on Indigenous land near the border to control migrants, and could be expanded to the entire nation.

      * * * * *

      […]The ability to monitor every aspect of our lives, seeing every moment in minute detail, is something out of Orwell’s futuristic warnings, but it’s being played out on our own borders, on the Tohono O’odham Reservation in Arizona on the US-Mexico border. And it’s being carried out with Israeli technology, was honed on its own separation wall, and is being used by the Customs and Border Protection agency. It’s known by its acronym CPB and it watches not just the border, but even our own American citizens.

      In an extensive study published by The Intercept, Will Parrish reveals how the Israeli company Elbit Systems developed technologies, which were then procured by CPB to invade the privacy of the Tohono O’odham people themselves.

      • Keith on August 28, 2019, 7:03 pm

        SIBIRIAK- “In an extensive study published by The Intercept, Will Parrish reveals how the Israeli company Elbit Systems developed technologies, which were then procured by CPB to invade the privacy of the Tohono O’odham people themselves.”

        MODERATORS: What the hell is your problem? A five word comment, “Seems to be a trend,” followed by a quote from wikipedia. Wikipedia is too controversial? Apparently you don’t like the implications of the uncontroversial facts. “War of ideas” my ass.

    • Elizabeth Block on August 28, 2019, 5:39 pm

      Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. In Canada too.
      Some years ago a Palestinian professor came to Toronto. He was taken aside, held for hours, had to make a fuss to go to the bathroom, and asked whether during his stay in Canada he was going to say anything derogatory about … Israel. Not Canada. Israel. Of course he did. He told us how his mother was killed by Israeli soldiers in 1967. What was she doing at the time? Embroidering.
      As for Harvard … I’m a Harvard grad. I was afraid Harvard was complicit in this, in which case I was going to suggest that they should replace the motto, Veritas, with Cupiditas.

  3. JWalters on August 27, 2019, 7:50 pm

    “she started screaming at me”

    Sounds like the Israelis are now installing their own people in the US Customs service.

    This is a logical extension of having their security harassment equipment installed at all US airports. If I want to fly anywhere in the U.S. I am subjected to a huge nuisance inspection to protect Israel in its war on innocent Palestinians. Another huge Israeli scam.

    • Marnie on August 28, 2019, 1:33 am

      @JWalters – ‘she started screaming at me’

      Exactly what I thought after reading that line. There’s enough israeli’s living in amerikkka to fill those positions, if not being supervisors/trainers. This should enrage everyone who reads it. the u.s. is sinking lower and lower into the abyss at the behest of the zionist state. what do they have on the united states anyway (besides the nuclear weapons pointed at them)?

  4. Marnie on August 28, 2019, 1:43 am

    Shocked that this story was reported by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes – starts at 39 minutes.

    FULL All In With Chris Hayes 8/27/19 | MSNBC Chris Hayes News … › watch

    • Kay24 on August 28, 2019, 8:53 am

      They mentioned this on Morning Joe just now. This has become a police state, and there is open discrimination. Most probably these uneducated officials who interrogated him were biased and unnecessarily harsh. We are no longer the nation of free speech, especially when it comes to criticism of Israel. It was also reported yesterday that immigrants with temporary visas who are here for urgent medical care, were given 33 ,days to leave, apparently it does not matter if they died without medical care. I am ashamed of what this country has become.

      • Marnie on August 28, 2019, 10:58 am

        ‘I am ashamed of what this country has become.’
        This probably sounds mean but it’s time all americans, either living in america or another shithole (guess which?) come to terms with the fact that the mask and gloves are off. This is what america has been from the beginning. It’s always been a horrible place for some; first with the programs of annihilation against the indigenous people of the land and second with the enslavement of africans to build the land and create its immense wealth. These are the cardinal sins of america and she has never atoned for them. She’s had plenty of time to do so, but has arrogantly refused. Now it seems that the payback is at the door and I can’t really think of anything more appropriate to summarize it than the infestation of bedbugs in #45’s properties. He told 4 congresswomen to go back to their ‘crime-infested’ countries (3 of the 4 american ciitzens by birth, the 4th naturalized) and described Baltimore as ‘infested’ and filthy and ‘no human beings’ would want to live there. Interesting that the properties of the feckless son-in-law are exactly that. Between the world being on fire, the country being infested with vermin ala the 10 plagues of egypt and monster storms approaching. this might be seen as the devil coming to collect his due.

