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July 31 2012

15 Settlement spending reaches two-decade high of NIS 1.1 billion

137 To understand the history of Palestinian dispossession look to the words of Zionist and Israeli leaders

200 Why Obama shouldn’t go to Israel

8 Exile and the Prophetic: After genocide, no justice

58 CODEPINK protester victorious over AIPAC assailant

4 Alameda County, CA proclaims Palestinian Cultural Day despite opposition

140 Romney’s racist bundler: J. Philip Rosen believes Palestinian society is ‘pathological’

58 Romney bombs at the King David

July 30 2012

20 Israel allocates 70x more water to settlers than Palestinians in the West Bank

4 Exile and the Prophetic: Genocide – donate now!

17 Romney, Netanyahu and that other campaign — for war with Iran

93 Are the Jews a nation? And more importantly, can they hit a curveball breaking low and away?

95 CIA considers Israel the largest counterintelligence threat in the Middle East

July 29 2012

1 Exile and the Prophetic: No prophet spoken here

13 Shelly Adelson rides to Mitt’s rescue in West Jerusalem

32 Dennis Ross’s neutrality shows lobby is with Romney

14 Stealing Palestine dunam by dunam

42 Michael Sfard: Addicted to the process

7 On Romney plane, white and blue is as good as red, white, and blue

265 Romney visits Western Wall, ignores question, Does Israel have a right to annex West Bank

July 28 2012

0 Exile and the Prophetic: Reading the Torah out loud (no rabbis allowed!)

2 Exile and the Prophetic: Rejected! Jewish ‘common sense’ religion

207 The blatancy of apartheid

July 27 2012

6 On the RJC’s drive to get Romney votes from Israel: Block the vote here, rock the vote there!

20 Exile and the Prophetic: Prophet Gray

49 Neocon pressure group’s latest salvo: attacking Obama for not visiting Israel

56 Stand With Us to run counter-ads to maps showing loss of Palestinian land

8 African Americans for Justice in the Middle East & North Africa: ‘Silence in the face of oppression is unacceptable’

8 After court victory in Australia, Palestine solidarity activists return to protesting

47 Election theatrics: Obama to sign bill that gives Israel $70 million while Romney hints Jerusalem is capital

July 26 2012

8 B’Tselem video shows Israeli soldier headbutting 17-year-old Palestinian in Hebron

25 Conservative magazine opposes settler leader’s call to annex the West Bank

6 Romney’s instructive criticisms of Obama’s support for Israel

24 Canadian band attacked by Israel lobby group after playing song titled ‘Apartheid’
Three Little Birds

182 Russia’s foreign minister claims US justifies terrorism in Syria

18 Diane Rehm gets chatty on Syria, asks how assassinations of regime officials occurred

36 New campaign challenges blockade a year after Greece blocked flotilla to Gaza

10 Exile and the Prophetic: Chief Last Night

7 The clarity of Dani Dayan: Settler leader exposes the ethnic privilege underlying Israeli society

203 One apartheid state, with liberty and justice for Jews only

July 25 2012

3 50 Israeli soldiers raid homes in occupied Hebron to arrest teenagers

19 University report on Jewish campus life slammed as biased and harmful to academic freedom

390 Adelson-backed ad campaign features Jewish Dem claiming Netanyahu represents ‘all’ Jews

13 Exile and the Prophetic: Revered to radioactive: peace gardens of the world beware!

31 The occupation machine can’t run on empathy

3 When I Stoop: A poem for Mahmoud al-Sarsak

27 Gaza, Get an Airport or Get a Life
Fidaa Abuassi

July 24 2012

27 Mid-summer lull

125 Susan Abulhawa demolishes Itamar Marcus

26 ‘NYT’ describes ethnic cleansing by another name

11 Exile and the Prophetic: Gathering Light

