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March 31 2011

109 46% of Israeli teens support limiting Palestinian rights

281 More on the debate over Zionism and the Jewish state

4 Saudis admit they supported Libya attack to mute US criticism of Bahrain

91 The current ‘one state’ reality in Israel/Palestine
Gil Maguire

6 The ‘Nakba law’ and erasing history
Shiri Raphaely

41 Benjamin Netanyahu’s heart of darkness

1 Memories of the first Land Day

March 30 2011

8 Land Day Tigers

14 On Land Day, the Jewish National Fund’s racist legacy is exposed

19 Israel’s incitement problem

121 Zionism’s history, real and imagined

9 Israeli activists call for a ‘no fly zone’ over Gaza

0 Thousands of Palestinians take part in ‘Land Day’ protests across Israel/Palestine

4 Human Rights Watch confirms Qadhafi’s use of landmines as Uganda offers him refuge

24 Report from the ‘Mondo Awards’ in Gaza

317 On land day, don’t stop boycottin’

March 29 2011

16 In the last 10 days, Israel has killed 14 in Gaza, including five children, and wounded 48

119 Realism: ‘Commentary’ warns Obama that taking on Netanyahu again is ‘political suicide’

10 Arab uprisings, Angry Birds style

1 Tweets from Tahrir collects on-the-ground reports from the Egyptian revolution

58 Imagine if…

20 Interview with Israeli BDS activist Tali Shapiro: The fear of international isolation is shifting the discourse in Israel

37 Amidst fake bomb shelters, one student admits he’d rather live in Sderot under missiles than in Gaza under siege

11 Traitors to apartheid

March 28 2011

21 False choice: Netanyahu says Abbas must choose peace w/ Hamas or Israel

78 Cairo 2

32 Cairo 2 part II

15 Noura Erakat: Constructing the prototypical terrorist in America…Guess who?

23 Israeli prof says Israel is committing suicide like Germany– and lobby ‘coerced’ Obama to go along

15 JNF feeling the heat over Al Araqib

4 Nearly half of Israeli Jews support settler ‘price tag’ attacks against Palestinians

62 Pinkwashing at Yale

21 Rape used ‘as a weapon’ in Libya

10 Bahrain– the sideshow

24 Corporate media erase U.S. role in Hamas-Fatah split

31 Israel supporters to erect mock bomb shelter in NY

4 One half of a family crisis solved

5 Brooklyn-Jenin: Thoughts on the occasion of Land Day

12 Gazans stage ceremony to honor ‘Mondo Awards’ winners

162 More on Jerome Slater’s piece seeking to reconcile Zionism and justice

117 Rebranding

11 Washington Post headlines are reminiscent of Southern politicians holding the line against civil rights

12 Moor: it’s not a war of western imperialism

5 ‘RealClearPolitics’ runs piece calling settlements Jewish neighborhoods

2 Another Zionist takes on the Israel lobby (and the Jewish imperative to unify against the outside world)

14 Goldberg embraces J Street

March 27 2011

72 This website is 5 years old

14 ‘Washington Post’ uses Liz Taylor’s fidelity to Israel to bash boycott movement

8 Tom Friedman lifts someone else’s aphorism
Dan Sisken

12 ‘NYT’ seems to buy in to claim that American Jewish criticism endangers Israelis

2 Settler pogroms target sheep, olive trees and children

27 Israeli Minister joins call for removal of pro-Palestinian Facebook page

7 Dan Rather’s story in Israel was pitched by Israel’s Foreign Ministry

10 Israel arrests nine in continuing crackdown on Nabi Saleh

19 American media bury story of drone attack that killed 40 in Pakistan, inc’g many tribal elders

10 Women burst into journalist hotel in Libya saying she was raped by Qadhafi paramilitaries, she is dragged out by security forces

16 Israelis who support the boycott from within

9 Can you really be a leftist and support Avigdor Lieberman? (Only in Israel)

21 Juan Cole supports the Libyan intervention

85 What is your question for Benjamin Netanyahu?

2 Next book on the Middle East out this week

March 26 2011

49 Marqusee: democracy development and great power intervention are at odds

67 Star of ‘Cleopatra’ was… a Zionist

17 ‘LRB’ report suggests even Tunisian revolutionaries fear global punishment if they take up Palestinian cause

