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October 31 2010

158 Joy to the world, David Broder says Obama can rejuvenate the economy by going to war with Iran

1 Israel arrests Palestinian children at 3 in the morning

52 ‘Haaretz’s desperate cry for help– ‘South Africa is here’

15 ‘NPR’ gives Avigdor Lieberman a pass, as always

3 ‘I shared my father’s belief that Arabic is the loveliest language in the world’

1 Oslo mayor joins protest against illegal Israeli wall

14 My sabbath is the weekend

October 30 2010

21 Caterpillar freeze and ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ honor suggest advance of boycott movement

7 The Gaza tunnels aren’t just for imports

59 When brown shirts attacked my father
Lillian Rosengarten

18 ‘NYT’ catches a clue

20 The ZOA’s effort to criminalize campus activism through federal civil rights legislation

0 Good news for New Yorkers: ‘Budrus’ held over

14 Israel gets off scot-free, again

19 More about trickster/debater/Canadian Gabriel Latner, 19

October 29 2010

38 ‘New York Times’ is clueless

15 Naked conspiracy: Ackerman says ‘first class team’ of 5 Jewish, pro-Israel congressional chairs has ‘major, major, major influence’ on Obama

13 Cambridge debater set out to ‘nail’ others on his side

1 IDF bars Palestinian children from Tel Aviv film festival

3 Obama missed his chance to start a pullout from Afghanistan

14 Is he a reliable narrator?

6 A certain type of namedropping

84 Does chosen mean unequal?

3 Apartheid South Africa’s big mistake: no t-shirts with slogans

October 28 2010

31 Meltdown of the Macher: Abe Foxman loses it, calls Israeli interviewer a bigot and condemns the Seinfeld ‘Soup Nazi’

50 ‘In my opinion, every Jewish town needs at least one Arab. What would happen if my refrigerator stopped working on a Saturday?’

18 Anas E., age 9, attacked and beaten by five settlers in Jerusalem

71 Israel goes to war against its own citizens

13 Heilbrunn says that Israel lobby ‘crucified’ George HW Bush over settlements

6 Makhoul accepts plea deal; supporters point to the ‘continuing rush towards fascism’ in Israeli politics

11 Glasnost: ‘Forward’ publishes four pieces by the ‘other,’ including Alia Malek

6 Jewish organizations debate BDS in online forum

60 What is the best way to engage with ideological opponents online?

3 Diaspora biggies kinda want a Palestinian state, fear losing the young
Phil Weiss

11 NY Jewish group raises 15,000 signatures in support of Israeli occupation

8 The art of sucking up

October 27 2010

13 Report: Israeli soldiers burned Quran during nighttime arrest in occupied Jayyous

2 Dear John Dennis: Here’s what a progressive campaign stance on Israel/Palestine looks like

41 Goldberg regrets his story linking Saddam to al-Qaeda but says ‘everybody’ got it wrong

12 Sheikh Jarrah activists confront Jerusalem mayor over the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Silwan

29 The ADL’s ‘top ten’ list is consistent with its history of muzzling dissent on Israel at all costs

7 Abu Ben Tzahali

9 An open letter to Hebrew University

7 Israeli siege kept baby girl from leukemia treatment

22 Noah Feldman says that those who seek to bring ‘pure justice’ to negotiations stand in the way of peace

13 Cambridge debate on Israel is undermined by wily neocon (is that redundant?)

17 Other People’s Dissidents: a review of When They Come for Us, We’ll Be Gone: the Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry

44 grief

15 Neoconservatives make hay in Barney Frank’s liberal district

10 Going where U.S. media fear to tread, ‘Economist’ describes Judaization of Lod

October 26 2010

43 How much money is needed to stop the BDS movement?

4 Two sides of the Wall in Bil’in

60 Settler network promotes racist comics to bring Meir Kahane to a new generation of Israelis

33 Pregnant woman injured by settler hit & run, 13-year-old banned from school in Hebron, 15-year-old tortured in Ariel settlement

