WATCH: Bernie Sanders addresses annexation protest in Tel Aviv

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On June 6, an estimated 6,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv to protest the Israeli government’s plan to annex parts of the Jordan Valley and West Bank. Vermont Senator, and former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders addressed the crowd via video.

 “The plans to illegally annex any part of the West Bank must be stopped. The occupation must be ended and we must work together toward a future of equality and dignity for all people in Israel and Palestine,” said Sanders.

Matt Duss, Sanders Sanders’ foreign policy adviser, told Haaretz that the Senator’s involvement was requested by MK Ayman Odeh and MK Aida Touma-Sliman. Odeh is the chairman of the Arab parties’ Joint List.

Although many Democrats oppose Netanyahu’s plan, the dissent has not exactly been robust. Last month, a Senate letter opposing annexation was modified and all references to potentially conditioning military aid were removed. The Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has also criticized the plan, but believes “completely” opposes withholding aid over Netanyahu’s proposed actions. The Palestinian Authority has threatened to withdraw from all its agreements with Israel as a result of the plan.

You can watch the entire Sanders speech above.