27 Steve Walt says he would do it all over again

March 25 2011

21 Obama phones Netanyahu to thank him for ‘restraint,’ while Gates links Palestinians to Arab revolutions

3 My experience with the ‘Palestinian Gandhis’ of An Nabi Saleh

17 Univ. of Arizona student coalition builds massive mock wall to bring attention to the occupied territories and the US/Mexico border

17 The muzzling of Israel critics in European universities

95 Israel’s racist response to Itamar murders would be unthinkable in the U.S.

36 Notable South Africans denounce Dershowitz’s record following campaign to smear Desmond Tutu

16 Miral‘s impact will be felt more in the debate than on the screen

265 Slater seeks to reconcile Zionism with justice for Palestinians

7 The fight for Ajdabiya continues

27 Tipping point? Dan Rather crew angered by stripsearch before interview with Deputy P.M.

14 ‘Hamas has good reasons to believe that Israel is the one heating up the southern front’

11 Palestinians’ ‘culture of hate and death’ is all that stands in way of solution, says Israeli consul general
Pat Carmeli

4 On ‘Cycles of Violence’

20 A desperate encounter at the U.N.

3 British Jews begin pitched battle over hasbara

26 Realist site says Israel lobby has cooked the Israeli goose, and American Jews will step away

March 24 2011

1 Corrie family requests observers for upcoming trial in Haifa

42 Israeli Foreign Ministry sent ‘spy’ to report on Gideon Levy speech in Dublin

32 JVP: The best hope for ending the occupation is to support ‘the inspiring nonviolent Palestinian movement for change’ and the global BDS movement

11 What is Mohammed’s last name?

64 I waiver, and still I approve of military support for the Libyan resistance

2 Qadhafi snipers kill 16 in Misrata– and reporters view 18 charred corpses after Western strikes on Tripoli

10 Israel has now arrested 10% of people of Palestinian village who nonviolently oppose occupation
Jonathan Pollak

22 Five years after publication of ‘The Israel Lobby,’ I’m still grateful

63 ‘NY Jewish Week’ excommunicates ‘J Street’ for opposing settlement project

16 Watching ‘Seinfeld’ in Beirut

92 AP publishes calumny of Palestinian attitudes re Holocaust

27 AP’s paradigm: Palestinians initiate violence, Israelis respond

27 Israel lobbyist blames Palestinians for Israel’s killing of 4 civilians

12 What will be next shoe to drop in Arab world?

12 Islamization– why?

20 AIPAC apologizes

21 ‘Hardball’ panel ascribes power of Israel lobby to Christian Zionists seeking Armageddon

March 23 2011

75 University of Johannesburg to officially sever ties with Israel’s Ben-Gurion University

259 Establishing the timeline on ‘Cast Lead II’

44 One killed, 30 hurt in Jerusalem bombing; no claims of responsibility

20 US activists respond to IDF spying on internationals

1 Libya’s resistance and civilians under fire by Qadhafi forces

124 Is another ‘Cast Lead’ in the offing?

4 Talk about a bad review: IDF compares Miral to Mein Kampf

18 I Wish You Egypt: An open letter to people of conscience in the West

40 Five years ago today, Walt and Mearsheimer gave Americans the vocabulary to discuss a central issue

13 ‘JPost’ says Israel is US’s only constant ally in shifting Middle East

73 Apartheid comes at midnight

33 On NPR, Marc Lynch raises a central Arab concern: ‘What about no-fly-zone for Gaza?’

20 Conference of Presidents says settlers are ‘royalty of Israel’

March 22 2011

54 Bill Maher asks Michael Oren whether ‘being an Occupier has changed the Jewish people,’ but

52 ‘Addicted to empire… potential quagmire’ — Walt

9 Five family members killed on soccer field as Gaza fire escalates

39 Jon Stewart strikes again

19 Preliminary remarks in support of the Libyan intervention

15 Israel lobby figure opposes ‘two-state solution’ in Libya

83 Born in Jerusalem, a Palestinian bookstore owner is stripped of his ‘residency’ and may soon be deported
Munther Fahmy

