Anti-Muslim law enforcement trainer cited by Norway killer rakes in U.S. taxpayer cash

The U.S. government has strongly denounced the recent massacre by a right-wing extremist in Norway, which killed at least 76 people. But at the same time, sectors of the U.S. government have paid an anti-Muslim activist who helped fuel Anders Behring Breivik’s twisted ideology. Breivik has admitted to being behind the massacre in Norway.

The American Prospect’s Adam Serwer writes:

Walid Shoebat, a “terrorism expert” with a dubious background who was paid by the U.S. government to train law enforcement in counterterrorism, is frequently cited in the manifesto of Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged right-wing terrorist who is accused of killing more than 90 people in Oslo last week. Brevik cites Shoebat more than 15 times.

Brevik cites Shoebat to support his arguments that immigration from Muslim countries threatens the West. “This is why the face of Islamic fundamentalism in the West has a façade that Islam is a peaceful religion,” Brevik cites Shoebat as saying, “Because they are waiting to have more Islamic immigrants, they are waiting to increase in number, waiting to increase their political power.”

As I reported here, Shoebat, the subject of a recent CNN report that debunks his purported life story as a former Palestinian terrorist, rakes in U.S. taxpayer cash.

Two months ago, Shoebat delivered a keynote address to law enforcement officers attending a South Dakota conference on homeland security. Shoebat was paid $5,000 for the appearance by the South Dakota Office of Homeland Security–the money coming a federal grant administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

At a similar counter-terrorism event held last year in Las Vegas, Shoebat reportedly told the audience that the way to solve the threat of Islamic extremism was to “kill them…including the children.”

Shoebat is one of many anti-Muslim activists from the United States cited in Breivik’s online manifesto. It’s a disturbing reality that Shoebat’s views on Islam are being funded with federal grants and listened to by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The revelation that Breivik’s manifesto is laced with citations of Shoebat should be a wake-up call to the U.S. government that Shoebat, and others like him, have no place training law enforcement officers, and should certainly not be taking money from U.S. taxpayers.

Alex Kane, a freelance journalist currently based in Amman, Jordan, blogs on Israel/Palestine at, where this post originally appeared. Follow him on Twitter @alexbkane.

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  1. kapok says:

    Brevik’s got his eye on the prize. NB: he didn’t slay muslims, he slew lefties. Or, he’s going for a twofer: Link Marx w/Mohammed and destroy a competing sky-god cult and a competing set of economic relations in one go.

  2. Thanks, Alex.

    Last night, Stephen Colbert exposed the U.S. media’s pose as “true heroes”–calling out Fox, “WaP”‘s Rubin, and the “WSJ” (including Murdoch’s “accura[cy]” through hacking) for their prejudice against Muslims. Colbert offers sadly hilarious insights, starting with his satiric rebuttal of how “false reports of Muslim involvement were a widespread ‘failure of the media.” He merrily claims that, “by going with their guts, these journalists were able to get the story they wanted and scoop reality. And even if there was a rush to judgment, we must not repeat that mistake by rushing to accuracy. Just because the confessed murderer is a blond, blue-eyed, anti-Muslim crusader, does not mean he was not a swarthy, ululating, Middle-Eastern madman.”

    Colbert quips that the terrorist having [Harry Potter's] “Polyjuice potion” is more likely than any killer not being Muslim, in answer to a Foxperson’s surmise that the killer’s Nordic look might be just “a good disguise.” Colbert reminds us that, according to the usual practice, “The ‘news’ business is all about ‘guesstimating.’” Colbert even nails the slimy corrections later proffered, then ends by foretelling that if so-called reporters just continue making up “hypothetical,” “imaginary” “feelings report[ed] as news,” then the real work will be “writing the retractions.”

