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October 21 2008

10 Frum Performs Obsequies for McCain and Bush, But Not for Frum

18 Could Spitzer Have Done More than Paterson to Avert the Financial Meltdown?

37 Lawrence Summers to Stephen Walt: ‘You Could Have Been National Security Adviser, Now It’s All Over’

2 Report: McCain to Do Nothing on Peace Process

13 Distinguished Fellow at Stanford U. Says Obama Was Muslim, With Ties to Islamists

3 Israel Blocks Hundreds of Gazans from Pursuing Graduate Study

16 Why Do Republicans Care More About Powell’s Race Than His Mideast Politics?

7 One Palestinian’s Story Influences the Swedish Nation

October 20 2008

6 Is Major League Baseball Destroying the National Pastime?

4 McCain Adviser ‘Has Caused More Tragedy to Palestinians Than Any Other Rabbi’

9 Colin Powell Blamed Iraq War Plans on ‘Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs’

12 Joe Klein Leaves Israel-First Epiphany Out of Eulogy for Friend

15 What If the Northern Press Hadn’t Covered the Civil Rights Struggle, Cont’d

10 Who Are the Palestinian Bit-Players in ‘Body of Lies’?

10 Inability of Palestinians to Travel to Sea Smacks of ‘Jim Crow’

8 Tampa Bay Rays’ Troika of Jewish Execs

6 ‘Washington Post’ Describes Israeli Colonialist Rabbi as American ‘Leader’

5 Where ‘Dialogue’ Doesn’t Work, and Does

October 19 2008

22 Finally Meeting the It-Girl of Anti-Zionism: ‘Anna in the Middle East’

October 18 2008

18 Just Imagine If the Northern Press Hadn’t Covered the Civil Rights Struggle…

October 17 2008

11 I Did a Half-Ass Post on the ADL Showing My Insensitivity Re Antisemitism

10 Israel Denies Heart Surgery to 6 Palestinian Children, Aged 5 Months to 6 Years

16 Obama Will Use Holbrooke as Cover for Prog Agenda as George W. Bush Used Colin Powell for Neocon One

5 Palestinians Are Finally Welcome in Washington

18 Sternhell: ‘Colonial Zionism’ Has Brought ‘Apartheid’

8 ADL Is Dancin’ in the Streets Over Financial Crisis Graffiti

16 Transformation: With Obama’s Victory, Marty Peretz Will Lose His Neocon Bedfellows, and Gain Mearsheimer and Me

October 16 2008

5 ‘The Daily Beast’ Kinda Bites

9 Hallelujah– Guitar-Playin’ Jews Attack the Israel Lobby Over ‘Atrocities’ in Palestine

5 Jewish Division: RJC Blasts Obama Over Dividing Jerusalem

37 Prayer: Obama Victory With Low Jewish Vote Marginalizes Israel-Firsters

October 15 2008

3 Story Behind Story: Jackson Vented to Neocon Mole Who Looked ‘n Sounded Arab

7 Israel Lobby’s Ability to Get Obama’s Backing of Iran Attack Ends Nov. 4

5 Peretz Says, Blacks’ Problem Is They’re Not More Like Jews (and Some Are ‘Parasites’)

3 In Defense of Stephen King Reading During Playoff Game

6 Has Jesse Jackson Broken a (Presidential) Seal?

5 American Jews Are/Aren’t Willing to Divide Jerusalem?

31 Assimilationist Journalism

5 ‘Anna in the Middle East’ Is Latest Target in Generational War Over Zionism

12 Seem to Have Lost Roy Belmont’s Comment…

October 14 2008

18 The Sudden Socialism of the Servant Class

4 ‘Sen. Obama, Why Is It Important to Divide Jerusalem?’

2 Support Pretty Pacifists

11 ‘Senator McCain, Do You Believe the 2-State Solution Would Impose ‘Auschwitz Borders?”

