Roots of Resistance: 25 year retrospective on the first intifada

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Palestinian women and children demonstrate on January 3, 1988 in Al-Ram in the West Bank.
(Photo: Esaias Baitel/AFP/Getty Images)

December 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the first intifada. “Roots of Resistance: 25 year retrospective on the first intifada” is a series of reflections and analysis on this milestone in Palestinian history and turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If you have a story you would like to share please send it to

  1. In honor of titans, by Mouin Rabbani
  2. Khaled’s story, by Jennifer Bing
  3. During the first Intifada Palestinians used our most strategic asset — our people, by Sam Bahour
  4. From the Galilee to Gaza – Supporting the first Intifada from inside the Green Line, by Hatim Kanaaneh
  5. The visitors, by Alison Glick
  6. The Palestinian people’s most democratic moment, by George Bisharat
  7. Israeli repression reminiscent of the first intifada may provoke a new uprising, by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti
  8. Kairos Jewish/Palestine (on the 25th anniversary of the Palestinian uprising), by Marc Ellis
  9. The first intifada and the non-emergence of a Palestinian state, by Joel Beinin
  10. Bringing the uprising home – Advocacy to shift US policy during the first intifada, by Nancy Murray
  11. Witnessing history, by Rev. Dr. Don Wagner
  12. The iconic ‘children of the stones’, by Sandy Tolan
  13. Advent in Beit Sahour, November 5, 1989, by Anthony Bing
  14. The first intifada in the context of Palestinian history, by Helena Cobban
  15. The first intifada and international solidarity, by Nadia Hijab
  16. We all have a responsibility to turn resistance into liberation, by Jeff Halper
  17. A moment of hope, by Mariam C. Said
  18. The source of Palestinian power is the moral force of our cause, by Ahmed Moor
  19. The intifada brought Palestine home, by Omar Dajani
  20. Posters of the first intifada, by Catherine Baker
  21. Memories of Nablus, by Michael Lynk