2020 U.S. Election


Forty percent of Arab American voters cite race relations as most important issue in election, and 70 percent have positive view of anti-racism protests, according to an Arab American Institute survey of voters. Just 5 percent of Arab American voters say solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is their top issue– a number not dissimilar from surveys of Jewish voters.

All eyes will be on Biden vs. Trump next Tuesday night, but there have been races all over the country where Israel has been a factor this election year. Here is a guide to the results Mondoweiss will be paying close attention to on election night 2020.

Battle for Jewish voters. Trump brags of his “Yiddishkeit.” And on a Biden campaign call, Sarah Hurwitz, former Michelle Obama speechwriter, tells about the day she crunched into a wall at the White House so as not to get in Joe Biden’s way and the vice president said “Kid, you don’t have to do that,” as a demonstration of Jewish values of giving dignity to everyone you meet.