12 Neocons Prepare Pyre for Jackson and, They Hope, Obama

8 David Levine on Being Retouched by ‘The New Yorker’

13 Let 100 Cabals Bloom

10 More Jewish Shtik Echoing Anti-Semitism

October 13 2008

2 Pretty Refusenik Brings Western Eyes to Occupation

26 Mailer Told Diana Trilling, Political Ideas Shouldn’t Get in the Way of Friendship

6 Late Episcopal Leader Said Sermon Supporting Palestinians ‘Truncated’ His Career

34 Let’s Start Planning the Obama Party

21 ’60 Minutes’ Does the Usual Italian Black Face, Ignoring the Jewish ‘Cosa Nostra’

October 12 2008

10 Obama’s Traffic Is Kicking McCain’s in the Hinder

22 End of Holocaust Means End of Israel Lobby

10 I Apologize to Seliger for Snarky Headlines

October 11 2008

16 Zionist Fantasizes About ‘Annihilation’ of Anti-Zionist Jews

13 On Yom Kippur, Adam Shapiro and a Ballroom Dancer Screen a Nakba Documentary With Holocaust Echoes

19 Quick Question

October 10 2008

8 Lilienthal: ‘Divide the Love that People Give to Their Native Land and It Will Lead to Disaster’

9 Alfred Lilienthal, Prophetic Anti-Zionist Writer, Is Dead at 94

11 Palin:Obama=Netanyahu:Rabin (Sure Hope Not)

8 Information Sought Re Alfred Lilienthal

14 Civil War Isolationism (and Why Colin Powell Was Hugely Popular in South)

23 Seliger Is Back on Me Like a Duck on a Junebug

9 I Have a Dream About Dual Loyalty

4 Israelis Have B*g B*lls (Burg Got Blurb From Mearsheimer)

14 Ralph Seliger Bitch-Slaps Me and I Try and Put Him on the Couch

October 9 2008

10 Avrum Burg’s ‘Holocaust Is Over’ Book Due Out Here in 3 Weeks

40 Settlements. Settlements. Settlements. (Remember When It Was Kibbutzes?)

2 ‘NBC’ Relents on Recommendation that Elderly Jewish Banking Couple Be Iced

15 Jewish Freedom Fighters Were at John Brown’s Side!

8 Samantha Power Would Impose a Solution. And That’s a Bad Thing, Right?

5 ‘SNL’ Finance Skit Raises ‘Blame the Jews’ Issue

October 8 2008

50 ‘Progressive Zionist’ Might As Well Have Been a Neocon in Promoting Iraq War

23 Report on the Blog

3 Netanyahu Shares His Vision of Bantustans With Brit Reporters

7 The Astonishing ‘Meir,’ an Israeli Settler With a Giant Soul

1 Obama’s ‘Undivided Jerusalem’ Line Still Resonates

2 Jack Ross Tries to Curb My Enthusiasm for New Anti-Zionist ‘Network’

October 7 2008

2 My Bad: Victims of ‘SNL’ Skit Are Not Benefactors of ‘J Street’

3 Seliger Speaks of the ‘Oppression’ of Palestinians…

4 Anti-Zionist Group Is Launched for High Holidays

2 McCain Supporter Sought to ‘Exterminate Jew Power’

2 At a Palin Rally, Racism

7 The Coming and Necessary Shidduch of Modern Jews and Arabs

17 First Time Tragedy, Second Time Farce: Jewish Comics Use Antisemitic Shtik

October 6 2008

4 Hebrews 13: ‘Seliger/Weiss Yesterday, and Today, and Forever’

8 Martillo Defends His Post as Needed Analysis of Imbroglio

5 The Gestapo Didn’t Have a Water Cannon

10 Why Did SNL Attack Left-Leaning Benefactors? (Cherchez La Podhoretz?)

9 Is a Synagogue Really Urging People to Vote for ‘the Shvartzer’?

50 Martillo’s Post on Zionists Manipulating Markets for 50 Years Is Antisemitic

10 The Neocon Shell Game Used Liberal Shells

October 5 2008

17 ‘Because Your Face Is Not Beautiful’ (Routine Humiliation at a West Bank Checkpoint)

