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March 31 2012

135 Sullivan forces American attention on the settlements

3 Fire and flowers at Erez

7 ‘Judaizing’ Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem, with backing from Americans

24 Head of Bill Kristol’s lobby group calls on Israeli army to use Palestinian protesters as ‘target practice’

24 The Palestine National Orchestra: a view from the violin section

3 Jews utilize 85% of historical Palestine (and counting)

9 Land Day in Pictures: Israel, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank

March 30 2012

49 UPDATE: Mustafa Barghouti stable after being struck in head at Qalandiya; Palestinian protester reports Barghouti attacked by fellow protesters
Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz

4 Land Day protest at Times Square, today at 4:30 PM

31 Video: the Gaza onslaught

9 BDS is endorsed by large Latino/a youth organization at Arizona conference

1 From Gaza to Sakhnin, we are united with Bil’in
Nathan Stuckey

3 Live updates from the Global March to Jerusalem and Land Day protests

7 Land Day in posters: a retrospective of the 1980s

3 Video: Students in Palestine and the US mark Land Day by calling on TIAA-CREF to divest

4 Global March to Jerusalem website blocked in Israel; decoy site directs to hasbara video

14 What Park Slope BDS activists were up against: the full force of the Israel lobby

8 ‏The story of the land

22 Land Day vs. the ‘Jewish State’: an interview with Haneen Zoabi

March 29 2012

17 Emma Thompson among group of prominent British actors calling on Globe theatre to withdraw invite to Israeli National Theatre

6 Israel stands by debunked story of Palestinian child’s death

21 Bradley Burston dips his toes in one-state water

13 Obama and Republicans have to support Iran war ‘because of funding from certain ethnic groups’

1 Settlers take over house in Hebron, PA detains owner

8 Obama administration buys time on Iran–but what will happen after the elections?

32 The Global March to Jerusalem, a brave and admirable attempt to awaken the world’s conscience

24 Another two-stater goes one-state

11 Wear your support for Israel on your sleeve. And your head, and your coffee mug, and . . .

23 There are two liberation movements

3 First, she will visit her parents’ graves

47 How to win friends and influence people — to bomb Iran

47 Wrong planet

12 And you thought they just followed the Dow! WSJ publishes bible story to justify occupation

March 28 2012

2 Netanyahu’s office signs off on plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin

59 Sen. Cardin tells how he and Hillary Clinton muscled foreign ambassadors to block ‘anti-American’ Palestinian statehood

192 ‘We must expel Arabs and take their place’: Institute for Palestine Studies publishes 1937 Ben-Gurion letter advocating the expulsion of Palestinians

27 Sullivan unmasks Goldberg as a propagandist for Netanyahu’s ‘lies, bluffs and deceptions’ aimed at getting us into war

8 Hey girl, feeling bad about the Park Slope Co-op vote?

17 Sen. Rand Paul blocks Iran sanctions bill, calls for ‘thoughtful debate’ before we start another war

13 Palestinian and Israeli organizations visit South Africa to study, brainstorm ‘practicalities of the implementation of the right of return’

1 Making Herstory: Revolutionary Egyptian women speak

44 Boycott measure goes down, 60-40, at Park Slope Food Co-op

57 Ethnocentrism and journalism (Beinart’s double standard for Israel and Iraq)

March 27 2012

20 Sfard on Israeli Supreme Court ruling on Migron outpost: ‘It’s Our Brown v. Board’

2 Hana Shalabi has been on hunger strike for 40 days– A call to action

11 Jewish establishment-backed mayoral candidates rush to denounce Park Slope BDS effort

18 JNF launches new ‘bluewashing’ website – PositivelyIsrael

5 BDS victory: Norwegian retailer de-shelves Ahava

8 CCR: Israeli excavations continue in Jerusalem’s Mamilla cemetery despite Wiesenthal Center claims

45 ‘Peter Beinart’s offense against liberalism’ and the spiritual crisis Zionism has wrought

35 US Supreme Court: Courts to decide whether Congress can recognize Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem
Annie Robbins and Adam Horowitz

