Dumped by Ahava, Kristin Davis sticks with Oxfam

Gawker says that Ahava, the beauty company that operates in the occupied West Bank, has dropped Kristin Davis as a spokesperson– weeks after Oxfam was said to have dropped Davis as a spokesperson because of her association with the occupation. This dustup would seem to be the work of the brave folk at Code Pink’s Stolen Beauty campaign. Note Gawker’s update saying that Oxfam and Davis are still going out together. Great. Maybe Davis will get on the boycott program now!

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  1. Citizen says:

    Maybe that depends on whether she can distinguish her romance and marriage to that
    warm Jewish teddy bear fella in that TV series she was in–from the reality of the Gaza strip?

  2. Elliot says:

    The “skin beauty products” stall at my local shopping mall (the one manned by young Israelis) has stopped marketing Ahava products. Instead, they sell a brand called “Seacrest” (or something like that). Anybody got any information on that brand?