2 How the Cubs Can Break Their Curse

38 Meretz’s Hapless Position on Iraq War Shows Dangers of Dual Loyalty

October 4 2008

15 Sternhell: ‘Jewish Terrorism Is Now the Threat to Israel’

23 What I Loved About Israel

5 Israeli Rabbis Act as Human Shields to Protect Palestinian Olives From Jihad-Jews (Yes We Can!)

3 Eating My Words, Somewhat

October 3 2008

24 The Great (Negative) Jewish Achievement

11 How Long Before Israelis Join With Palestinians Against Jihad-Jews (Crazy Settlers)?

2 Indyk Seems to Suggest Imposing a 2-State Solution

6 At Manhattan JCC, Russians Picture Israel as a Faraway, Postcard Place

17 ‘I’ve Lost My Analytical Center of Gravity’

6 Biden Is Noble, But Panders

14 Alison Weir of ‘If Americans Knew’ Responds

2 How Many Professors of Medieval History Were Lost in the Era of the Investment Banker?

October 2 2008

8 ‘Obsession Isn’t a Perfume’

9 Osama Is Dead

1 It’s the Crying Game All Over Again: ‘Lawrence’ Turns Out to Be ‘Florence’

22 ‘Universalism Doesn’t Require Us to Turn Our Backs on Our People’

5 ’2-State Solution Would End Master-Slave Relationship They’re Stuck In’

9 Israel Is ‘Megalomaniacal’ and Has Lost a Sense of Proportion About Itself– Says Mearsheimer, Sorry I Meant Olmert

7 Will Obama’s Victory

4 My Rabbi Told Me: ‘Nablus, Jenin, Hebron, Bethlehem, Locked Down Like Ghettos’

October 1 2008

31 An Argument Over What Zionism Has Done to Jewish Identity

8 Latest Reports on Palestinian Persecutions Remind Me How Jewish Persecution in the Soviet Union Mobilized Our Nation

12 The Binding, and Unbinding

October 31 2008

11 Studs Terkel

7 Jewish Left Can Only Rise Again by Condemning Neocons as Deluded Jews

4 Palin ‘Scares the Hell Out of’ Ed Koch (and Plenty-um Other Jews)

7 Blogosphere Kills the Newspaper Argument, Etc

50 Obamaguity

1 Canadian School ‘Rusticates,’ Deems ‘Offensive’ Jewish Critics of Israel

5 Throwing Khalidi Under Bus, Obama Is Said to Tap Emanuel, Former Volunteer in Israel

4 Stop the Bomb (But Allow Iranian Nuclear Enrichment)

1 Columbia U. Provost Embraces His ‘Friend, Rashid’

6 Remarkably Decent

11 Neocons Are the Jewish Elephant in the Room

1 Guilt by Association–but Wait, Who’s Guilty?

October 30 2008

20 Maybe Khalidi Moment Will Show Who We Are in a Good Way After All?

23 Why Won’t Politicians Stand Up for Khalidi and Palestinians? A: The Israel Lobby

0 2-1/2 More Writers Standing Up for Khalidi

8 Republicans Rip Off Obama Icon for Appeal to Jewish Dual Loyalty

2 Smearing of Khalidi Points America Toward Great Social Challenge

4 When Will Other Public Figures Join Colin Powell in Denouncing the Vilification of Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians?

0 First It Was ‘Snow-Machines’. Now Palin Seeks Competition for ‘Cow-Towing’

6 Study Finds that ‘Dershowitz’ in Headline Leads to

5 Neoconservatism and Zionism Joined at Hip

0 Little Old Jewish Ladies in Ohio Go Nascar to Vote for Obama

12 When Will American Jews Try to Export the ‘Highest Standards of Democracy’ to Israel?

10 Memo to RNC: Obama Was Once Photographed with the Great Edward Said

5 We Are Meeting Our RNC With Destiny

4 A Wise Man, Khalidi

3 ‘Prepare Your Hearts for Change’