12 Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and more

207 Here is Ayman. And here is his horse

13 Imagining an ‘alternative spatial future’ in Israel/Palestine

13 ‘NY Review of Books’: Palestinian citizens of Israel believe in democracy more than Jewish Israelis

34 Israeli Apartheid Week: A Beginner’s Guide

12 Guess they’ve decided controversy is good for business

5 Hear 2 Arab intellectuals who support UN Libya resolution but are critical of west’s actions

8 Obama honors Arab uprisings for demanding ‘universal values’

9 I am lobby, hear me roar: Frum touts Republican Jewish Coalition’s ability to raise big money

8 ‘NYT,’ ‘Washington Post,’ and ‘Miami Herald’ all call occupied territories ‘Israel’

2 ‘Libya is one people’
Saleh Elzuway

March 21 2011

117 ‘Jewish and democratic’ state intent on proving it is a democracy for Jews only

51 ‘This should only happen in response to genocide’ (two leftwingers argue over Libya)
Michael Ratner and Phil Weiss

21 Israel admits to abducting Gazan engineer who disappeared while vacationing in Ukraine

63 Barghouti: The West must condemn Israeli plans to spy on Palestine-solidarity activists

36 Palestine looks out, for once

29 A Jewish student responds to the charge of anti-Semitism at UC Santa Cruz
Rebecca Pierce

161 Nasrallah: 1000 salutes to the Libyan fighters that are standing and fighting across Libya

6 Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya.

22 Move over, Iowa, dept: Obama said to plan visit to Israel

23 ‘It’s an oil grab’

9 Netanyahu will see Palin but not J Street

2 Pro-intervention; US is desperate to be relevant again

21 Why is Palin going to Israel?

1 Hysteria, nightmares, fear of darkness, speech impediments, chills, illness– the experience of Palestinian children in Israeli prisons

27 Flying blind, with Wolfowitz, Power and Avnery

19 Leftist arguments for the int’l intervention, from Yassin-Kassab and Woodward

31 Ruminations on Purim
Yonah Fredman

13 Rx: Panic

March 20 2011

12 To my beloved Palestine, I am sorry. I love you.
Jehan Al-Farra

199 Libya/Gaza

5 How I spent March 15 in Gaza

43 Lebanon ’06 was collective punishment, and we started all that at Passover, the young Jew tells his aunt

13 Young Jews are turning to Palestinian solidarity, Beinart tells a Pittsburgh temple

11 Buchanan trumps Walzer in clarity of opposition to Libyan war

March 19 2011

20 Settlers break Ayman’s horse’s neck before his eyes

40 Following Itamar killings, village of Awarta faced mass arrests, violence and massive destruction during five days of curfew
International Solidarity Movement

18 Report: Palestinian anti-wall activist tortured, threatened with rape and execution by Shin Bet because of BDS activities

19 Arabs in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria are literally dying for democracy (and in the U.S. we pat ourselves on the back for going out to vote for Obama)

60 Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Ralph Bunche’s achievements didn’t make Jim Crow kosher

17 Schell: Some day we’ll build statues to Manning, who refused to be an accomplice to systematic torture of Iraqis

113 We planned the Purim party, then my partner actually read the Book of Esther…

18 LGBT Center in Manhattan forgets its mission
Deborah Emin

6 Frum says Palestinian state would have to be ‘carved’ out of Israel

166 Israelis invoke violent threats to peace process

22 Identification with Israel is strongest among octogenarian American Jews, then drops fast

March 18 2011

12 No yellow no green on March 15
Fidaa Abu Assi

23 For Palestinians, Jewish holiday of Purim means… closure

3 Qadhafi calls for ceasefire then kills 25 in Misrata; UN warns of shocking abuses in Bahrain; Saleh kills 30 in Yemen

12 Israeli flag is dropped off at Colo. legislator’s office in the nick of time

120 At crowded, guilt-soaked NY memorial, Hoenlein declares Itamar settlers were in Israel

18 Come to DC this May to tell AIPAC it’s time for a new Middle East policy

3 Gaza ‘March 15′ protests continue amidst ongoing crackdown

68 When 60 Palestinian children are arrested at night and a third of Gaza is without shoes– a rabbi summons American Jews to awake and take action
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb

