Israeli-American Ronit Dinson makes the decision to leave Tel Aviv and return to the U.S., “Am I coward for saying “khalas” (Arabic for “enough”), I want out of here?  Or, are there just too many avenues that have dead-ended here in Israel?  I want the same thing that all Israeli Jews, Arabs, and asylum seekers want, to live in peace with my family and for my future children to have equal opportunities.  I don’t see this happening here in Israel unless the apartheid structure finally ends and all people have equal rights, regardless of their nationality, race, or religion.”

Ronit Dison, a social worker in Tel Aviv, writes, “Since the beginning of this chapter of extreme violence that started at the end of September, I have felt scared every day. Not only for myself, but also for my loved ones. More than anyone, my concern is for my boyfriend who is a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship. Every time he goes to work I am worried he will be stopped by police and questioned due to his “Semitic” features, attacked by someone who thinks he’s a Jew, attacked by someone who thinks he’s a Palestinian, or even lynched by a hate-filled crowd. In the reality that is November 2015, the possibilities are endless.”