10 Vigilante settler seeks ‘strong men’ to evict Palestinians from East Jerusalem home

7 US ‘understands’ Israel’s decision to cut ties with UN Human Rights Council

1 Hana Shalabi and the international indifference to the arbitrary arrest of women and children in Palestine

76 Brandeis students disrupt town-hall meeting with Israeli Knesset members

33 Bloomberg warns BDS will lead to ‘massacres’ as Park Slope Co-op holds initial vote on boycott tonight

17 ‘J Street’ review– mixed, but positive

0 Israel looks to punish the Palestinians for UN inquiry into the settlements

10 Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop to take the first step towards a boycott of Israeli goods on March 27

March 26 2012

123 The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism

28 Israeli diplomat chased out of Morocco after mass protest

12 ‘Be on our side’: Bay Area ad campaign features Palestinian and Israeli women calling for U.S. sanctions against Israel

4 It is a Palestinian Call: A response to Finkelstein and Beinart on BDS

11 The ‘clash of civilizations’ and the death of an Iraqi mother in San Diego

95 Barghouti and Waskow debate BDS on Democracy Now

2 Cultivate Hope – a poem for Hana Shalabi

2 UPDATE: Hamas, family misled AP reporter on death of five month old child

25 Israel on human rights: It’s accountability for Palestinians but ‘diplomatic terror’ for Israel

March 24 2012

142 Hundreds of soccer fans crowd Jerusalem mall: ‘Death to Arabs!’

13 Cuba-Gaza parallels explored (by Gaza Center for Political and Developmental Studies)
Yousef M. Aljamal

87 Zionism totalled

85 On the passing of Novick: the political limitations of ‘The Holocaust in American Life’

52 ‘Tribefest’ excommunicates group of young Jews who dared to speak about ethnic discrimination

1 Israel describes UN Human Rights Council’s inquiry into settlements as ‘preposterous’

3 A night raid in Nabi Saleh displays oafishness and contempt

15 NYPD: Snoops, spies and … agent provocateurs?

March 23 2012

30 Israeli military shoots 14-year-old protester in face with rubber bullet

4 NYPD surveillance document reveals spying on Palestine solidarity movement

63 ‘I didn’t say I liked Beinart’s book’ — J Street head sells his star guest out to his antagonist, Goldberg

46 ‘Safe European home’?

24 Holocaust consciousness-raising = harming Palestinians

11 ‘Washington Post’ all but leaves out the fact that scientist caught in ‘Mossad’ sting is Jewish and Zionist

10 Gutless Leon Wieseltier

13 Two substantive critiques of Beinart’s boycott call

98 Mustafa Bargouti: Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian cause

11 Peter King hypes Hezbollah threat to US

March 22 2012

5 Alternative Water Forum 2012: Israel’s national water carrier violates Palestinians right to water

1 Sometimes they fall from the sky: a report from Gaza

41 The video that pushed Peter Beinart to speak out against the occupation

3 Jews Say No! and JVP condemn support for NYPD chief Ray Kelly

2 Video: Chicago stands with Hana Shalabi

1 Half of Gaza’s ambulances and fire trucks are at a standstill due to fuel crisis

1 Hana Shalabi ‘could have been me, or my sister’: Palestinian Canadian student launches solidarity hunger strike with Hana Shalabi

113 One crazed murderer sparks Zionist calls for European migration to Israel

7 UN report on Israel is the ‘most cutting recognition and condemnation of a legal system of segregation since apartheid South Africa’

10 Settlers aren’t freelancers– Israeli government is behind them all the way

2 Because they are not numbers

14 Public radio station fires editor who dared to speak out about Israel’s ‘brutal military occupation’

6 Settlers announce plans to take more houses in Beit Hanina and Sheikh Jarrah; Gush Shalom says the government is complicit