11 Kufur Qassim, Rachel Corrie and premeditated forgetfulness

37 Me and ‘Nejad’ in Beirut

21 Dennis Ross strokes AIPAC on delegitimization and 2-states (‘before it is too late’)

13 Israeli formula maintains a minimum of ‘breathing space’ in Gaza

26 No Justice, No Chickpeas: Philly activists go ‘Gaga’ to spread hummus boycott

17 My nephew is about to serve
Yonah Fredman

0 Going out with a whimper

11 Kramer says that the Persian Gulf is ‘as crucial to American security as Lake Michigan’

2 It’s not Netanyahu who’s paralyzed, it’s Obama

4 Mearsheimer: Our morally bankrupt policy of killing civilians moves from Iraq to Afghanistan

5 Jerusalem and the unspoken systems in our lives

4 Busy Bill Kristol

5 Scenes from the ‘Jewish & democratic’ state: Galilee politician works to prevent sale of homes to Palestinians

October 25 2010

9 ‘I do not support U.S. gov’t war guarantees or military aid to any country’ — John Dennis
John Dennis

9 Resolved: Noah Feldman should be open about his views on the two-state solution

1 Comedy tonight– Jenin Freedom Theatre benefit in NYC!

33 David Frum’s world is scary

21 Cut, cut, cut the budget (just don’t touch Israel)

9 One good reason Iranians might hate us

0 Israel begins work on 600 new homes in West Bank settlements

9 ‘There is no such thing as tourism in an occupied city’

6 ‘AP’ grants prominence to hasbara re Catholic bishops

6 Doron Spielman Doron Spielman

16 Nahla Assali and the assault on Palestinian dignity

24 The Nakba and the ‘great book robbery’ of 1948

October 24 2010

0 Israeli forces attack Silwan with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets while distributing demolition orders

77 Vatican synod comes out strong for Palestinian rights

20 When will US publications follow ‘Haaretz’ in describing the ‘terrorism’ of the occupation?

18 My pacifist lament

21 Michael Moore and Catholic church are new front in effort to mainline opposition to Israeli occupation
Geoffrey Gray

111 The Israel lobby is just icing on the imperial cake
David Green

0 Int’l visitors to Gaza lecture Hamas about Gilad Shalit, but fail to protest Israel’s 8000 Palestinian prisoners

4 Rosen: ‘rogue apartheid Jewish state is not viable in current form’

October 23 2010

19 Israel Crushes A Palestinian Gandhi: Bil’in Organizer Sentenced to 18 months

16 Brooklyn rabbis Lippman and Bachman are part of the Am Yisroel Chai crowd
Barry Weiss

11 Maybe now Obama can say something?

8 Pelosi’s ‘progressive,’ antiwar challenger is also… pro-Israel

20 Nir Rosen on the media’s double standard for Palestine

10 The death of a child
Lillian Rosengarten

October 22 2010

62 Obama’s gonna have to leave politics before he denounces the occupation

93 Viva Palestina’s ‘Lifeline 5′ convoy reaches Gaza

28 The Democratic-Likud Party

84 Ethnocracy: The true ‘core of the conflict’

1 Israeli military injures 15 and burns 3 homes, crushing anti-wall protest in Nabi Saleh village

29 Liberal rabbis Lippman and Bachman urge Brooklynites to buy products from Occupied West Bank!

19 Now ‘Newsweek’ pressures Obama to include Hamas

7 Why is the UN hosting events with the Simon Wiesenthal Center (for intolerance)?

13 The power of a walkout

3 Please see ‘Budrus’

October 21 2010

73 Report from Israel: the occupation is the Stanley Milgram experiment, for American Jews

18 Tibi: American unwillingness to challenge inequality in Israel has gravely damaged its moral authority

18 Image and reality of Barack Obama’s Israel policy

109 Let them eat cake

27 Hebron Fund to celebrate West Bank settlements with faux flotilla on the Hudson river

13 Israel finally confirms the obvious – The collective punishment of the Gaza siege is based on politics, not security

22 Univ. of Michigan students protest IDF speakers

2 Toddler dies after not being allowed to exit Gaza

17 The dam is breaking?

27 Israel’s guardian sews up the Senate

October 20 2010

88 Bibi’s poodle

18 Ayed Morrar, the moral giant of Budrus

145 public sculpture in Israel… uh, really?

14 Jewish settlers, returned to the land of the bible, burn a girls school and beat farmers trying to harvest olives

175 3 Jews showed this video last night at NYU, challenging Zionism

66 I felt the earth move

7 first they ignore you, then they ignore you, then they ignore you, then they melt down like Dershowitz

42 The internet cleansing of Pappe

October 19 2010

45 How many lies can Alan Dershowitz tell in 60 seconds?

24 This is a pogrom (first they demolished the shepherd’s house, then they came to his tent and kicked his sheep, causing ewe to abort)

135 ‘US Boat to Gaza’ to join efforts from Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Malaysia & the Netherlands to form the Freedom Flotilla II in March 2011