    Clip starts about 3:35: link to

  3. tombishop says:

    Shoebaat has strong ties with the Religious Right in the U. S. As the website Talk to Action detailed in the article “CNN to Air Report on Taxpayer Funded Fake Former Terrorist” on July 13th:

    “ This self-proclaimed terrorist, Walid Shoebat, was one third of a traveling anti-Muslim sideshow called the “3 ex-Terrorists,” and is now a very popular solo act on the Islamophobic fear-mongering speaking circuit. The other two members of Shoebat’s trio were Zachariah Anani, and Kamal Saleem.
    In between his many tax-payer funded speaking engagements, Shoebat is a popular speaker at events such as Tim LaHaye’s Pre-Trib (Pre-Tribulation) Research Center conferences and John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) events. Anani is a Lebanese-born Canadian citizen who claims to have killed 223 people while a Muslim terrorist. Saleem, under his real name, Khodor Shami, worked for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network for sixteen years, was hired by James Dobson’s Focus on the Family in 2003, and founded Koome Ministries in 2006 to “expose the true agenda of [Muslims] who would deceive our nation and the free nations of the world.”

    The full article is at link to

    Related to this, today on Talk to Action there is an article about the 6th annual Christian Zionist summit whose featured speakers were Benjamin Netanyahu and Glenn Beck. “Hagee Invokes Memories of George Wallace, Bashes Obama at Christian Zionist Summit” is at:

    link to

    • RE: “Shoebat is a popular speaker at events such as Tim LaHaye’s Pre-Trib (Pre-Tribulation) Research Center conferences and John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel (CUFI) events.” ~ Chris Rodda, Talk to Action

      DEMAGOGUE UPDATE: Hagee Invokes Memories of George Wallace, Bashes Obama at Christian Zionist Summit ~ Bill Berkowitz, 7/26/11

      (excerpt) Christians United for Israel, which claims some 700,000 members, and whose executive director says “represents the soul of the Tea Party,” recently concluded its sixth annual summit, which featured a satellite address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and an energetic and spirited Glenn Beck.
      In what can only be considered a disastrous choice of words to sell a message of unwavering support for Israel, Pastor John Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), and the head of a multi-million dollar ministry, paraphrased Alabama’s segregationist Governor George C. Wallace when he told the assemblage of more than 5,000 at the close of the recent CUFI summit in Washington, D.C. that, “We gathered here with one message. Israel today, Israel tomorrow, and Israel forever.”
      …According to Worthy News, Hagee “condemned President Obama’s suggestion that Israel revert to the 1967 borders to broker peace with its Arab neighbors.” Hagee declared that “President Obama has told Israel not to build homes in Jerusalem. He has no right or authority to tell the Jewish people what to do.”…
      …”The Jewish people are not occupying the land of Israel, they own the land of Israel,” said Hagee. “America should never pressure Israel to give up land for peace, not for any reason, not to anyone, ever … If the US Administration forces Israel to divide Jerusalem, God will turn his back to the United States of America. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is watching, America.”….

      ENTIRE ARTICLE – link to

  4. ToivoS says:

    These Arab grifters certainly found their calling here in the US. Chalabi remains the champ just in terms of dollars extracted from the US taxpayers. Chalabi would find Shoebat’s $5,000 speaking fees chump change.

    Perhaps using the term grifter to describe Chalabi is not quite correct since it appears that he could have been working with Iranian intelligence all along. But then again, maybe he was pulling a double-sting.

    These characters were obvious frauds from the very beginning. I never saw them as deceiving their handlers and advocates, but willing tools in a larger propaganda machine to deceive the American people.

    In any case, kudos to CNN for its ‘expose’ even if it is a decade late.

  5. American says:

    ” There’s also Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the ACT! for America and author of B ecause They Hate. In 2007, Gabriel, who has also spoken to other government agencies, delivered a lecture at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC) as part of the JFSC’s Islam elective for American military and national security personnel.

    I actually saw this Gabriel woman’s presentation to JFSC on c-span years ago. It blew my mind it was so over the top hated filled and made me so mad I called my congressman on it…who of course knew nothing about it.