46 StandWithUs manufactures boycott of Jewish deli in Olympia

March 21 2012

9 The Jewish establishment goes to bat for Ray Kelly and the NYPD

17 The ‘folly’ of the ‘war lobby’– What if NYT’s top-pick comments reflect popular opinion?

3 At a vigil for Rachel Corrie in Columbus, Ohio

31 Einstein’s crime
Jawad Ali

44 Rockets are collective punishment
Bradley Burston

73 Responses to Toulouse murders from Palestinian orgs and Jerusalem mourners
Eleanor Kilroy and Phil Weiss

3 Palestinian human rights organizations call on B’Tselem to withdraw from J Street conference featuring Ehud Olmert

3 First ‘J Street,’ now Princeton — man who ordered Gaza onslaught tours U.S.

47 Wikileaks: Google caught in spy games on execs and ‘regime change’

33 Two cheers for Beinart

3 ‘Anti-Palestinian political groups’ (Fletcher on lobby)

13 Letters of note

March 20 2012

8 Israel refuses to hospitalize Hana Shalabi: ‘our freedom is even more precious and more powerful than their cells’

24 Beinart’s ‘Zionist BDS’ will only help entrench the occupation

83 Pentagon fears Israeli strike on Iran would drag US in

44 Munayyer: Liberal Zionist sympathy for Palestinians generally ends at the green line. This is moral and intellectual cowardice.

7 A Growing Movement: Six days in Canada during Israeli Apartheid Week

4 When one justice tramples another justice

27 Establishment Jews attack Beinart over settlement boycott call

2 Tonight in S.F.: Ziad Abbas on the marginalization of Palestinian refugees within the peace process

0 Settlers use stolen Palestinian water springs to promote settlements: ‘It is a way of promoting or advertising settlements as a fun place’

0 Physicians for Human Rights: On the 33rd day of her hunger strike, Hana Shalabi is in imminent danger of death

15 J Street and Peace Now organize opposition to BDS

66 Israeli academics call for massive attack on Gaza to ‘mow the lawn’ — before November election ends the ‘opportunity’

10 Those killed in Gaza have a name, and each has a family that grieves for them

109 As I read this, I cringe

March 19 2012

4 Inspired by Shalabi, Palestinian prisoners boycott military courts

10 Northwest pinkwashing events cancelled, StandWithUs’s record of queer exploitation exposed

7 ‘We Will Never Bomb You’ meme goes viral in Israel

33 The flaw of Beinart’s conception of Israel’s ‘flawed but genuine democracy’

2 March 15 one year later in Gaza: Has the fire gone cold?

11 ‘Refusing to die quietly’: Israel invades home of Popular Committee leader Abu Husam Tamimi in Nabi Saleh

57 When good intentions aren’t good enough: Liberal Zionists and BDS

28 Jon Stewart keeps upping the ante

77 Beinart calls for boycott of settlements ‘to save Israel’

21 ‘Daily Beast’ ode to Livni makes no mention of Gaza assault

6 Two Israeli refusers on why they support BDS

7 Lerner and Gottlieb have dialogue in New York synagogue

March 18 2012

27 Ayub Asaliya was on his way to school last Sunday

34 NYT buries the lead– Iranians halted weapons program in ’03 and have not restarted it

20 The Norwegians, the settlers, the zealot, the olive seedlings– and the Palestinian’s suit against ‘Nobody’

2 Israeli settlers attack a shepherd and a child in separate attacks in the West Bank

33 Israel to Europe: Palestinians can’t have a state because they can’t support themselves

6 Another establishment figure, Will Marshall, calls for containing a nuclear Iran

March 17 2012

46 Afghan parliamentary team says many Americans were involved in massacre in which army accuses one

25 Kill other peoples, but not your own

64 The Clementi family’s compassionate statement

0 In Nabi Saleh, two protesters are struck by rubber bullets

97 How important is it to the Times (and us) that Greg Smith is Jewish?

0 Video: Hana Shalabi’s sister speaks

39 ‘No amount of reading and word of mouth could have prepared me for the reality’ — Remembering Rachel Corrie

