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If billionaires have no right to exist, what about Israel?

Philip Weiss on

Should billionaires exist? Phil Weiss says the question of the day echoes and exposes the famous question, Does Israel have a right to exist? “The issue ought to be dealt with in the same detached manner as Sanders and others have handled the billionaire question,” Weiss writes.

AIPAC and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Winter

Michael Arria on
The Shift, a weekly politics newsletter from Mondoweiss that takes you the front lines in the battle over Palestine in U.S. politics.

The Shift is a weekly politics newsletter from Michael Arria taking you to the front lines in the battle Palestine in the United States. Got a tip? Send them to [email protected] Sign up for The Shift and other Mondoweiss newsletters here. Let’s Reminisce About the Time Betty McCollum Kicked AIPAC Lobbyists Out of her Office […]

AIPAC is making Israel a political football, so BDS supporters may finally get off the bench

Philip Weiss on

The pro-Israel lobby group AIPAC once prided itself on doing its business in the dark. But today loving Israel too much is being politicized in the age of Trump. The battle between the liberal Israel lobby and the rightwing Israel lobby portends a day when leftwingers who support boycotting Israel will not be railroaded instantly from US politics.

Will Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren attend the AIPAC conference?

Michael Arria on
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in Jan. 14, 2019. screenshot.

“Well if I do go — I don’t think I am, I don’t think it’s going to be on my schedule — but you know, I have no objection to going, but the question is what I say when I get there. That’s the point. And what I will say is something that I have said for years, and I speak as somebody who’s Jewish, and that is we need a foreign policy in this country, we need a Mideast policy which absolutely protects the integrity and the independence and safety of Israel, but also understands that the Palestinian people have needs and they have got to be treated with respect and dignity. And that is not the case right now. So that is my view. We will treat all people with respect and dignity.”

Palestinian Americans debate supporting Bernie Sanders

Nada Elia on
A Sanders campaign ad featuring Linda Sarsour from 2016.

Palestinian-American activists discuss why they are supporting Bernie Sanders for president despite his long-standing and seemingly unshakable appreciation for Zionism. Although not all in the community are on board.

Gantz is no better than Netanyahu when it comes to Palestinian freedom

Jonathan Ofir on
Netanyahu calls for annexing Jordan Valley and Jewish West Bank settlements, Sept. 10, 2019.

The Democrats who say that we only need to get rid of Netanyahu for Israel to be great again should be aware of the long history of plans by the Labor politicians to annex the Jordan Valley, lately endorsed by Netanyahu’s “liberal” rival, Benny Gantz. Annexation is the buzzword.

Buttigieg shifts on Israel, from conditioning aid to vague platitudes

Philip Weiss on

As he becomes a mainstream contender, Pete Buttigieg has shifted on the Israel Palestine issue. After saying directly that he would seek to condition aid to Israel if the country moves toward annexing the West Bank, the South Bend Mayor dodged this question entirely at the last debate, offering platitudes about the need for U.S. “leadership” in the world. 

The top 10 Mondoweiss stories of 2019

Mondoweiss Editors on
Mondoweiss' Top Stories of 2019

Our top 10 stories in 2019 focused on BDS, the Democratic Party primary, Trump’s thus far secret Deal Of The Century peace plan, and the ongoing daily oppression of the Palestinian people. Hopefully 2020 will see justice for the Palestinian people. Let’s make it happen.

Sanders speaks up for Palestinians, to applause, while Biden says Netanyahu is ‘outrageous’

Philip Weiss on

Takeaway from the latest Democratic debate: the Israel brand is not so popular in the Democratic Party. The embraces were lukewarm. Bernie Sanders said Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist and if elected, Sanders would have an even-handed policy, including being “pro-Palestinian.” Joe Biden was the only candidate to laud the “Jewish state” but he said Netanyahu’s actions in the West Bank are “outrageous.”

Bernie supporters: talk about Palestine, or succumb to the smears

Shelby Shoup on
(Cartoon: Carlos Latuff)

Critics are starting to smear Bernie Sanders as antisemitic in the same manner that Jeremy Corbyn was attacked in the U.K. Shelby Shoup says we have to learn from Labour’s failure to categorically reject the conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism (or even mere criticism of Israel) or we are doomed to repeat their mistakes and succumb to the smear campaign. We cannot shy away from centering Palestinian freedom in our movement.

Bernie Sanders gets ‘huge applause’ during debate for being only candidate to mention Palestinians

Michael Arria on

Numerous polls suggest that support for Israel is weakening among Democratic voters. Among Democrats, sympathy for Israel is weaker than it was before Mr. Netanyahu took office in 2009. A Gallup poll from earlier this year asked voters whether they were inclined to support Israel or Palestine and found that just 43% of Democrats are partial to Israel. That’s the lowest number in 14 years. A recent Data for Progress poll found that 65% of Democratic voters support conditioning military aid to Israel in response to its human rights record. An October report from the centrist Center for American Progress ended up with an even higher number when they posed the question: 71% of Democratic voters support such a move.

Even Bernie can’t square the circle of ‘progressive Zionism’

Joseph Levine on

Bernie Sanders’s call for reciprocity for Palestinians and Israelis in understanding the others’ narrative actually erases the Palestinian experience of Zionism and imposes a Zionist frame on the history of the conflict, Joseph Levine writes. Sanders’s concern for the “just claims” of Israeli Jews turns the moral and historical facts of the case upside down and show the incompatibility of his democratic Socialism and his Zionism.

‘Coffins off the plane’ — Dems split on Forever Wars

Philip Weiss on

We are actually having a debate about anti-war policy in the Democratic Party. Pete Buttigieg is soaring in fundraising in part due to strongly interventionist stances in last debate, while Sanders and Warren are getting slammed by establishment voices for alleged isolationism. And Tulsi Gabbard is smeared as a Russian asset for condemning “regime change” in Syria.

Lose Netanyahu and Dems will love Israel again — liberal Zionist mantra

Philip Weiss on

A liberal Zionist group promotes the view of Israeli professor Jonathan Rynhold that progressive Democrats will support Israel once Netanyahu is gone. His argument would be more persuasive if he even mentioned the human rights violations and Gaza massacres that are at the heart of progressive disaffection with Israel.

Democrats have no problem criticizing Israel, but no specifics on holding it accountable

Michael Arria on

Democratic candidates for president love to criticize Netanyahu, but they don’t offer specifics on stopping him. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to hold Israel accountable for barring congresswomen from visiting, Bernie Sanders wants to leverage US aid “to end some of the racism that we have recently seen in Israel,” and Elizabeth Warren says, “Push hard.” But none of them has a plan.