Rabbi Michael Davis


Rabbi Michael Davis writes to Rabbi David Stern, a leader of Reform rabbis in America: A year has passed since you returned “shaken” from a visit to the “prison” of the West Bank. I have a collegial challenge. Invite a Palestinian to speak from the same Dallas pulpit from which you gave a sermon that has been widely circulated. And call on your congregants to oppose Congressional legislation that would punish advocacy for BDS.

The official Jewish community has stated that all Jews are welcome, but not if you support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. A group of 15 synagogues nationally is resisting this policy by opening their doors to all regardless of their political beliefs for the High Holydays, in September. Rabbi Michael Davis of one of those synagogues, Makom Shalom in Chicago, explains.

For Rabbi Eli Sadan of a religious military academy on the West Bank, “the grand arc of the nation” commands from Jews “a heroism, determination, and commitment to sacrifice that is beyond words.” This militant mysticism is for Jews only and inevitably leads to moral corruption, Rabbi Michael Davis explains.