30 Mr. President, Palestine has heard you

March 16 2012

77 Video: IDF caught in a lie about Tristan Anderson

29 Sabeel conferences in Sacramento, March 16-17 and Sunnyvale, March 23-24
Annie Robbins and Kathleen Eschen-Pipes

28 Israeli police use attack dogs on Palestinian protesters in the West Bank

28 Rendell (of MSNBC and Friends of IDF) is under investigation for ties to Iranian terror group

9 Uygur leads assault on Iran war– U.S. policy is being ‘dictated’ by Netanyahu

38 Wall Street firm slammed the door on young Warren Buffett for religious reasons

44 Brian Williams suggests that Israeli attack on Iran will invite terrorism to London Olympics

75 ‘Tablet’ describes American veterans of IDF experiencing ‘dual loyalty’ issues

16 Israel as strategic liability — US will trample human rights in Egypt for one reason

March 15 2012

9 Democratic congressional candidate: 90% Democrat, 100% Israel

45 Gilad Shalit’s father says, ‘If I were Palestinian I’d kidnap soldiers’

4 Are solar panels an existential threat to Israel too?

65 Israel will attack Iran– and Obama gave tacit approval (Haaretz)

22 Marvin Kalb and Maryland senator join to combat ‘venomous’ delegitimization of Israel

64 When victims retaliate: A response to Bradley Burston

5 ‘WSJ’ runs 4 letters rebutting Oren’s claims on Palestinians

83 Chair of DNC says: ‘Israel is our rightful place… a place for us to go’

14 Latest expulsion from the occupied territories: 55 Harvard students

1 Israeli official on Gaza attack: ‘In a sense, this was a mini-drill for Iran’

5 From M1 to Marcel Khalife, musicians from around the world join the call for ‘Jerusalem for Us All’

66 The myth of Israel’s favorable treatment of Palestinian Christians

3 Tribal hathos

March 14 2012

3 ‘NYT’ coverage of Gaza attacks downplays civilian suffering

16 Elite Israeli ‘sniper squad’ raids Palestinians in prison, injures 11

387 Palestinian and Palestine-solidarity activists issue critique and condemnation of Gilad Atzmon

27 Fighting from civilian areas? Perfectly understandable– in Syria

25 IDF fundraiser at Waldorf Astoria raises $26 million

5 Israeli sculptor portrays Freud’s inner fantasies

1 A message from Hana Shalabi’s family

6 The ‘Arabwashers’ of apartheid

20 Obama rejects a Syrian deal because his team wants F15s (and other stuff I learned at lunch)

23 Obama could only take Netanyahu on when Dennis Ross, Bibi’s backchannel, was incommunicado

47 Gaza scoreboard

March 13 2012

11 Shadia Mansour, first lady of Arabic hip-hop, featured in Esquire mag contest

14 Egypt is looted, and the U.S. press calls it ‘reform’

28 Remnick ignores the Nakba’s role in Israeli ‘democracy’

7 The spoils of lawfare, or please do not pet the Islamists: Shurat HaDin’s 2012 ‘Ultimate Mission to Israel’

13 Muslim activists give NYPD chief Ray Kelly the cold shoulder

28 The evolution of Peter Beinart

2 To my unborn children

38 Another civilian massacre and the savagery of our soldiers

47 Reflections After the Harvard One State Conference

76 @IDFSpokesperson tweets inaccurate video and fake civilian casualty statistics

21 Taking Israel at its word, Florida legislature passes one-state resolution

35 Liberal American Jews are giving themselves permission to say goodbye

23 Iran furor masks the real story, Israel’s self-destruction — Tirman at Huffpo

74 Exclusive Excerpt: Miko Peled’s ‘The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine’

March 12 2012

1 Burying Ayoub Assalya

5 Report from the Saturday morning settler ‘real estate tour’ in Hebron

65 ‘I refuse to join an army that has, since it was established, been engaged in dominating another nation’: Interview with Israeli refuser Noam Gur

33 Israel kills 23 in Gaza, wounds 73, most of them civilians –PCHR

18 ’60 Minutes’ goes in for casual racism about ‘Arabs’

