Head of Bill Kristol’s lobby group calls on Israeli army to use Palestinian protesters as ‘target practice’

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Bill Kristol is the chairman of the Emergency Committee for Israel, Noah Pollak is the top staffer at the shop. From Pollak’s twitter feed (and thanks to ThinkProgress for spotting it):

Global March to Jerusalem needs a more accurate name, like Global March to Become Target Practice for the IDF.

Pollak has earlier called for “disproportionate force” against Palestinians and for shooting released Palestinian prisoners.

Rachel Abrams is on the board of ECI and has called upon Israel to throw Palestinian children into the sea to be eaten by sharks.

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Hold onto this guys, take screen shots, because Pollak will pull it before the day is out. (Unless he’s a really proud racist like Alan Dershowitz or Rep. Peter King or Glenn Beck.)

Both of them are so morally warped it defies description.

What a charming bunch of racist white-collar thugs and enablers of ethnic cleansing.

What would the msm say if mister pollak was uttering the very same offensive words about the ‘israelis’, the ‘jews’, or whatever the heck you wanna call ’em?

Personally, I call the Palestinians the REAL semites.

And the israelis?

I call them european colonizers high on religious zealotry and land piracy.

Israel “gets away” with a lot, as we all know. Every time Israel gets away with a new outrage, the decent people of the world are cast ever deeper into FATIGUE — fatigue at their own anger, ineffectiveness against AIPAC-et-al, etc. I imagine that guys like this (like the KKK charmers in the USA’s south, in the days when lynching of black men was a spectator sport and police looked on benevolently) are thrilled by… Read more »

these people should be outlawed, what a disgrace.