Charlotte Kates


A young Palestinian photographer in Gaza exhibited his work last week in a location that highlights both the ancestral food cultures of the Strip as well as the daily threat posed by Israeli siege and occupation – a Palestinian fishing boat in Gaza City’s harbor. Khalid Hashem Abu al-Jedian’s photographs were taken as he accompanied the fishermen of Gaza on their hazardous daily journeys into the sea, where Gaza’s traditional fishery is boxed in on all sides by Israeli siege, enforced by gunships.

Palestinian astrophysicist Imad Barghouthi, a professor at Al-Quds University, is currently being held in Israeli administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial. His three-month sentence is indefinitely renewable on the basis of “secret evidence” to which he and his lawyer are denied access. “Imad is the source of love and kindness in our house. He is very joyful and he spreads positivity wherever he goes,” says Duha Barghouthi, 17, Imad’s daughter and a graduating high school student. “My father is a man who loves his country and he has paid a price for that.”

Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar was arrested by Israeli soldiers in the early-morning hours of March 2 from her Ramallah home, reported her family. In today’s early-morning raid, around 30 armed Israeli soldiers entered Jarrar’s home at approximately 1:15 am, confining her husband, Ghassan, to the spare bedroom, interrogating her, searching the home, and confiscating two computers while arresting Jarrar. “My mother always speaks the truth to power. She is a woman and a loved leader. That is why they went after her,” said Yafa Jarrar, one of Khalida’s daughters and a Palestinian activist, early on Thursday. “This occupation is vicious and their track record shows that anyone who speaks out against their aggression is a target.”