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November 17 2008

9 Why I Believe It’s Imperative to Go to Hebron Protest in NY Tonight

6 Nader Blasted Obama for Caving to Lobby on ‘This Critical International Problem’

18 Young American Woman Is Red-Lighted, Badgered and Humiliated for 3 Hours at a West Bank Checkpoint

20 ‘Palestinian Civilization Is Being Destroyed in Gaza’–Ireland’s Former President

17 America’s First Non-Black President

4 Marriott Bans David Duke–But Not Racist Settlers

2 Misgivings About the ‘LA Times’ Burg Piece

11 Blankfort Says Poll Reflects Zionist Influence in Media

November 16 2008

22 At Last, Prophetic Burg Gets a Little Honor in a Country Not His Own

3 Ritual Stoners of Hebron to Raise Money at Marriott-NY Tomorrow Night

24 Touchdown! Americans Support Israel Over Palestinians, 57-6

37 Obama: Israel Would Be ‘Crazy’ Not to Take ’67 Borders for Peace

6 Bloody Global Warming

24 Jimmy Carter and the Jews–Demme’s Documentary

November 15 2008

16 U.S. Tourists in Europe Are Suddenly No Longer Pariahs

27 Walt: Barack & Rahm Have to Know that Being ‘Pro-Israel’ Means Bringing Big Pressure Against Occupation Now

22 A Koan on Religion and Zionism from Jack Ross

40 We Live in Johannesburg

November 14 2008

24 Mearsheimer Sees Signs of Glasnost in Israel Lobby

8 Obama Needs to Fill the F.W. De Klerk Job

21 Dershowitz Seems to Want to Settle Scores with Carter

18 Emanuel Often Took ‘Peace Now’ Position and Praised Rabin as ‘Visionary’

9 Rahm Volunteered for IDF Twice. And Maybe That’s a Good Thing

9 ‘NY Review of Books’ Runs Apartheid-Like Statement Without Demurral

6 Realism Comes Into American Discourse on Little Cat Feet

21 Isolationism’s Back! HuffPo Runs Favorable Piece on Buchanan’s Anti-WW2 Book

12 Uh-Oh, I Just Got Something Completely Wrong!

7 Israel Lobby Is Now Openly Discussed on C-Span

November 13 2008

40 What If 750,000 Israelis Were Blockaded and Denied Food?

10 It’s Happening: Neocons Out in Obama’s Iran Braintrust, Realists In

3 Who’s Gonna Wag the Obama Dog?

2 Zionism Is an Ideology, Judaism a Religion; Zionism Just Uses the Religion

8 Robert Kuttner Likens Irgun to George Washington

38 Rahm Apologizes for His Dad

8 The Strongest Signal of Change Obama Could Send Right Now

6 Did Heterodoxy Kill Michael Crichton?

28 Progressive Zionist Eschews ‘Mixed’ Groups Because of Their Insensitivity to Anti-Semitism (And Still, Palestine Burns)

12 O Happy Day-ay!!! ‘The guy who will be running the White House is essentially an Israeli’

0 Roger Ailes Seems to Put Israel Ahead of Constitution

7 O Happy Day! ‘Weiss, You’re Going to Continue to Be Marginalized for Another 8 Years’

5 On Israel, Rahm Emanuel Is to the Right of George Bush (and the Paleos)

0 This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is Obama’s Land, This Land Is Macaca’s Land

19 Rahm Emanuel’s Father’s Racist Comments Now Poking Into Mainstream Media

9 RFK Accused JFK’s Deputy Counsel of Dual Loyalty: ‘His Major Interest Was Israel Rather Than the United States’

1 Finally, Lobby Splits Over ‘J Street’

10 Israel Is ‘in Emanuel’s Blood’ (Oh God, When Will This End?)

November 12 2008

22 In Brooklyn, Anti-Apartheid Activists Challenge Idea of ‘Chosen People’ 400 Years After Spinoza Lit the Fuse in Amsterdam