        Angel Heart (1987) – I Know Who I Am! Scene (10/10) | Movieclips

      • Keith on August 28, 2019, 6:51 pm

        MARNIE- “… the fact that the mask and gloves are off.”

        You got that right! We are at the end of an era, the stakes are higher than high, and the Marquis de Sade is tired of being Mr. Nice Guy. And I am not joking.

      • RoHa on August 28, 2019, 7:29 pm

        I’ve seen a few references to some fuss about Baltimore. Is the issue that Baltimore isn’t a dump, or that Trump isn’t allowed to say so?

      • Marnie on August 28, 2019, 11:43 pm

        @Roha ‘I’ve seen a few references to some fuss about Baltimore. Is the issue that Baltimore isn’t a dump, or that Trump isn’t allowed to say so?’

        I have no idea if you’re being serious or joking, just not up to speed wrt your posts. As far as I can tell, no one has been able to muzzle the vermin-infested cheese-ball, ever. The district he was specifically talking about has an african american, Elijah Cummings, as it’s rep in congress. This district is majority african-american. This same Elijah Cummings whose committees could possibly send him, Ivanka, Jared, Don Jr and Airwick to the big house.Do you think there’s any correlation (wink, nod)?

      • RoHa on August 29, 2019, 9:25 am

        Well, it was just a casual question, since I don’t pay much attention to these American teacup storms. But sticking with it for the moment, am I right in deducing from your answer that no one cares whether or not Baltimore is a dump, and that the fuss is about the Congressman?

      • Marnie on August 29, 2019, 10:59 am

        ‘Well, it was just a casual question, since I don’t pay much attention to these American teacup storms. But sticking with it for the moment, am I right in deducing from your answer that no one cares whether or not Baltimore is a dump, and that the fuss is about the Congressman?’

        That’s what it looks like to me. Fun fact – 45’s son-in-law and slumlord JK owns rental properties in Elijah Cummings’ district.

        Trump’s Racist Rant Omits Kushner’s Vermin-Filled Properties | Vanity … › 2019/07 › jared-kushner-baltimore-properties

        While Donald Trump spent the weekend lobbing racist attacks at Congressman Elijah Cummings for representing a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested” Baltimore district where “no human being would want to live,” perhaps he should have taken the matter up with his son-in-law Jared Kushner, a local slumlord whose Baltimore properties are reportedly filled with vermin, maggots, and mold.

        According to the Washington Post, apartments owned by Kushner Cos., where Kushner served as CEO until joining the White House, were responsible for more than 200 code violations in 2017 alone. Repairs were apparently “made only after the county threatened fines, local officials said, and even after warnings, violations on nine properties were not addressed, resulting in monetary sanctions.” That same year the New York Times and ProPublica found that tenants of the Kushner properties had reported maggots, mold problems, and a mouse infestation. In the Kushner Cos.’ Essex Park complex, for example, truck driver Marquita Parmely said the mouse infestation was so bad that her 12-year-old daughter found one in her bed, while her two-year-old’s asthma was aggravated by allergens in mice droppings. A private investigator who looked into Kushner’s property-management company called the managers “slumlords,” a description that’s also been applied to the Kushners’ management of New York City properties. (Christine Taylor, a spokeswoman for the Kushner firm, said at the time that the firm was in compliance with all state and local laws, which then Baltimore County executive Kevin Kamenetz remarked was “a stretch of truth.”)