22 Is the mainstream press ignoring the Congo because there is no ‘Islamic threat’?

52 EU upgrades Israel because ‘nobody wants fuss’ with Jewish community or Washington

7 Florida law enforcement comes under scrutiny for repeatedly using anti-Islam trainer

7 Australian pro-Palestine activists beat charges

66 Homage to Alex Cockburn

3 Jewish settlers establish new outpost outside Bethlehem

9 The latest… African migrants are funding Hamas

40 Penn State lobby… gun lobby… Israel lobby

July 23 2012

27 New ‘NYT’ correspondent embraces goal of ‘sensitively portray[ing] both sides of conflict’

5 Exile and the Prophetic: The (un)niversalist (Jewish prophet) Edward Said I knew

11 Israeli president: ‘we shall stop’ Syrian refugees at border

132 Sacha Baron Cohen settles with Palestinian he slandered as ‘terrorist’

2 Ernie Els’s tribute to Mandela

11 Who is wiping who off the map?

74 Netanyahu can provide no evidence to Schieffer to back up wild charges of Iranian ‘terror campaign’ in 24 countries

108 Yes, what about Syria?

104 Netanyahu seeks war with Iran so he can ethnically cleanse the West Bank — Machover

July 22 2012

45 Anti-Zionist dozens

66 It’s a lie that Ahmadinejad took responsibility for Bulgarian attack

14 Exile and the Prophetic: They left me with nothing

60 Netanyahu thinks Chris Wallace is Mike Wallace– but he’s ‘absolutely rock solid’ Iran was behind Bulgarian terrorist attack

33 ‘NYT’ warns that Israeli democracy is ‘embattled’

2 100s of Palestinians’ olive trees uprooted outside Bethlehem

56 ‘We well understand’ what you’re experiencing — Netanyahu to Colorado

279 Syria watch

July 21 2012

31 Netanyahu will be on two US Sunday shows, pointing finger at Iran

34 NY Times ‘confirms’ Hezbollah/Iran connection to Bulgaria attack by quoting unnamed American ‘officials’

109 No Palestinian athletes will represent Israel in the Olympics

12 Congressional push for Olympic commemoration of Munich athletes began as hasbara

8 Exile and the Prophetic: Mezuzah (God) watch

82 How many of you are uncomfortable with the phrase ‘oppression of Palestinians’? In the packed room, just a few heads nodded

62 Krugman’s coverup

July 20 2012

70 White House refuses to point finger at Hezbollah in Bulgaria terrorist attack

34 Should maps ad be censored at Chappaqua rr station? a newspaper asks

8 Exile and the Prophetic: The heartbeat of the prophetic

41 The ‘Muslim insiders’ of the War on Terror

125 Netanyahu adopts Facebook strategy to claim sovereignty over Jerusalem for the Olympics

16 Settler college granted Israeli university status

July 19 2012

16 ‘NYT’ crossword puzzle

13 Would I have been defended against smears if I was Palestinian?

20 Beinart hits Silverman video, but not all that hard

6 Exile and the Prophetic: Prying eyes

96 3 stories without legs

235 Bulgarian Foreign Minister: Mistake to blame ‘any country or organization’ for Burgas attack at this point

49 Travels with a former Zionist in Israel and Palestine, part 2

35 Liberal Democrats casually smear the Muslim Brotherhood

20 Israel lobby groups acknowledge that occupation is ‘delegitimizing’/’killing’ Israel

July 18 2012

0 Activists try to stop Tel Aviv U dorms and shopping center from being built on remains of Palestinian cemetery

18 Exile and the Prophetic: Helicopter gunships in the ark of the covenant

165 7 dead in terrorist attack in Bulgaria

5 Netanyahu has little to fear from Kadima’s desertion

108 We need another name for the occupation

12 Group plans to build a boat in Gaza, sail forth with products and international hands

13 ‘This Ramadan Make a Date with Justice’: National Muslim organization announces campaign to boycott dates produced in Israeli settlements