    One thing…..these hate freaks don’t get into these speaking gigs to the JFSC and homeland security personnel and police departments without some ‘inside help”….so there are people in our government putting them into these positions to spread this shit. And without any proof I will say we can all probably guess the motives of the insiders who are doing this.

    • Roterodamus says:

      I guess I missed the boat. Never knew it was this pervasive in the US. I find this quite shocking as I thought the staff of the US Army was much more professional & serious.

      • American says:

        Yea I was totally shocked. This woman was really talking insane.
        10 to one her speech to the JFSC was the doing of some neo, zio or religious evangelical official within the college

      • Mooser says:

        ” I thought the staff of the US Army was much more professional & serious”

        Hate to tell you this, but when death is both your best argument and your first alternative, you promptly go insane.
        But I do agree with you, the media representation of US Army staff is very convincing.

        Real Americans despise standing armies.

    • MRW says:


      In 2007, the military was full of jesus freak authorities. There was a story about junior officers not advancing unless they showed up at jesus meetings on their days off with their superiors.

    • MRW says:

      Brigitte Gabriel and Walid Shoebat were cast members in Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, the DVD movie created by Canadian Israeli Raphael Shore,* and sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition and Danny Ayalon (Yisrael Beitenu party in Israel) and The Clarion Fund that figured out. The DVD was distributed in 32 million newspapers during Obama’s primary, and Ari Fleischer backed its distribution and message; makes sense, he’s an official (Board member?) of the right-wing Republican Jewish Coalition. It was also distributed through John Hagee’s CUFI to provide more cover.

      These people are hate-filled Pro-Israeli extremists, and they are Israeli Lobbyists. These are mainly right-wing terrorist-level American Jews spearheading this hate, and they need to be outed. (And include Geller’s anti-Norway anti-Muslim rants, Horowitz, Gaffney, Pipes, and all those mentioned in Gharib and Clifton’s article below.)
      Read this, American: link to

      More Obsession Facts
      *”Raphael Shore is an Canadian-Israeli film writer,[1] producer, and rabbi. He is the founder of The Clarion Fund [Israeli], a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the idea that the United States faces a threat of radical Islam.” He wrote it with Wayne Kopping, who is still making hate-filled anti-Islam films. No wonder can figure out who financed it.

      Neo-cons, Ex-Israeli Diplomats Push Islamophobic Video
      By Ali Gharib and Eli Clifton*

  6. Chalabi. Musharif. Farouki. The Taliban……

    Damn, I could go on and on. Its amazing how much money we expend acting against our own best interests.

    WTF, these posturing sacks of shit in Washington DC. After all, its not THEIR money. They’re fat, insured, the majority of them are already millionairres, and if they ain’t, they will be soon. Whats up with that, eh?

    Send them to DC to “represent” us, and the next thing ya know, they’re filthy rich and signing bills that give OUR money to some middle eastern scumbag, or to buy Israel yet one more toy to incinerate Palestinians with.

    Ya know, this clusterfucked circle-jerk known as “politics” in Washington DC has turned us into everything we were never meant to be. We don’t even vaguely resemble what we purport ourselves to be anymore. Is there one single posturing bickering jackass spitting partisan talking points on CNN or Fox today that you would want as a neighbor, much less as your “representative”???

    And how the hell do you get a “Bainer” out of a “Boehner”? Damn, these empty suits can’t even be honest about how to pronounce a simple name. Well, just wait, I guarantee that someday bainer is gonna want his boehner back. Its justa matter of time. No wonder he’s crying all the time. You’d cry too if ya had to give up your…. oh, never mind.

