When will Chris Hayes’ Postcard from Palestine reach Rachel Maddow?

Chris Hayes, a frequent commentator and guest host on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, went to Palestine/Israel this fall as a guest of the New America Foundation.  When he filed his Postcard from Palestine in November’s issue of The Nation, he didn’t pull any punches:  

Of Hebron, he reported: “It felt as if we were walking through a postapocalyptic urban video game brought to life.”  
Of East Jerusalem, he pointed out the “irony in the settlers using pre-1948 deeds to make their case for occupying the homes in Sheikh Jarrah: it is usually Palestinians, demanding their right of return, who argue that pre-1948 deeds are legitimate. “From a Zionist perspective, it’s suicide,” activist and writer Didi Remez says …”
Hayes gets it. Can Maddow be far behind?
In the past six months The Rachel Maddow Show, whose main beat is domestic, has not only gained in the ratings, but expanded its reach into foreign affairs by reporting directly from the streets of Baghdad and Kabul in two series that offered a clear-eyed look at facts on the ground. Here’s hoping Israel/Palestine is next. If Hayes’ passionate reporting from the area is any indication, it just might be.
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  1. pabelmont says:

    Yes, she (and anyone prisoner of the Israeli mafia) can be very far behind. Hope not, of course.

    • Shingo says:

      The really sad thing about Maddow is that she is incredibly intelligent and is indeed capable ofo otustanding journalism and commentary.

      She’s either been given orders to steer clear of the IP conflict or is herself a commited Zionist.

      • Kathleen says:

        She has repeated the Israeli lobby lines about Iran verbatim. Beats on the Iranian President while never criticizing Netanyahu or Israel never never ever. She has not just allowed guest to repeat the hooey she repeats it herself. Shameful

  2. Avi says:

    I don’t regard Rachel Maddow to be a journalist. To me, she’s merely a smart aleck person who gleans blogs for information and repeats on air whatever fits her agenda.

  3. Chu says:

    I dont know about Maddow. She is not a serious person.
    The show seems crafted more around her personality than news.
    She provides the illusion that there is choice is nightly news selection, when it’s just variations of state-run media outlets (the recent wiki leaks news is proving that it’s state-run media.)

    Wolf Blitzer is another self centered-hack that works for a foreign government, that happens to sit in the catbird seat on CNN. See his recent rant on Julian Assange. Pathetic, and it’s embarrassing that he calls himself ‘journalist’.

  4. annie says:

    i used to watch her but generally don’t anymore. i think she’s smart and good (very) at what she does but hey, why would i be interested in a news source i know will not be examining what i regard the heart of the issue wrt our foreign policy. i think everyone agrees the most contentious area in FP is the middle east. everyone and their brother who’s not a neocon has opined about palestine being at the heart of this problem. so where is she? it bothers me because she’s silent. granted she wouldn’t be where she is today is she wasn’t but couldn’t she push the envelope even an itty bitty amount? if she just expressed one iota of that biting humor/snark she uses exposing other lies..on the contradiction of our stated policy vs the status quo. if, and she doesn’t.

    good call on the chris hayes connection lea, thanks. maybe someone should contact hayes and ask him to ask her…… courage rachel..i know she can do it.

  5. munro says:

    Apparently arresting 8 year old girls at 3am and putting feces covered hoods on them is less scandalous than forbidding same sex partners to register at Crate and Barrel.

  6. Dan Crowther says:

    I would refer anyone thinking that Rachel Maddow might “report” on I/P like Hayes did to her show when the earthquake in Haiti happened – Israel sent a medical team and mobile hospital to Haiti and Maddow, with a glint in her eye explained “because this is what Israel does.” Golly Gee Willikers- what a great country. Not only did she glowingly praise Israel- she also completely neglected to mention that “mobile hospital” really means ” US military field medical unit” – So, Israel takes its US subsidized medical unit to Haiti, with the latest technology field tested in Iraq and Afghanistan, probably at the behest of the US government and Maddow is as proud as a new parent. As someone who has known of Maddow for a long time ( Im from Northampton, Ma, where she got her start on the radio) I am somewhat disgusted by her, but not surprised in the least by what she chooses to “report” on and what she doesn’t. Northampton is a town with a very large lesbian population, with Smith College, an all girls college whose alums include Sylvia Plath and Gloria Steinem smack dab in the center- its also a town with a very large Jewish population- and one of the things you learn growing up there, as I did, is that you can rally against wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, DADT; you can protest Bush/Obama policies on torture, rendition etc and you can try as hard as you can to save Darfur- but you CANNOT, NO WAY criticize Israel. She’s a product of that environment.

  7. Seham says:

    I hate to be all harpy harpy but I just can’t get over her calling Ahmadinejad short. I mean he is very short and unattractive, but, I hoped that she as a woman and a lesbian would know better than to succumb to such blatantly sexist and infantile behavior. It’s just hard for me to respect what she does. Her lack of backbone of the Palestinian issue isn’t surprising though, it’s just more of the same from the American “progressives.”

    • Chu says:

      lol! agreed. Ahmadinejad could wipe the floor with her, if they ever had a dialogue. And how funny that she needs to attack him about his height, but it’s very bad when someone calls her a lesbian. What a dope, but aint that a progressive; well she dresses like one, so she must be one. :D

      Scott Pelly on 60 minutes, scared as he was, looking like a soiled schoolboy, was asking Ahmedinejad questions. It was more of the state-sponsored questions that he was asking as he was sweating. It was like watching the Nixon Kennedy debate. Pelly was a cheap suit that day and continues to be.

    • Kathleen says:

      That rant of hers was idiotic. Have you ever seen Flynt Leverett, Prof Cole, anyone who could present a solid and well informed view about Iran on her program? Hell no