        “It is certainly ironic that the president’s own son-in-law was complicit in contributing to some of the neglect that the president purports to be so concerned about,” Baltimore County executive John A. Olszewski Jr. said in an interview on Saturday. Shannon Darrow, a program manager at the tenant-advocacy group Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland, commented Sunday that “[Kushner] has been creating a race to the bottom in terms of poorly maintained properties,” and has “been very, very deeply implicated.” In addition to horrifying living conditions, per the Post, over the past two years, the Kushner family business and affiliated entities have been sued multiple times by Baltimore-area residents alleging the firm has “charged them excessive fees and used the threat of eviction to pressure them into paying.” During the period between 2013 and 2017, corporate entities associated with the Kushner properties have requested the civil arrest of 105 former tenants, “the highest number among all property managers in Maryland during that period,” according to the Baltimore Sun. “It’s been our recent experience that working families have been preyed on at the benefit of Mr. Kushner and his company,” said Olszewski.

        Vermin, mold, and maggots aside, business in Baltimore has been very, very good for the Kushners, whose Maryland properties generate at least $90 million in revenue each year. A Kushner Cos. representative did not address questions over the weekend about Trump’s description of the area, telling the Post only that “Kushner Companies is proud to own thousands of apartments in the Baltimore area.”’

    • Kay24 on August 28, 2019, 1:27 pm

      I agree Marnie, by the time Trump is through, it will take years to recover, and the damage done will be very costly.

  5. Kay24 on August 28, 2019, 5:33 am

    Every Palestinian will have friends who criticize the occupation, condemn the land grabs, and will show disgust at Israel for killing unarmed civilians, wherever they may be. It is utterly absurd that this country has become such a paranoid police state, and picks on innocent people, to show anger, and punish them for no valid reason. Do they give equal scrutiny to students from Israel, after all they “may” have connections to the JDL, or maybe connected to some espionage Mossad outfit?

    • Marnie on August 28, 2019, 11:31 am

      Hasn’t the JDL been elevated by the knesset as of late? Sounds like it’s right up 45’s street (and his cabinet) – a belligerantly racist violent group. Yay.

      • Kay24 on August 28, 2019, 1:30 pm

        Yes, it has been elevated when the present government embraced them. Soon, America will do so too, although they are presently designated terrorists by the State Department. It is ironic America and Israel keep calling others terrorists, even the BDS movement.

  6. tamarque on August 28, 2019, 9:18 am

    This is clearly training by the Israeli military/security forces. This has been ongoing for a long time
    now and we see more and more of the Israeli military tactics being used in the US.

    But even more infuriating and downright frightening is the use of these security excuses to ensure
    that Palestinians will never be able to achieve education necessary to better their lives and that of their people. Israeli enjoys preventing children from going to school, bombing the schools, shooting out they eyes of children and preventing Palestinians from leaving for family, business and education. They are assaulting Palestinians in particular in other countries as well.

    Here we have a white nationalist in the highest political seat of power who rules as a nefarious businessman who also hates people of color in particular, but also hates most of the public except for how he can sue them to build his power base and maintain divisiveness and hostility between segments of the poipulation.


  7. FreeToBeMe on August 28, 2019, 2:45 pm

    So I’m unclear. Why was he called a PAL if he lives in Lebanon? Did he settle there afterward?

    Just TERRIBLE what they did to him!!!

    Makes me sooo angry. I hope Harvard is standing by him & moving things along. We know they have the clout.

    • Elizabeth Block on August 28, 2019, 5:42 pm

      There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, of Palestinians in refugee camps in Lebanon. That’s why.