  7. James says:

    one has to wonder if the usa wants to spread islamophobia, or if it is trying to find as many ways as possible to funnel as much money as possible into its latest obsession – terrorism… it is interesting how all these obsessions that usa has cultivated since communism, the war on drugs and now terrorism is how it really benefit the corporations in the military industry and all connected… reminds me of how profitable war is, regardless of the real or imagined fears that fuel them.. this guy seems to be a good example of adding fuel to the fire, as opposed to thinking about not starting fires…

  8. FROM SADLY NO (Tintin), 07/24/11:

    (excerpt)…Pam [Geller] holds on to the idea that the shooter wasn’t really anti-Muslim in her latest post and says, in defiance of all evidence in the shooter’s 1500-page anti-Muslim screed:
    And if he’s a right winger who hates Muslims, how does that translate into killing a bunch of political youth party Workers’ Youth League. He could easily have found Muslim children to kill if that had been his intention.

    Snark fails me here. But this is just leading up to Pam’s point about the real atrocity here:

    Watching CNN and BBC coverage about Norway, I found very disturbing to hear the number of times they use the word “Christian.” They would never dare refer to religion when it is jihad, and this attack had nothing to do with Christianity. It is outrageous.

    That’s rich coming from someone who has spent her adult life running a blog devoted to reporting every instance where a Muslim driver runs a red light.

    SOURCE – link to

    • P.S.
      RE: “Shoebat reportedly told the audience that the way to solve the threat of Islamic extremism was to ‘kill them…including the children.’
      MY COMMENT: I wonder if the Norwegians can use Israeli-style “lawfare” to sue Walid Shoebat (and perhaps David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller) for damages here in the U.S.?

    • American says:

      There are two kind of stupid people, those who always assume that some one else is smarter than they are — and then those who assume that they are smarter than everyone else. Pam Geller falls into the second category of stupid people who assume other people are stupid.

      There was no ‘message to be delivered’ in killing Muslims except some lone gunman hated them.
      Breivik wanted to deliver his political message to the political group he held responsible for ‘allowing’ Muslims in Norway.

      • RE: “Watching CNN and BBC coverage about Norway, I found very disturbing to hear the number of times they use the word ‘Christian.’ ” ~ Geller

        MY SNARK: Great (deluded) minds think alike!

        SEE – O’Reilly: ‘No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder’, By David Edwards, 07/26/11

        Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Monday expressed outrage at the “liberal media” for reporting that Anders Behring-Breivik, the man accused of the July 22 terror attacks in Norway, was a Christian.
        “But Breivik is not a Christian,” O’Reilly complained. “That’s impossible. No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder. The man might have called himself a Christian on the net, but he is certainly not of that faith… we can find no evidence, none, that this killer practiced Christianity in any way.”
        Perhaps O’Reilly missed the fact that Breivik asked to be baptized at the age of 15 or that he identified himself as a Christian on his Facebook page.
        Watch this video from Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, broadcast July 26, 2011.
        SOURCE – link to

    • RE: ‘No one believing in Jesus commits mass murder’ ~ O’Reilly

      MY COMMENT: So none of the Crusaders believed in Jesus? I guess Bill O’Reilly thinks he can rewrite history.

  9. optimax says:

    I can’t verify the veracity of the following web-report that says Breiviks facebook page was manipulated minutes after he was identified as the shooter. Prison Planet has some good info and much junk on it. After reading Breivik’s notes from websites he posted on, I never heard him claim to be Christian or any religion. He definitely is anti-Muslim and pro-Zionist.

    He reminds me of Charlie Manson who thought he could start race riots by murdering Whites and having it blamed on radical Blacks. Breivik hopes to use his trial as a stage for starting an anti-Muslim crusade. Insane like Charlie.

    link to

    • MRW says:

      I never heard him claim to be Christian or any religion

      Yes, he did. It’s in his manifesto.

      • optimax says:

        I haven’t read his manifest. He was all over the place from the what I could tell from his other writings, i.e. I’ve heard much of his manifesto was lifted from the Unibomber’s manifesto.

