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International Solidarity Movement

Beit Hanoun demonstration commemorates 2 years since the Gaza attacks as victims’ families mourn

Adie Mormech on

Poster at the Beit Hanoun protest featuring Ismail, Haia and Lama Hamdan. (Photo: ISM) A demonstration commemorating the beginning of “Operation Cast Lead” was held Tuesday in the Gazan city of Beit Hanoun. Families of victims were in attendance, as were 5 International Solidarity Movement activists. Two years have passed since the Israeli attacks on […]

‘Rachel’ doc’y to launch in NY in October

Philip Weiss on

We’ve just learned that “Rachel,” Simone Bitton’s documentary about the killing of Rachel Corrie in Gaza in 2003, will have its official launch for distribution in the U.S. in New York in ten days. And how things go in New York will impact further U.S. distribution. From the release: Simone Bitton, who is a citizen […]

Two Palestinians are killed in a demo–but only Israelis count as witnesses

Nigel Parry on

On 20 March 2010, Israeli soldiers raided Iraq Burin near Nablus after a demonstration by the villagers to protest ongoing restrictions on access to their lands near the illegal Jewish settlement of Har Bracha. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza reported: At approximately 11:30, IOF moved into the east of Iraq Borin [sic] […]