12 Harvard student government condemns Peretz fund and calls for an investigation on the decision to honor him

32 New tourism law shows the more the Israeli narrative gets challenged, the greater need there is to enforce it

16 Guilty of being Muslim: A review of ‘Entrapped’

36 Abulhawa: ‘As Palestinians, we are facing our own extinction’
Susan Abulhawa

8 Two state idea is over because U.S. was ‘repeatedly diddled by a client state’

16 Israel lobby group urges State Department to begin undercover manipulation of Palestinian websites

83 Lesley Stahl and the 7 pillars of conventional wisdom

9 Brian Lehrer’s evenhandedness disappears when it comes to Israeli violence

28 ‘Haaretz’ author says that Diaspora Jews have dual loyalty

October 18 2010

8 Junior Israel-lobbyists are diggin one-state idea

17 Students for Justice in Palestine responds to the ADL

134 ’60 Minutes’ marks the end of the two-state solution

5 Accommodating Israeli abuse: the Palestinian Authority’s perspective

26 Congressional chairman to Palestinians who live in the capital of the Jewish people: Drop dead

8 Leave no stone unclaimed

3 Morocco gives Israel the cold shoulder and so does food co-op in Rachel Corrie’s home town

22 inevitable

9 About that sticker
Ali Gharib

33 Harvest of excrement: colonists in Occupied Territories pump sewage on to Palestinian farm land

27 ‘WSJ’ suggests Israel would bomb neighbors before giving up ethnocracy

93 Empathy for fearful Dershowitz

October 17 2010

53 Palestinian child abuse

3 Palestine, I hear you
Lillian Rosengarten

1 British director Mike Leigh cancels trip to Israel on account of loyalty oath

105 Trainwreck in Boston: Dershowitz calls a Palestinian novelist a bigot and a Holocaust-denier

18 Why didn’t Dershowitz give up his American citizenship?

90 Gosh, another American writing for a liberal magazine says lowering ‘Arab’ birthrate inside Israel is hunky-dory

60 ‘NY Jewish Week’ says progressive Zionists are feeling ‘battered by boycott’

43 I don’t think Zionism will be redeemed by David Grossman

2 The lobby to Israeli dissenters: you be democratic, we are authoritarian

October 16 2010

40 Al-Hamdulilah– ‘Judaic Studies’ at Univ at Albany to host the great Amira Hass next month

3 Memo to Obama: Settlers torch cars, torch olive trees, and release wild boar that breaks 57-year-old Palestinian farmer’s legs

12 Neocon says that Khalidi aims to establish Haram-al-Sharif at Columbia U

6 Brzezinski: Obama ‘pathetic’ in dealing with Israel (Right; why?)

9 Neocon threatens withdrawal of ‘Dem Donor$’ if Obama pressures Netanyahu

88 ‘NYT’/Bronner push the legality of settlements

53 Annie’s awakenings

8 Kafka on Jewish insecurity

74 We live in dark times

9 Chas Freeman on Muslim death toll and its emotional/political consequences

October 15 2010

11 At NYU, Israel is held up as the model for US counter-terrorism effort
Chase Madar

9 The new threats to Israel’s Palestinian citizens

11 ’60 Minutes’ set to look into colonized E. Jerusalem

28 The IDF kills 1 Palestinian civilian every 2 days, on average, with impunity

19 The plan

0 Defiant Netanyahu: ‘We will continue to build’ (and subjugate)

5 New Columbia U. Palestine Center gets a shingle and bupkus

24 Uncle Sam = Jim Crow

5 Spade, duck, fowl, apartheid, ghetto

7 When you lose Yglesias…

3 ADL concession: JVP and ISM and SJP are affecting the ‘mainstream discussion’

October 14 2010

48 When will Americans be informed of what is stirring in Israel?

1 The yearly settler festival of destroying the Palestinians’ olive trees and orchards

5 Brooklyn-Jenin: ‘The Messiah will only come the day after his arrival.’

155 Blogging for the enemy
Yonah Fredman

84 ‘The Palestinians have won’

30 Can you support the Palestinians when you live on their stolen land?

23 Cold Turkey

6 Donna Edwards’s pro-Israel identity

18 Jewish groups seek to bar Abunimah from campus
Ali Abunimah

13 Judt’s beautiful bloody mind

22 They up and died!

October 13 2010

19 Last man out of mine greets Chilean president with fervent statement about worker safety

47 Groundwork laid for media narrative of failed peace talks: It’s the Palestinians’ fault

0 Gaza man, 26, dies of heart disease after waiting weeks for an exit permit

29 ‘Budrus’ on Charlie Rose, and the Israel lobby on ‘the Good Wife’
Andrea Whitmore