  8. Joshua Laskin on August 28, 2019, 3:05 pm

    So, OK, now: just don’t travel with your smartphone or laptop, anymore. Ship them separately. Get a simple cellphone for use on the trip. If you must use social-media, then just don’t ‘friend’ anyone. But also, get duplicate social-media accounts for only innocuous stuff, like school and family; so you can willingly give up those passwords. If the border-cops can find any shred of data to hang their suspicion on, they’ll do it. Don’t make it so easy for them. Make them really work, more than just a few hours, trying to find something, however obliquely, connected to you. Wake up, kiddies. Tech isn’t your friend, it’s your vulnerability. The Thought-Police are unchained, running free. Smile, kiss their butts, make ’em comfortable. We’ve a free, democratic country—where freedom is reserved for Zionists. In case you’ve just arrived from the moon: Anti-Zionists are now the bad guys. Break out your, “I ♥ ISRAEL”, button; and, travel dark.

    • oldgeezer on August 28, 2019, 7:26 pm

      I personally don’t think that would work. It would be too clean. One of the reasons you will be refused is if the officer doesn’t think you’re being honest. Maybe… depends on a combination of your appearance, the officers mood and ability to detect when something’s not quite right.

    • Keith on August 28, 2019, 7:29 pm

      JOSHUA LASKIN- “So, OK, now: just don’t travel with your smartphone or laptop, anymore. Ship them separately.”

      I don’t know that I would trust shipping laptops with personal information separately. Better to have a “clean” backup laptop, etc.

      JOSHUA LASKIN- “Wake up, kiddies. Tech isn’t your friend, it’s your vulnerability.”

      Absolutely, positively. I am aghast at the naivete of many otherwise intelligent people concerning the nature of the times we are currently living in. The internet and social media are an extremely powerful instrument of elite social control.

    • Marnie on August 28, 2019, 11:52 pm

      @Joshua Laskin –
      I’m not trying to sh%t all over a perfect post and I think that may have worked 10+ years ago. Unless you’re name is David, not Douad, or any other non-threatening sounding zionist friendly name, you’re going to be at the least detained for questioning and at the most turned right back round. They aren’t fucking around, they mean to harm and they will continue as long as the west permits it. The u.s. and zionist state need to suffer what they so willingly inflict on others for anything to change, if at all. My feeling is #45 and boobie would rather nuke themselves than surrender to the better angels of their nature, or anyone elses.

    • echinococcus on August 29, 2019, 1:21 am


      When has it ever been different?

  9. Boomer on September 1, 2019, 4:18 pm

    Thanks for this report. After reading about it here, I saw some less-detailed reports in MSM, but none that adequately conveyed what happened. Nor have I seen any substantive update. I hope he makes it in, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  10. just on September 3, 2019, 6:54 pm

    Ari Melber just brought this disgrace up again in a conversation with Neal Katyal on MSNBC. I’m paraphrasing here: Ari said that this has not gotten the attention it deserves……..


    “Neal Katyal, the former Acting Solicitor General of the United States, is the Paul and Patricia Saunders Professor of Law at Georgetown University. He was recently named The Litigator of the Year by American Lawyer Magazine for the 2017-2018 two year period; he was chosen from all the lawyers in the United States. At the age of 49, he has already argued more Supreme Court cases in U.S. history than has any minority attorney, recently breaking the record held by Thurgood Marshall.

    Neal has orally argued 38 cases before the Supreme Court of the United States, with 36 of them in the last decade. In the 2016-17 term alone, Neal argued seven cases in six separate arguments at the Supreme Court, far more than any other advocate in the nation—nearly 10% of the docket.

    After graduating from Yale Law School, Neal clerked for The Honorable Guido Calabresi of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit as well as for The Honorable Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the U.S. Supreme Court. He also served in the Deputy Attorney General’s Office at the Justice Department as National Security Advisor and as Special Assistant to the Deputy Attorney General. During that time, Neal drafted the Special Counsel Regulations that Robert Mueller was appointed under. A decade later, President Obama later named him Principal Deputy Solicitor General. Neal has published dozens of scholarly articles in law journals, as well as many op-ed articles in such publications as the New York Times and the Washington Post, and has testified numerous times before various committees of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. …”

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