29 Hogtied on Israel, Obama privately calls on Europe to take on Netanyahu and settlements –Economist

54 Rightwing Israeli mutilates image of J Street leader

8 Gitmo in heartland: 2 federal prisons house mostly Muslims, many of them political prisoners, in inhumane conditions

9 On CNN, Remnick sounds dire warning

51 Helen Thomas asks why Americans have no understanding of Palestinian conditions

March 17 2011

40 ‘NYT’ commenters rationalize attacks on Rabbi Lerner for backing Goldstone

50 Palestinian unity movement’s goal strikes at heart of Israeli occupation strategy of divide and conquer

2 Israeli Jews continue to attack Palestinians, both in the West Bank and inside Israel, in the wake of Itamar killings

33 In Libya the resistance continues to up the ante, in Bahrain arrests and intimidation of opposition figures

65 Move over, Iowa

129 Dept of Education opens investigation into anti-Semitism at UC Santa Cruz following events protesting the occupation

24 The US is missing the chance to reset its relationship with the Arab world

4 ‘My Testimony’: One person’s story of torture in post-Mubarak Egypt
Aly Sobhy

126 Jewish privilege

9 That new US ambassador to Israel

March 16 2011

70 Schnabel finally opens up on Israel: ‘You shouldn’t have to be Jewish to be free in Israel . . . It is apartheid, that’s what it’s like over there. It is shocking.’

35 For shame

19 Even Barnea says Israel heads toward ‘apartheid’

9 March 15 protesters ‘unbowed’ as Hamas and PA forces attack protests

93 The BDS debate

118 Jewish orgs excommunicated ‘JVP’ for heckling Bibi and refusing to swear by ‘Jewish, democratic state’

38 US ally Saudi Arabia sends sectarian forces to help quash Bahrain protests

13 The Arab revolutions’ message to America
Nadia Hijab

1 It’s not just Qadhafi that’s uping the ante, so is the Libyan resistance

55 How should the left respond to the Itamar murders?

25 ADL suggests that U.N. sponsors terrorism– the film ‘Miral’

1 Listen Up: Caterpillar Man song honors Rachel Corrie

3 Mitchell Bard on the Arab lobby, at American University

3 Desch says Obama’s ‘counter-insurgency’ model for Afghan occupation parallels Bush in Iraq

20 Diaspora mans up: Remnick urges Obama to overcome his ‘internalized’ fear of Israel lobby and ditch Dennis Ross

32 On the 8th anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s stand in Gaza
Cindy and Craig Corrie

March 15 2011

4 Miral at the U.N.: Under Hollywood gloss, the truth about Israel/Palestine is revealed

15 March 15 in Nazareth
Jon Dillingham

11 Washington Post survey of Middle East protests leaves out Palestine

8 2012 on his mind– Obama’s Security Council veto

22 Israel demolishes Jordan Valley village Khirbet Tana

8 Danish security firm pulls out of the West Bank following activist exposé

1 Univ. of Toronto and York Univ. students launch divestment campaign

10 In Gaza, banks aren’t too big to fail, but too small to function

28 ‘Going native’ and Jewish exceptionalism on the left

3 Shades of Solidarity: Notes on race-talk, intervention and revolution
Darryl Li

15 Palestine calling

11 ‘Generation Oslo’ takes to the streets to chart a new path forward for Palestine

0 Gaddafi forces advance in Eastern Libya

99 After Itamar: Exploring the cynical logic that makes everyone a target

10 ‘LA Times’ links murders to settlement expansion

1 March 15th: Arab revolution returns to Palestine

14 Another mainstream journalist deplores the fact that Manning gave us tons of information about how gov’t works

March 14 2011

3 ‘March 15′ protests start a day early in Gaza and Ramallah – ‘We will not leave until the rivalry is over’