43 PA’s challenge to Israel: Set your borders

22 Rep. Baird: ‘J Street’ threatened to end support for Rep. Edwards over meeting with ‘New Policy’ group

6 You forgot this question: When will Israel change its behavior?

17 Is Sullivan’s witness on Israel/Palestine linked to his moral stance re his own church?

45 Barack Obama: Israel’s lawyer

October 12 2010

17 And Tom Friedman says the Arab world is rife with conspiracy theory…

9 Partners in occupation

23 The settlements are illegal regardless of whether Israel is recognized as a ‘Jewish state’

9 Israeli Jews don’t have to recognize Israel as Jewish state

9 ‘Hey BU you’ve been had, Dershowitz is WICKED bad!’: Boston University students protest CAMERA

22 Israel-centric Ethan Bronner cites Israeli law on East J’lem and Golan, ignoring crystal clear int’l standards

55 Question: How has activism changed your vision of the conflict?

4 Several children, including 8 year old, arrested in Silwan

36 Why I protested the Jewish National Fund

1 NYC film screening with Zizek, Badiou and Aloni to support the Jenin Freedom Theatre

22 Saying ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace

33 Benny Morris, former historian

54 Jerusalem slide show!

1 Dana and Blumenthal to speak in NY next week about resistance to the occupation

October 11 2010

17 Bil’in leader Abdallah Abu Rahmah sentenced to a year in prison for organizing nonviolent protests against the Wall

13 Turn right at the end: The future of a country that gave up on democracy

3 Follow Mondoweiss on the Kindle

8 Israel’s ethnic cleansing drill a result of nationalists adopting the two-state solution

31 ‘We wouldn’t eat their sandwiches!’ –an interview with Lillian Rosengarten

19 More ‘best shots of Israel’

53 Activists disrupt JNF conference, including ‘Not in my name’ Jews who are labeled ‘traitors’

10 bye bye dog talking

10 Donna Edwards flap fosters debate over one-state vs two-state

1 Settlers run wild over the weekend

29 Video of the settler striking two Palestinian boys with his car in East Jerusalem

5 Deported: Israel no longer my Israel
Lillian Rosengarten

79 Look, a mall where Palestinians and Jews shop side by side
Wondering Jew

24 Maybe we should talk about the 14 million, not the 6 million

20 Freeman: Donilon appointment reflects politicization of foreign policy by a solipsistic gov’t
Chas Freeman

2 ‘Eased’ blockade continues to ‘strangle’ Gazan economy

8 Follow the money

1 ‘Jewish state’ demand is Israeli code for refugees, Jerusalem
Chris Keeler

0 14-year-old Gaza boy collecting crushed rock near fence is likely cause of Israeli warplane raid

2 Israeli takeover of Jewish boat was violent
Glyn Secker

October 10 2010

50 Israeli soldiers don keffiyehs to try to break the back of Palestinian resistance, then stop photographers from filming them

37 Does anyone in Israel have the vision thing?

23 Israeli diplomacy: German development minister barred from entering Gaza

40 Palestinian Israelis are to have ‘Jewish’ nationality (as Jews once had to be public Christians in Europe)

October 9 2010

18 Back to Gaza

25 Young Jew at Princeton: Yes, American Jews are to blame for ennabling injustice

2 Reports from the Corrie trial in Haifa

3 true, obvious (40 years ago, and today)

25 A Bedouin boy changed the power balance of my marriage, maybe forever

19 So the post-racial president makes a peace deal, and

25 Livni ‘expects the Jews to understand’ (but what if they aren’t Jews?)

20 What is the Hebrew word for ‘optics’?

October 8 2010

58 Bill spills the beans– linkage of global terror and Palestinian issue

53 The ‘Times’ smooths the path to the next Lebanon war

2 Israel wounds 11 in Gaza with aerial attacks and arrests nearly that many in West Bank nighttime raids

71 Goldwater: Israel lobby is way too powerful, it could send us to war, and money’s at the root of it

17 ‘Notes from the suicide watch’

