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Israeli Ethnic Cleansing

Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967

Jonathan Ofir on

Israeli leaders were not only contemplating ethnic cleansing, but also Genocide, according to declassified governmental minutes from 1967. Labor politicians were obsessed with the fear that the 1.4 million Palestinians in the territories they had seized would overwhelm the state’s Jewish majority one day. And these liberal Zionists encouraged the settlements, too.

Bin Laden’s last tape said America will have no security till Palestinians do

Matthew Taylor on

Osama Bin Laden reportedly recorded a final, thus-far-censored tape shortly before his death, intended for an American audience. Haaretz reports that an Al-Qaida website has the transcript: Bin Laden: “America will not be able to dream of security until we live in security in Palestine. It is unfair that you live in peace while our brothers […]