38 MJ Rosenberg: why he is trying to stop the next war

38 Israeli right wing’s vision for West Bank annexation (to ‘pull the rug out from under apartheid accusation’)

31 Beinart: Time for a Jewish conversation about Jewish power and responsibility

41 Massacre in Afghanistan

March 11 2012

79 MSM jailbreak: Chris Hayes devotes 2 hours to conflict with panel of 2 Zionists and 2 Palestinians

119 Israel is sucking up all the oxygen in the White House

71 Israel’s bogus case for bombing Gaza obscures political motives
Max Blumenthal

5 #USWeaponBombGaza trends globally

6 US attack on Iran would alienate Muslims worldwide — NPR

26 Obama victory over Netanyahu gained support, time

March 10 2012

13 Stunning photos of woman demonstrator slammed to sidewalk by water cannon, at Qalandiya checkpoint

2 Keeping settlements ‘illegal’ keeps Obama off of Netanyahu’s back

4 This is the face of war

39 Democratic chair Wasserman Schultz said to cancel speech to Muslim voting-rights group under rightwing pressure

25 Israelis ‘were looking to kill me’ in ’02– Shadid

64 Israel strikes Gaza, killing 11, injuring 16

59 Advice to Zionists from a fellow loser

March 9 2012

9 At least eleven Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza

62 ‏A letter from under attack
Waleed al-Meadana

18 86 Republicans to Obama: ‘You have already waited too long’ on Iran

14 New ‘Daily Beast’ blog on Israel/Palestine features ‘the cousins’– no US realist

56 Warning to Obama: ‘The Jewish community will remember in November’

50 Fact checker fact checker find me a fact

8 Anthony Shadid was shot by an Israeli soldier, he said

48 The radicalization of Yossi Gurvitz
Phil Weiss and Scott Roth

6 Israel sidesteps settlements freeze with Migron deal

March 8 2012

7 At the heart of the Palestinian struggle, a spirit she won’t surrender

18 Al Jazeera asks, ‘What role does the pro-Israel lobby play?’

3 Connecting the West Bank to solar energy: A day at the Abu Kbeta family compound
Tomer Weinstein

13 NIAC’s Jamal Abdi: AIPAC-backed resolutions are ‘blank check for war’

26 Freedom Funnies: ‘You Can’t Just Continue’ Part II

31 Israel Firster

6 NY activists protest Batsheva Dance Company performance in Brooklyn

0 What it takes to throw away garbage in Occupied Palestine

0 Gaza rally for Hana Shalabi on International Women’s Day

49 Walt and Mearsheimer don’t think Israel will attack Iran, and neither will we

2 ‘NYT’ helps Netanyahu bury Palestinian issue

33 Israel’s lobby (updated)

25 ‘Forward’ joins ‘New Yorker’ in embracing MJ Rosenberg

0 Report from the ‘new’ Lifta

March 7 2012

29 ‘New Republic’ says Obama ‘detests’ Netanyahu and treats him shabbily

40 Jon Stewart’s Triple Threat

4 Trailer: Pro-Israel all-stars team up with ex-FBI informant in anti-Occupy documentary

0 People of the world unite to unoccupy Jerusalem

7 Video: Newt snoozes waiting on AIPAC, but hardly misses a beat

40 Friedman warns war could hurt American Jews

15 ‘Putz’ — AIPAC delegates expressed rage at demonstrators

5 Queer Arab women stage reading of ‘real stories from real people’

8 Notes on Purim: The affirmation of the diaspora

9 Cantor says Obama must not ‘speak contrary to what our ally thinks is in its best interest’!

125 Netanyahu gives genocidal bible story to Obama

4 ‘LAT’ takes unexpected dig at ‘pro-Israel types’

65 At last a leader, Obama fingers ‘Israeli interest’ in war

March 6 2012

2 Brandeis SJP protests outside ‘Israeli Peace Week’ Tel Aviv club party

81 A Palestinian student asks, ‘Can I go on Birthright?’

21 ‘Commentary’ says amount of US political money coming from Jews is ‘staggering’