October 29 2008

31 CNN Shocker: Khalidi Accused Israel of ‘Occupying Palestinian Territories’

9 Memo to the Media: Christian Right Is Over, Story Is the Jewish Right

18 Here’s Hoping the Khalidi Story Knocks Obama’s Jewish Numbers Down

24 McCain Likens Party for Rashid Khalidi to Gathering of ‘Neo-Nazis’

1 Mary-Kate Olsen Turns Up Heat on Susan Sarandon

5 ‘Irish Times’ Carries Front-Page Photo of Peace Activists Arriving in Gaza

6 ‘LA Times’ Should Release Transcript of Obama/Khalidi Event

3 Joe the Plumber Is About to Be: A) Secretary of State, B) an AEI Fellow, or C) Over

4 Jewish Soldiers Protecting Arab Olive Harvest Provide Glimpse of One-State Future

3 Who Cares About the Rich Kid Saying ‘Obama Will Kill the Jews’?

14 Why Not Let Everyone Return?

5 Leading Funder of Is-Lob Takes $16b Bath

October 28 2008

34 If Israel’s a Democracy, How Come Arabs Can’t Help Form the Government?

20 Obama’s Jewish Video Features Dershowitz on the Glory of Separating Church and State (For Us, Not Palestinians)

16 It’s Not that Obama’s Anti-American– He’s ‘Anti-Israel’

6 ‘The New Yorker’ and Iraq–Still No Penance

October 27 2008

14 Hitchens on Shahak, Chimpsky on Chomsky

13 Impose a 2-State Solution, or You Get 1?

10 Triangulation: Leading Islamic Group Links Jeffrey Goldberg

7 Can Obama ‘Soothe’ Netanyahu?

2 More Obama=Hitler Talk from Right Wing Jews

8 Obama Man Dennis Ross Sure Sounds Like Israel’s Lawyer Re Nuclear Iran

19 Bacevich, and Spinoza, on the Error of Exceptionalism

9 John Mearsheimer, Pro-Zionist

October 26 2008

6 Nov. 4 Is ‘Last Chance Gas’ for Neocons

5 Is Israel the Hidden Agenda for a Hawkish ‘New Yorker’ Subject?

28 Are We Waiting for a Palestinian Mandela or an Israeli One?

30 Bill Maher’s ‘Religulous’ Has the Usual Double Standard

9 Tail Bites Dog

October 25 2008

25 More About Clubbiness in the Jewish ‘Parallel Establishment’

31 ‘JPost’ Insists on Jewish Biblical Right to West Bank

2 Auschwitz Survivor Says Checkpoints Are Similar to His Youthful Harassment in Germany

3 ‘Horowitz Lambastes Islam in Near-Empty Hall at Brown U.’

11 Is AIPAC in Play? There’s a Vigil Outside Its Hotel!

October 24 2008

30 Is Obama Mobbed Up with ‘Soft Neocons’?

3 The Royal Road to Neconservatism

12 ‘Aliyah’ Website Portrays Obama as Hitler

8 Powell’s Muslim Statement a Shock of Recognition Felt ‘Round the World

3 Jewish Settler Skinheads Are Finally…. News

35 ‘Ace’ Greenberg’s Jewish Geography

11 Krauthammer Never Talks About Israel

15 I Think My Concern With Ethnocentrism Reflects a Basic Love of My Jewishness

October 23 2008

8 Another Book on the Israel Lobby

21 How Do You Say ’72 Virgins’ in Hebrew? Murderer of 29 Arabs Has Hallowed Grave

13 Does This Mean Norman Finkelstein Can’t Go Back for At Least 10 Years?

32 It’s the Ethnocentrism, Stupid

5 Pia’s ‘As You Like It’ Hummus

12 Why O Why Has Obama Abandoned the Palestinians? (The Left Ignores the Lobby)

October 22 2008

17 Dinner Guests Impart Russian Wisdom to My Wife

16 Lament: Young American Jews No Longer ‘Blindly Follow Israeli Leadership’

7 I’ll Take My Stand (for the Palin Wardrobe)

7 Swedish Company Apologizes and Says It Will Move Factory in Response to Human Rights Complaints

3 Press Wouldn’t Have Fanned Iraq War Flames If Their Kids Had to Serve

1 Obama, Lincoln, and Frost on the Right of Employment

6 ‘We May Say that We Shall Not Abuse This Astonishing and Hitherto Unheard-Of Power’