0 Feline Has Departed the Gunnysack

3 Lieberman Accused of Dual Loyalty. Surprise!

5 The Obama Hug Picture

9 Obama Embraces Soldier With Artificial Legs

4 Brooklyn Arab Leader Says Incoming Congressman Has Promised to Visit West Bank

7 My Order Issues

November 11 2008

50 ‘Encountering Jews Who Are Progressive about All Issues but Palestine Is an Awful and Uncomfortable Situation for Non-Jewish People’ –Anne Silver

7 Psssst–Richard Cohen’s Cabinet Picks Would Make Arabs Unhappy

9 Press Differs on Whether Emanuel Will Serve Israel

8 ‘Michelle–Come Into the Drawing Room’

November 10 2008

32 Jewish State’s Next War–Between Ultra-Orthodox and Secular

12 The ‘Religion of Peoplehood’ Fosters… Racism

6 This Dual Loyalty Case Is Too Nuts for Me to Even Try to Give It a Funny Headline

4 Do You Have a Right to Refuse to Shake Hands With the President? (Yes)

9 Iraq’s Jews–From Paradise to ‘Awkward Minorities’

8 ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Saudi Arabia,’ by Joe Lieberman

13 The Obama Scapular

11 In Defense of Polemical Writing

5 Volunteer Group Emanuel Served With Sometimes Wears Keffiyahs–Sorry, I Meant Israeli Army Uniforms

5 More Gestapo Echoes from You Know Where

6 Ross Says Ross Ain’t Boss

2 Emanuel Pick Recalls JFK’s Nod to Myer Feldman

4 Obama More Interesting Than Sex

4 Ross Is Boss (and an Astonishing ‘Jewish Lobby’ Had Colin Powell by the Short and Curlies Anecdote Available Only in Hebrew)

10 Shouldn’t Emanuel Be Held to the Cynthia McKinney Standard?

20 Juan Cole Wants to Give Emanuel a Break. I Say, Not So Fast

7 Yet Another Post About Why I Identify Jewish Public Figures as Jewish

November 9 2008

27 Latest Episode of Ethnic Cleansing Gets Two Jews Talking About Why They Should Care About Israel

2 American Financial Crisis Sends Shockwaves All Over the… Negev

12 Scowcroft: We ‘Removed the Sense of Injustice’ About Blacks, Let’s Move on to Palestinians

17 Only in Haaretz: ‘Let’s Hope Obama Won’t be a Friend to Israel’

29 Obama’s Outsider/Insider Conflict

November 8 2008

17 Blacks Reassess Their Identity in Light of Obama Victory. Ergo…

16 More Rahm Stuff–Ketubah, and a Joke My Mother Tells Better Than I Can

1 Big-Media Clothing Budgets Are Fair Game

10 It pains me to say this

33 ‘Forward’ Editor Appears to Me to Exhibit Prejudice Against Non-Jews

50 Rahm Emanuel’s Uncle Was Killed by Arabs in Jerusalem

3 Palin Balked at Meeting Donors. Who?

November 7 2008

7 Appointing Emanuel, Obama Slams Door on 2-State Solution

21 The Questions Surrounding Authorship of Obama’s First Book Are Plausible, and I Don’t Care

25 Let’s Don’t Be Naive (About Obama and the Jewish Establishment)

4 ‘Mutts Like Me’

3 Rahm’s Dad Was a ‘Gun-Runner’ for Terrorist Org

14 Say It Ain’t So! Obama May Also Be Looking at Harvard Law Prof Who Said Israeli Treatment of Palestinian ‘Detainees’ Is ‘Model’ for U.S.