        • optimax says:


          Breivik does claim to be a Christian but isn’t happy his church isn’t conservative enough. From his posts at

          “I myself am a Protestant and baptized / confirmed to me by my own free will when I was 15But today’s Protestant church is a joke. Priests in jeans who march for Palestine and churchesthat look like the minimalist shopping centers. I am a supporter of an indirect collectiveconversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic. In the meantime, I vote for the mostconservative candidates in church elections.The only thing that can save the Protestant church is to go back to basics.”

  10. Chaos4700 says:

    Anyone notice how wherever Zionism and Islamophobia meet, spewing forth from that nexus seems to be massive defrauding of the US government?

  11. Saleema says:

    I am hearing a lot of disguised sympathy for the Norway Christian terrorist. Much talk about how the Muslims are colonizing the West. If that is the case, then hell yes we are “colonizing” the West. It’s payback for when the West colonized and raped much of the world for a century or so. They stole the resources, made sure the would benefit from them even after they pulled out physically.

    • Chaos4700 says:

      You know honestly, that’s something that’s on my mind a lot. If Europe and the English-speaking world didn’t want an influx of immigrants, than they shouldn’t have forced an influx of colonists on the rest of the world and ripped profit out of the mouths and from under the feet of the people to whom it belonged.

      • American says:

        Wars, natural disasters and starvations are the three main causes of emigrating masses….and US policy certainly has some responsibility for that.
        If our humanitarian aid matched even half of our weapons industry’s sales abroad we could feed a good percentage of the food deprived world.

      • Saleema says:


        I’ve been taking one history class after another and there are some things I have come to realize. History isn’t just a story of the world. History lives on to the present, it shapes the future, it makes the societies of today. History influences our cultures, our politics, our opinions. History is a living beast. What happened a century ago, heck centuries, ago, matters to this day. The past actions of people and societies, of governments and churches, of empires and monarchs have consequences for us, but most of the time we are not aware of them.

        Every time I read a bit of history, I understand our current situation much better. Our present problems exist in the context of history and if people are fair they will look at history and interpret it fairly–but we don’t do that. We interpret history to suit our ideologies.

    • Roterodamus says:

      I’m sure this is not some brilliant insight & has been mentioned before, but I realized years ago in the Netherlands how being – 1)islamophobic & 2)originally from a country with large numbers of muslims – gave an amazing boost to careers. Ordinary people with little to offer were skyrocketing – becoming columnists, TV guests, ‘experts’ in Islam, giving speeches to local councils etc.

      Of course, this had nothing to do with their ideas, they were just very talented people(!) It was so easy to see how politicians saw them as tools for expressing views that these politicians themselves held, but which at that time still found politically incorrect.

      I hadn’t heard about Brigitte Gabriel before, clicked on the link & saw she lived the Lebanon civil war. In fact, there are a lot of people originally from the Middle East who seem so obsessed by spreading hate for muslims that one can’t help but believe that they see this as a continuation of their PERSONAL & LOCAL struggle, a way of dealing with some kind of trauma. They all project their own experiences with a group of muslims on people of very different ethnicities & from different backgrounds; often on the entire muslim population on the planet.

  12. Donald says:

    By the standards of this blog this is an old post (a day old), but it’s the most recent one on Breivik, so anyway, here’s a very good article about the new form of rightwing hatred, where the Israeli racists and the European racists embrace each other. Muslims are the new Jews when it comes to being targets (not that there still isn’t some of the old anti-semitism still around.)


  13. JBL says:

    Agree with Donald. The Oslo massacres should be a wake-up call to European governments to stop allowing Israel and its friends to incite anti-islamic paranoia. Breivik went one step beyond the programmed response – hate and fear muslims – and attacked his own society. He believed the propaganda. When it starts costing you the lives of your “best and brightest”, maybe governments – even in the US – will realize that the poison of islamophobia is no longer acceptable. CNN’s handling of Walid Shoebat and other recent stories linking Breivik to the Israel lobby is a positive sign that our societies have had enough.