27 In Palestine, Everything is Relative: The settler violence you won’t hear about

3 Bil’in protest organizer Abdallah Abu Rahmah released from Israeli prison

116 Israel, and the AJC, try to shut down Miral US premiere tonight at the UN

187 JVP’s meeting in Philadelphia– a movement finds its moment

25 If Obama thinks the revolutions in the Arab world will lead to more support for the US and Israel, he’s wrong

8 Whitewashing Israeli apartheid with literary finesse

10 Shekels & Sheket: A Dr. Seuss rhyme for the JNF in Al Araqib

9 Qadhafi uses ground and air attacks to continue onslaught against rebels

28 Settler rabbi says, ‘It will probably come down to a war between Jews’

March 13 2011

30 Violence, hypocrisy and resistance
Ilene Cohen

86 Brandeis is turning in his (liberal Zionist) grave
Matthew Phillips

11 Israel announces massive settlement expansion in response to murders

31 Is Libya already lost?
Virginia Tilley

17 Settler murders recall Nat Turner slave rebellion in 1831

34 Ironically, only a Jewish filmmaker is allowed to tell Palestinian story in US, say Schnabel and Weinstein

4 Frank Rich’s NYT valedictory omits self-censorship on Palestine

March 12 2011

334 Reider faults left for silence on murders of 5 settlers

1 Palestinians claim dubious world record– of 750,000 prisoners over time, 6000 right now

25 On the first day we made the desert bloom, and then we invented falafel

116 As if we needed more

91 Noted expert on Israel/Palestine, David Horowitz has never been there

19 Siege mentality: Knesset member calls for hearings about J Street for not loving Israel

18 Remnick honors Amira Hass

12 NPR exec rose to bait on Tea Party, Republicans and Wyomingites, but not Jews

March 11 2011

199 Deconstructing the news from the West Bank

22 Conservative Canadian newspaper gives platform to student leader’s ‘genocide’ assertion

55 Here we come to save the day

37 King hearings come to Flatbush: David Horowitz stokes anti-Muslim sentiment at Brooklyn College

6 Flotilla set to sail for Gaza on anniversary of Mavi Marmara killings

33 Why mainstream Jewish orgs haven’t said a word against Peter King’s anti-Muslim hearings

2 Libyan Unrest: Zawiya remains under revolutionaries’ control despite attacks from Gaddafi’s forces

28 Obama sets his strategy: Arab advocates for democracy will have to cool their heels

144 The Jewish sideshow (and why I want to play in it)

8 Let us undermine Jewish exceptionalist myths

1 Butler and Greyson to talk boycott in NY tonight at 6

11 At 5, Walt & Mearsheimer paper still makes noise

42 Intermarriage tends to divorce young American Jews from Israel

March 10 2011

9 How to run for president

19 2 realists are scathing on ‘J Street’ support for a rogue state

117 Jewish newspaper admits that Israel has become an ‘embarrassment’ for liberal Jews

17 Princeton Jews may divide over campus org’s new policy

55 Jon Stewart compares settlements to terrorism, and gets laughs in the process

32 U.S. funded Israeli-linked security company pushes anti-Muslim ideology

36 Confused why Peter King is putting American Muslims on trial? One answer might be to follow the money.
Mai Abdul Rahman

12 Palestinian family ordered to share home with settlers

5 The women of Benghazi

30 Miral fights an R rating in a difficult political climate

8 Welcome to New York!
Anna McConnell

March 9 2011

272 NYU group cancels event set to feature Israeli Navy Seal who attacked the Mavi Marmara

20 Abdeen Jabara to lead Goldstone discussion in NY tom’w night

73 Brandeis Hillel imposes pro-Israel litmus test, excluding ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ chapter