9 Father in Irgun Gives Emanuel ‘Impeccable Credentials’. So Spake the Jews

5 Look at the Gleaming Unbroken Spines

31 Mainstream Media At Last Tees Up Dual Loyalty Issue Re Emanuel (I.e., We’re in the House!)

13 Israeli Soldiers Film Themselves Ha-Ha Threatening to Sodomize Bound, Blindfolded Palestinian With ‘Log’

5 Beautiful Jews Erect Razor Wire ‘Separation Fence,’ for a Few Minutes, in Tel Aviv

3 Re Emanuel, the Left Continues to Be Claimed by the Israel Lobby

2 Shame: Israeli Police Investigate Jews Who Protected Olive Harvest

November 6 2008

21 Emanuel’s Middle Name Is Israel. And I Guess So Is Obama’s…

1 Georgia (With Cluster Bombs) Should Be Rubicon for Interventionists

21 Disturbing Video from Israel

10 You know, I probably went too far

12 Jewish Clubbiness at the Top

24 Emanuel’s Father: Let Arabs Clean the White House Floors, Rahm’s All Over Israel Policy

3 Instrumental Writings

6 Obama Victory Signals End of the Era of Arrogance

1 Bad News for Birthright

3 Tom Friedman, Carbon Bigfoot

1 Nixon/China, Obama/Iran

24 ‘JPost’ Says Obama Will Be ‘War President,’ and Please Hurry

21 I Didn’t Read It But

3 Landsmen in High Places

2 Lordy, Dem Crazy Arabists Be Muckin Up De Maps Agin!!

November 5 2008

10 Alert! Obama to Unchain Foggy-Bottom Arabists Who Will Pressure Israel to Stop Building Glorious Colonies in West Bank

9 Anguished Israeli Urges Obama to Defy Lobby and ‘Save Us From Ourselves’

4 10,000 Voters Near Harvard Want Equity Today! (for Palestinians, That Is)

4 Somehow I Don’t Think You’ll Read this in the ‘Times’

22 Emanuel and Summers Have Obama Right Where They Want Him

4 Franken-Coleman Race Marks Integration of Yiddish Word ‘Nebbishy’

6 American Discourse Begins Frantic Round of ‘Musical Chairs’

21 ‘Israel Fears… Peace’

17 Emanuel Sounded Neocon Themes of Regime Change and Israel-Is-Perfect in ’06

7 Rahm Emanuel’s Double Standard When It Comes to Israelis and Palestinians

14 On Israel/Palestine, We’ve Convinced Obama, Now We Must Pressure Him

2 Nude Dancing and a Marching Band at 2 AM (Honey, the Left Is Back!)

5 Obama Must Get Past His Guardedness (and Trust Issues) If He Is to Lead

3 My Wife Says McCain and Cindy Won’t Divorce, Maybe Couric and Greenfield Should

25 A Private President-Elect

November 4 2008

26 The Meaning of Tonight

5 Syria Chic

6 Avnery: Obama’s AIPAC Promises Are ‘A Garlic Skin,’ and Israel/Palestine Is the Big Enchilada

9 Chomsky on Self-Hatred (and Why I Can’t Adopt a Chomskyian Stance)

2 Rev. Wright Redux

9 Obama’s Even Skinny Like Jesus

6 Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours: Jane Harman and the Israel Lobby

15 Zionists in the Civil Rights Movement

6 Are Accusations of Self-Hatred an Attempt to Bully Jewish Critics of Israel Into Silence?

2 40 Years Ago This Would Have Been Unimaginable,

3 If Black People Couldn’t Vote, Would Obama Have a Chance?

November 3 2008

21 Obama’s Grandma’s Story Sure Makes It Hard to Preach Against Intermarriage

8 The Obama Effect! (Hitchens Comes Home)

6 Goldberg Writhing

3 Neocons Unveil Their Kinda ‘Daisy’ Ad

5 Fox Headline: ‘Prominent Jewish Congressman Emanuel Floated as Obama Chief of Staff’

5 Suffering Succotash! Ross and Holbrooke Out?! Hagel and Sampo In!

7 What You’re Seeing Is a Progressive Movement

1 And These Guys Were Running Foreign Policy?

8 The Slip-and-Fall Fraud Industry as an Arm of Zionism

3 ‘Jews on First’ Smite ‘Obsession’ Hip and Thigh

5 ‘I watched a campaign organizer match up a young black man who looked to be college age with a white guy about my age