10 Gas prices have shot up 13% since AIPAC’s victory in Senate

79 Hasbarapocalypse at Ynet: ‘Zionism will only cease being demonized when the West stops demonizing colonialism’

1 ‘Blackwashing’ and the Israel lobby

49 ‘New Yorker’ defends Rosenberg (and use of term ‘Israel firster’)

47 What’s queer about the anti-occupation movement?

111 Netanyahu says, You also refused to bomb Auschwitz

109 Blasting Obama as ‘blurred,’ McConnell assures Israel lobby that bipartisan Congress will authorize ‘overwhelming force’ against Iran

March 5 2012

1 Gaza sends two trucks of date bars to the West Bank — first business between the two territories since 2007

5 Red flags over Gaza: Palestinian leftists rally for Hana Shalabi

5 Dershowitz, Cotler and Wiesel line up behind terrorist-linked Iranian oppo group

93 ‘We are you and you are us,’ Netanyahu says– but Obama thumbs him with talk of Palestinians and diplomacy

50 Three harsh critiques of the lobby

38 Opposing boycott, Walzer shares stage with speakers known for attacking Islam

3 Palestine absent? Not at Occupy AIPAC

11 Let there be light: Life in Gaza without electricity

10 Excerpts from the Olympia Food Co-op lawsuit dismissal

36 How Tony Judt broke with exclusivist ideology

5 VIDEO: UCLA students walk out on IDF campus event

27 California congresswoman: ‘Some would call that apartheid’

17 This could be World War 3– and we’re talking less than the parties to a friendly divorce

March 4 2012

39 Young activist disrupts AIPAC panel about ‘Israel on Campus’

4 The counter lobby: Occupy AIPAC to press Congress on war with Iran, US military aid to Israel

March 3 2012

62 Watch live video from OccupyAIPAC

78 Ahmed Moor in WaPo: Harvard One State conference ‘informed by the uncontroversial view that all people are created equal’

1 Amnesty International: Anti-wall protest organizer Bassem Tamimi is a prisoner of conscience and should be released immediately and unconditionally

22 Nine ‘Shalit exchange’ political prisoners re-arrested in February

March 2 2012

27 Scott Brown tries to score points on Elizabeth Warren by calling on Harvard to cancel One State conference this weekend

4 Hana Shalabi vs Israel: Palestinian political prisoner on hunger strike against administrative detention

37 In 45 minutes with Obama, Goldberg asks repeatedly about Iran, nothing about Palestinians

46 If you name your group ‘Emergency Committee for Israel,’ do you get to call people bigots when they say you’re an ‘Israel Firster’?

10 ‘Under Attack’: the Golani Brigade’s treatment of Palestinians in Al-Khalil/Hebron

33 J Street’s call for Iran diplomacy earns ire of Jewish establishment

23 The NDAA — we are all Josef K now

49 The last time a Democratic president took on Benjamin Netanyahu…

March 1 2012

13 ‘Fast Times in Palestine’ to sponsor OccupyAIPAC

33 Consequences of an attack on Iran are no joke

48 Finkelstein’s prescription for a two-state solution is not realistic

5 SJP members accosted, barred from attending Israeli solider event at George Washington University

372 Responding to commenters on recent bannings

16 Journalists Mike Murphy of NBC and Donna Brazile of CNN to speak at conference promoting Iran war

55 The Israeli case for war in ‘The New York Times’

0 Linah Alsaafin: My grandfather passed away and I was denied the right to see him

11 War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on the Poor

11 US officials sharpen Iran rhetoric as AIPAC comes to town

5 Israelis raid two Palestinian television stations, detaining journalists, seizing computers

4 Emergency Committee for Israel fires pro-war propaganda blast at Obama

20 Dershowitz claims he ‘exposed’ CAP and Rosenberg, and calls out Barbra Streisand

14 Israel attacked Iranian nuclear facilities last year — Wikileaks

17 Just in time for Netanyahu visit, neocon ad in ‘NYT’ attacks MJ Rosenberg and CAP