8 On March 15 the ‘angry young men’ of Gaza will work to end division

178 NYU students feature Israeli soldier who attacked Mavi Marmara during ‘Israel Peace Week’

19 IDF concedes they cannot ‘contain widespread civil uprising in West Bank’

6 Qadhafi is making his Cast Lead dreams come true as his loyalists and mercenaries attack men, women and children

4 Book Review – The Hour of Sunlight

11 Israeli diplomats agree – Israel is delegitimizing itself

3 March 15 protest organizers fight efforts to co-opt their movement

March 8 2011

6 Al Arakib destroyed for 21st time

75 When will the ADL stand up to oppose Peter King’s witchhunt against Muslims?
Amy Kaplan

57 Amanpour says P.A. has ‘not missed the opportunity to miss an opportunity’

6 Palestinian women are disproportionately impacted by the Israeli occupation

32 Israel looks to cash in on upheaval in the Middle East; may request $20 billion more in military aid from the US

0 On International Women’s Day, Palestinian women are faced with two struggles – freedom from occupation and liberation within their own society

2 Video shows Libya army ‘executions’

20 The two-state solution is on its deathbed, but that news didn’t reach J Street conference
Zoe Zenowich and Alex Kane

4 Top prize in Mondo Awards contest goes to Rebecca Vilkomerson, for her nomination of Adalah-NY

4 US and UK support for UNRWA sends the right message to those struggling for freedom in the Middle East
Paul McCann

March 7 2011

115 BBC spots sharp climb in negative view of Israel in the U.S.

36 Beinart calls West Bank ‘non-democratic Israel’

14 Columbia’s Zionist students, in their own words

4 Mondo Award Winner, first runner-up: Rae Abileah and Colleen Kelly for Flashmob
Rae Abileah and Colleen Kelly

3 Qadhafi repeats that he is committing warcrimes just like Israel

8 Israel barring Anglican Bishop from living in Jerusalem

6 Separate and unequal in the West Bank

13 Leslie Gelb seems resigned to Israel’s ‘plight’

47 My journey to BDS

10 Israel to sue Bedouin villagers for cost of demolitions

72 Anti-Muslim hate rally organizer Eliezrie to teach “Kabbalah of Love” at Jewish Federation Vegas mega-event

25 Weiner said Egypt will be an Islamic state, and Israel will be a Jewish one

March 6 2011

44 Two indications from Egypt that Gaza blockade will collapse

97 The history of the Camp David Accords reveals that even a sympathetic president could not stand up for the Palestinians