2 Something Is Happening Here But You Don’t Know What It Is, Do You, Mr. Cohen?

2 Selma/Gaza

3 More on Oral Testimony of Nakba Vs Documentation

12 A Hopeful View of Obama’s Deal With the ‘Loony Liberals’ of the Israel Lobby

November 2 2008

28 How Obama Learned to Love the Israel Lobby

16 Soros on Bubbles and Busts in Oil Prices (and Ideologies too)

14 Rahm Emanuel’s Father Was in Jewish Terrorist Organization

30 What Did Rahm Emanuel Do in Israel in ’91?

29 ‘Washington Post’ Says Good Things About ‘Security Fence’

3 Jerusalem Must Not Be Divided, Says Dennis Ross

7 Burg Book Saying ‘Holocaust Is Over’ Is Covered as News in England, Not Here Yet

35 Nader Injects USS Liberty Case Into Presidential Campaign

November 1 2008

4 The Last Refuge of a Patriot

4 Good for Marty Peretz (Also, I Had a Glass of Wine at Lunch)

12 A Truly Sick-Making

2 Jewish Republicans Channel Leni Riefenstahl

6 Internationals Seek to Stop Israeli Attack on Palestinian Fishing Boats 9 Miles Off Shore

3 What Am I Going to Do Tuesday Night? Chapter 1

8 Did Financial Deregulation Serve the Neocons’ Hidden Agenda?

9 Neocons Reveal Themselves as Parochialists, and Very Yesterday

12 Why Is Khalidi Silent?

10 Family Affair: Joe Klein Is ‘Anguished’ by Necessary Task of Informing on Jewish Neocons

November 30 2008

29 Oy My People Are Too Rich, Part 25

17 Between Father and Son: The Shaving Covenant

25 Dialogue–or Private Atonement?

November 29 2008

34 Conscious Pariahs

November 28 2008

24 Assimilationist Thanksgiving

50 Don’t Mumbai Savageries Mean We Should Take Pakistan’s State Away From Them?

November 27 2008

50 ‘J Street’ Cannot Take on AIPAC and the Neocons Frontally

November 26 2008

28 Jerome Slater: Tom Friedman Glibly Promotes ‘Mythology’ that Israel Is Fair, Palestinians Violent

13 Frum: Nakba Was Bad Because It Fell Below Israelis’ High Standards of Behavior

4 ‘Shocked, Shocked that Zionism Is Going on in the Next Administration…’

5 Helmeted Israeli Soldier Head-Butts Palestinian Woman

November 25 2008

34 At the Jewish Theological Seminary, a Leading Scholar of ‘Arab Jews’ Denounces Islamophobia

10 Nader Talks About Israel Lobby Implicitly, Chomsky Doesn’t

7 Obama’s ‘Movement’ Is Not the Netroots

5 ‘Empty, 61-Year-Old Promise of Palestinian State Is U.N.’s Greatest Failure’

6 For Countless Hires, Obama Turns to His Community-Organizing Past. Not!

17 ‘The only whites in South Africa who can claim not to have backed apartheid are the ones who actively fought it’

11 Palestinian Children Teargassed Protesting ‘Annexation Wall’

November 24 2008

29 Denial, Inc: Boston Jewish Group Takes on Israel’s Bad Image With $2.4 Million a Year, Aimed at Media and ‘Influencers’

32 Spooked by Left’s ‘anti-Israelism,’ Liberal Jews Sat on Their Hands as U.S. Destroyed Iraqi Society

47 Progressive Zionists Are as Bedevilled by the Dual Loyalty Issue as Their Neocon Cousins

3 Adalah Fundraiser/Concert Set for Dec. 2 in NY Church

7 Rahm + Zbig + Brent + Hillary = Triangulation/Kumbaya

November 23 2008

38 ‘Obama Would Put Thru a Peace Deal Tomorrow If Not for the American Jewish Community’–MJ Rosenberg