43 Could Israel survive without Harvard?

18 The Israel National Library nationalizes Kafka

October 7 2010

89 There are two transformative Jewish communities in the world
Wondering Jew

22 When will apartheid greater Israel arrive?

79 Which is it, Dershowitz?

7 Full speed ahead on settlement construction!

22 WP: Dennis Ross is Netanyahu’s man in the White House

15 Jailbreak: Rep Donna Edwards raises money by championing human rights in Gaza

21 The hallowed Israeli kibbutz– No Palestinians accepted

5 Next time I’ll get into Gaza– I’ll find a friend in Congress

2 ‘Forward’: J Street weathers attack, still has access

9 Scientific paper shows that Israeli attacks merely perpetuate violence

6 Roger Waters tour depicts Stars of David as bombs– oh, and crosses and $s and Mercedes stars

October 6 2010

4 ‘Death to the Arabs’ is graffiti in Jewish holy site in occupied E. Jerusalem

39 ‘When history speaks’ for Israel in the Times it leaves out the Palestinians
Remi Brulin

23 Goldberg’s Goldstone smear

39 Mearsheimer: ‘Israel, with the help of the lobby, is effectively committing national suicide’

18 Obama’s toast. Time for the Europeans to step in
Gil Maguire

4 The Jews sang ‘We are not afraid’ as 8 Israeli warships surrounded their little boat
Edith Lutz

4 Bil’in, 7/30/10

2 Gaza siege kills one-month-old Palestinian infant Mo’taz Hani Abu Nada

61 2 poems for Gaza

11 Why Obama caved (Israeli ambassador Michael Oren is his Democratic fundraising tool)

17 Constructing a nationalist narrative

11 Is it fair that ‘NYT’ analysis of latest Mideast deal quotes 5 Jews?

19 How to raise a Jewish child: Step 1. Get Israeli flag; Step 2. Wrap child; Step 3. Repeat

October 5 2010

15 Chicago faith leaders issue statement in support of activists targeted by the FBI

17 Chicago group brings campaign to end US aid to Israel to transit riders

9 The latest entries for the Israel Project photo contest

30 Gideon Levy in NYC: Israel is ‘the only occupier in history that’s completely convinced of its own present ongoing victimhood’

7 What does effective solidarity with Palestinians look like in the US?

15 Abergil redux: YouTube video shows IDF soldier dancing beside bound Palestinian woman

23 Not in the NYT: Israeli poet says Israel is apartheid state

14 Al Gore, Donald Graham, and David Ignatius signed letter flogging Marty Peretz fund

25 Marty Peretz internship nominee

23 More on Jewish racism towards Palestinians

27 Hasn’t ‘demographic bogey’ argument for Zionism passed its sell-by date?

October 4 2010

22 before the flood, intelligent life dwelled here

20 Bibi buries Barack’s Pax Americana

192 Where is the Gandhi of Israel?

43 Settlers attack West Bank mosque, burn prayer rugs and Korans and write “revenge” on a wall in Hebrew

4 Early front runners for the Israel Project’s ‘Best Shots of Israel’ contest

57 Halper: American Jews (and the Congress) don’t want an Israel at peace

27 Exhibit a: Muhammad cartoons

2 Israel’s Palestinian citizens are not a negotiating chip

6 A Call for Support: The trial of Ameer Makhoul enters a new phase

4 What Obama hasn’t changed about the peace process

10 Answer: The Israel lobby’s primary lever is the congressional elections

1 ‘Are you so afraid of offending Jewish members that you can’t take a stand?’
Rich Siegel

October 3 2010

10 IDF soldiers convicted of using 11-year-old as human shield in Gaza

55 Meeting Alan Dershowitz

October 2 2010

2 Israeli forces toss gas bomb on protester near Hebron, causing ‘severe burns to the entire body of Mohammed Jamal Abu Hashim, 14′

40 The NYT is wrong again on settlement legality

41 Jewish identi-kit(h)

5 Palestinian children betrayed by aid agencies

15 Yonatan Shapira, a moral giant

138 Notes on my racism, part 3: ‘My people’

111 Sanchez’s first mistake

October 1 2010

14 Enter the Israel Project’s ‘Best Shots of Israel’ contest

8 Jewish boat’s captain says IDF used ‘considerable, unprovoked and dangerous violence’

49 ‘Commentary’: legitimacy issues, Palestinian resistance and U.S. opportunities are rotting Israel’s purpose

17 Videos from Silwan

15 Where is the ‘center’ of American Zionism?

3 Israeli forces use tear gas and sound bombs to attack protests in Bil’in and Nabi Saleh

11 Farewelling two-state-solution, ‘FP’ authors suggest permanent residency status in Israel for refugees

19 No wonder Americans are ignorant. . .

12 Robert Wright, like others, coming to understand the one state reality

15 Boston Palestine Film Festival starts today