285 There is no practical solution, and that is why I talk about rights

8 Young Palestinians in NY call for dissolution of Palestinian Authority

14 Israeli diplomat who resigned in protest shows up at Sheikh Jarrah demo

11 Mondo Award Winner: Robert in Antalya nominates Furkan Dogan
Robert in Antalya

4 Mondo Award Winner: Kathleen Galt’s paean to the Gishes
Kathleen Galt

25 Halperin says Muslim states in Arab world are ‘unacceptable,’ but Israel must remain a Jewish one

March 5 2011

4 Construction in settlements has quadrupled since the end of the temporary ‘freeze’

9 This issue isn’t going away (divestment initiatives in Vermont and Minnesota)

9 Palestine is MIA in NYT hail to the Arab protesters

42 Harvard gives stage to Steve Walt and Porter Speakman to talk about Christian Zionism

27 Anthony Weiner is blasted for false claims re occupation

27 Netanyahu breaks the seal on the discussion of a ‘binational state’

10 A Dutch company helping to build the wall seeks to evade responsibility
David Cronin

6 Inspired by Egypt, young Palestinians lead movement to end division
Vittorio Arrigoni

42 Why Al Jazeera is better

14 Donkey in Libya: ‘I understand you, but he doesn’t’

11 Imagine your children attending tent schools, subject to demolition, because colonists seek your village’s water

7 The new Egypt

13 Yorba Linda: My city of hate

13 Gingrich advised ‘total war’ in Palestine…

38 Harvey Weinstein says his Hadassah mother will go on ‘strike’ against ‘Miral’

22 Looking for the Lance Loud of the Jewish family reality show

March 4 2011

19 Mondo Award Winner: Sameeha Elwan
Sameeha Elwan

14 Defending the indefensible — badly

17 “Our policies are almost criminal” – Israeli MK Ben-Simon

287 Weiner-Baird debate lived up to its billing

24 Israel in Egypt: consistency among turmoil
Yakov M. Rabkin

March 3 2011

27 Return To Sender: Israeli activists say, ‘we won’t be ‘the US aircraft carrier in the Middle East”

17 Help MECA bring attention to children under threat of deportation from Israel

3 Settlers rampage

147 Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi

161 Republican congressmen join Islamophobic hate rally in California

5 The beat goes on: Egypt’s Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq resigns

72 ‘CSM’ writer would push Gaza into Egypt

15 Neocon concedes that Egypt-Israel treaty is liability for U.S.

5 Forget the hasbara, Israeli army’s bombs never distinguish between heterosexual and queer Palestinians

11 Brian Baird said that U.S. officials didn’t want him to seek an investigation of Corrie killing, then Israel flat out lied to him about the bulldozer driver

0 2 important events: Chicago, Khalidi for Gaza; New York, Eisenberg channels Luxemburg

7 Student group pushes Carleton to become first university in Canada to divest from the occupation

3 Even the ‘Onion’ knows Americans need Al Jazeera

20 Wait, why are we giving $3 billion to Israel? And why does J Street have no problem with this?

19 Ignoring the Arab spring, J St lobbies for more money for a gov’t that’s cracked down on protesters

8 Truth in advertising

7 Heresy in the Wall Street Journal; Aciman says Palestinians need a country

7 Top Prize Mondo Award Winner, Gaza Series: ‘From Beneath’
Rawan Yaghi

4 Mondo Award Winner, Gaza Series: ‘The Earth woke peacefully’
Mohammed Rabah Suliman

13 Veteran Israeli diplomat resigns, saying Israel is delegitimizing itself

3 ‘Jerusalem Post’ describes a Jewish settler throwing Molotov cocktail into a Palestinian house as ‘vandalism’

5 A report on the boycott debate at the J Street conference

16 Suddenly a man rises (an Israeli’s message to the Egyptian people)
Yonah Fredman

March 2 2011

56 ‘Light a Candle for Gaza’ –the rabbis’ piece the Washington Post refused to publish without major changes
Rabbi Brant Rosen and Rabbi Alissa Wise

8 Israel’s path of destruction across the West Bank

30 Qadhafi compares himself to Israeli war criminals

38 ‘Israel Peace Week’ speaker Senor lauds IDF and ‘economic miracle’ and says nothing about Palestinians

48 Mondo Award Winner: Jillian Kestler-D’Amours on al-Araqib
Jillian Kestler-D'Amours

0 The Mondo Awards– we start rolling them out, at last

53 J Street is liberating Jews from Zionism. So far so good

68 Stop demonizing Arab institutions like Hamas and Muslim Bro’hood — Benjamin urges J Street

5 Suicide bomber is a hero for ‘Times of London’– in Libyan context

28 Tom Friedman says Israel and Salam Fayyad deserve credit for Arab revolutions

March 1 2011

38 Can the U.S. really find no ‘niche’ for Al Jazeera?!

151 There’s work to do

44 Palestinians face ‘price tag’ revenge from furious settlers

14 Palestinian LGBT group: Israeli fantasies about being ‘democratic’ are absurd & the belief they are rescuing us is pathetic

6 You can’t talk about Israel/Palestine without talking about the power difference
Lynn Gottlieb

60 Dershowitz rides shotgun for student attacking Palestinian scholar and his wife in California

9 More towns fall to Anti-Gaddafi forces

3 The mood in Tahrir was somber and frantic as protesters realized Mubarak would not go down without a fight

76 Speaking truth to power at the J Street conference

11 Palestinian boycott call is part and parcel of the Arab spring that is sweeping the region

4 Israel should be given the South African treatment

4 How to be an expert

7 IDF spokesman says he used assumed name in UK to avoid arrest

9 Benny Morris is worried about the special relationship

4 Brian Baird and Anthony Weiner to talk Israel/Palestine, moderated by Roger Cohen

21 Yet another threat: Dennis Ross fears the Palestinians’ ‘biological clock’

23 The assault on Palestinian women’s dignity

0 Khalidi: Arab youth ask why US sacrificed their rights to stability? Yes, why?

18 Glass-all-empty Richard Cohen on Arabs, democracy, anti-Semitism, Nazis