Ahmed Moor


Ahmed Moor writes that the main failure of the Palestinian leadership is that they act as though Israel can be maneuvered through negotiations with a heavyweight tipping the scales in their favor, even though history has shown this will not be successful. Nonetheless, he writes, there is a path forward: “By restating the goals of the Palestinian national movement, away from state building and towards human rights and dignity, the PLO, Hamas, and the PA may fundamentally alter their dynamic with Israel. The pursuit of equal rights is the only mechanism for transforming statelessness into strength.”

There’s nothing exceptional about Jewish-Israelis, or Palestinians for that matter. Or even apartheid. But a Jewish Israeli sense of exceptionalism and self-absorption serves to justify the endurance of persecution.

Ahmed Moor writes the idea that Palestine is a Muslim issue is one that a lot of people believe in even though Palestinian society is not Muslim and Palestinian history never developed solely within an Islamic context. So who are the people who seek to offer it as a credible structural description? And why is the Palestine-is-a-Muslim-problem line so destructive?

The war waged on Palestinian lives and livelihoods has always been a holy war. Zionism is a religion that draws power through collectivism and idolatry. The religion’s purgatory, totalitarian logic moves believers to act – ruthlessly and single-mindedly to purge Palestine.