Dr. Reem Khamis-Dakwar


The Pope has been called upon by members of the oldest churches at the roots of Christianity in the Middle East to intervene to end the financial crisis of nearly 50 schools serving the Palestinian community inside Israel. These schools provide education to over 33,000 Palestinian students in Israel; Christians, Muslims and Druze, and have been on strike since September 1st in protest of the Israeli government’s decision to further cut governmental funding of elementary church-run schools in Israel.

The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

For many liberal Zionists, the next Israeli election is about saving Israel from the right wing government that has made it more difficult to defend Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state. Dr. Reem Khamis-Dakwar wonders: are these calls by liberal Zionists to “rekindle the spirit of 1993” solely calls for a presentable “liberal” Israeli government, no matter what its policies really are?