8 Finally. Jewish Antiwar Conference in NY Begins by Honoring Rachel Corrie as a Martyr to ‘Evil’

25 Haaretz: ‘Absolutely Everyone’ in Israel Is Implicated in Sinful Settlements

November 22 2008

12 Savage Settlers Near Hebron Attack Palestinian Shepherds, Kill a Donkey

15 Scowcroft (the New Center-Left) Said to Be Advising Obama

9 Eric Holder Said His Bad Call on Marc Rich Was ‘Influenced’ by Ehud Barak

21 At Oxford, Shimon Peres Is Drowned Out by ‘Free Palestine!’ and Is Visibly Shaken

27 Jeffrey Goldberg Warns, Don’t Pressure Israel or She Goes Into Bunker…

13 The Recession Will Be Good for Us

2 Rabbi Waskow Broke Bread With CAIR, Praise the Lord

November 21 2008

17 Harvard Progressive Jews Invite Muslims to Talk About Bedouin Politics in Israel

22 Scowcroft and Brzezinski Tell Obama Israel/Palestine Is Issue #1

9 The Brad Sherman Moment

1 Van Cliburn on Callas

30 More on PEP, From Anti-Zionist Jews

November 20 2008

3 ‘Nosey in New York’ Seeks More Cases of Establishment Gentiles Who Converted to Judaism

7 Hitting Home: Obama Victory Is a Signal to Israel to Fully Enfranchise Arabs…

21 What Would Reinhold Niebuhr (Obama’s Guru) Say Re Israel/Palestine?

5 Woman Who Won Nobel for Settling Religious Differences in N. Ireland Calls on U.N. to Suspend Israel

6 Neocons Glom… Hillary

11 Boycotted Settlement Czar Somehow Gets Nose Into Dubai Tent

27 Avraham Burg: ‘World Jewry Is a Superpower’

12 Sometimes It’s Stupid Not to Ask Conspiratorial Questions…

6 Emanuel Suggested Criticism of Israel Bombing Lebanon Was Criticism of ‘War on Terror’

November 19 2008

23 PEP, and Why You Don’t Want to Be PEP

4 ‘Progressive’ Is New ‘Liberal’ or ‘Left’ and Is Also Definitely Awesome

5 Zionist ‘Forward’ Seeks to Coopt Workmen’s Circle’s (Non-Zionist) Heritage

12 Former Meretz Leader in Israel Embraced ‘Apartheid’ Label When American Progs Denied It

10 Seliger Explains His Position

15 Without the Internet, We Would Have No Idea

15 Seliger Seems to Want to Be Apologist for Occupations of Palestine and Iraq

50 I Witnessed Chabadniks Being Racist

14 There I Go Again, Counting Jews

17 Beach Umbrellas and His-and-Hers Automatics in the So-Called Occupied Territories

7 I Regret

2 Gehry Designs ‘Museum of Tolerance’ on Muslim Cemetery You Know Where

0 ‘Times’ Parody (and ‘Sun’ Parody) Isn’t Just Funny Ha-Ha But Reflects Political Rage Toward MSM

November 18 2008

28 NY Fundraiser for Settlers: ‘What If There Was a 2-State Solution in the U.S. and Al Qaeda Got Half–How Would You Like That?’

11 Straw in the Wind

2 As the World Turns… Guggenheim to Fete Political Palestinian Artist

12 For a Long Time, Lincoln ‘Bit His Lips’ and ‘Crucified His Feelings’ About Slavery

6 ‘J Street’s Founder Is Also Son of Irgun

1 Obama Once Praised ‘All Faiths and Nationalities Living Together’ in Israel

7 Aaron Levitt’s Nakba Poem

35 Maybe Jewish Ascendancy Will Result in Wave of Conversion

34 ‘Settlers See No Equivalence in the Moral Worth of a Non-Jew and a Jew’

6 Credit Where Credit Is Due

3 ‘I’m Such a Pariah,’ Neocon Reflects

November 17 2008

37 Americans May Sympathize With Israel, But They Want a More Even-Handed Policy, Say Walt & Mearsheimer