12 In ‘productive’ day in J’lem, Clinton ducks question about settlements

5 Film about Sheikh Jarrah evictions will premiere at San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

23 Will Cantor’s backing of Netanyahu over Obama become campaign fodder?

July 17 2012

12 In three cities, pension fund TIAA-CREF urged to end complicity in Israeli occupation

5 Israeli army raids Nabi Saleh, registers and photographs residents

10 Exile and the Prophetic: Overcoming partial practice

32 Huffington Post features Israel lobby propaganda in slander against the Presbyterian Church

5 The divine rule of security in Hebron

163 What if an American politician came out for preserving a Christian majority?

31 New Israeli policy calls for segregating and testing African migrants in hospitals

3 961: the Jerusalem to Beit She’an

1210 The crisis of Jewish identity

July 16 2012

30 ‘Atlantic”s Rob’t Wright says Alex Kane deserves an apology

1 Settlements on a roll– 500 new homes planned in West Bank, 20,000 in East Jerusalem

17 Top university presidents tour Israel and the West Bank on comp hasbara trip

23 Announcing a new partnership between Mondoweiss and Salon

144 Responding to ‘the Atlantic’ smear on Mondoweiss

125 The (what about) China syndrome

1 No municipal contracts for Veolia as long as it keeps the occupation moving

14 Americans deserve to debate the negative impact of U.S. military aid to Israel

6 Exile and the Prophetic: Birthright prophetic

27 Disney heir on Ahava: ‘I cannot in good conscience profit from what is technically the ‘plunder’ or ‘pillage’ of occupied natural resources’

July 15 2012

51 Light sentence in brutal murder shows double standard for Jews, Palestinians

28 ‘NYT’s takeout on a Jewish leader’s ‘criticisms’ of Obama doesn’t dare to mention Israel

13 Exile and the Prophetic: Tell me, have you ever been fed by ravens?

105 It is not him who is under anesthesia, it is us

July 14 2012

4 UN: When complete, 85% of separation wall will run inside West Bank; 23,000 Palestinians to be isolated

16 In attempt to unfreeze US aid, Abbas intervened in Cuba on behalf of jailed Jewish American contractor

16 Exile and the Prophetic: The Jewish pandora’s box

52 NY assembly member urges censorship of maps ad, citing offense to ‘a multitude’ of Jewish orgs

46 Attack on historical maps ad says Israelis have only gained land thru ‘defensive wars’

3 ‘The beating and why I come back for more’

75 At ‘Daily Kos,’ a liberal Zionist calls for BDS

33 Ship to Gaza: Estelle arrives in Stockholm with a message

14 New Jersey police were complicit in NYPD spying on Muslim communities

41 David Brooks’s conscious oversight about America’s ‘elite’

July 13 2012

15 Exile and the Prophetic: Squandered. Beginning again.

15 ‘NYT’ reporter detained at Nabi Saleh demo– colleague says it was just ‘for a bit’

31 In 2002, nearly 50% of Jewish Israelis supported forcibly removing Palestinians from the occupied territories – what are the numbers today?

30 What Israeli settlement bus routes teach us about the occupation

21 Congressman with ties to Netanyahu calls J Street ‘anti-Semitic’

151 Backer of NY ads exposing Palestinian land-loss says response has been ‘astounding’ and news ‘coverage is pouring in’

July 12 2012

0 Eritrean family latest target of anti-migrant attacks in Jerusalem

26 Judge orders Stand With Us-backed plaintiffs to pay $160,000 in Olympia Food Co-op BDS case

3 More ‘infiltrators’: Israel to arrest and deport internationals living in the West Bank

40 Exile and the Prophetic: How deep is (y)our – colonial mentality?

108 Arthur Koestler’s Zionist recruiters used anti-Semitic ideas

21 Even Rabbi Yoffie sees the ground is shifting rapidly
Phil Weiss, with Ilene Cohen

7 Read 25 entries in ‘New Yorker’ fiction parody contest

9 State Dep’t report on talks with Israel says 0 about settlements and claims Iran seeks to develop nuclear weapons
Phil Weiss and Phyllis Bennis

639 NY ads depicting Palestinian dispossession are termed anti-Semitic by ‘Jewish community’

2 Champion of ‘war on terror,’ Bill Kristol uses one euphemism after another for terrorism in paean to Shamir

35 Pollard ‘never brought harm to the red white and blue/Only was concerned for the white and the blue’

July 11 2012

133 Woody Allen expresses typical American Jewish attitudes on Israel: Loves it but has never been there

41 Ali Abunimah KO’s Jonathan Tobin in ‘Democracy Now’ debate

27 ‘NYT’ sees end of 2SS in Levy report, Munayyer sees Israel’s growing int’l isolation

2 The art of resistance

8 Muslim civil rights groups boycott NYPD’s Ramadan conference

32 Exile and the Prophetic: Jewish (Empire) Geography

10 Palestine takes center stage at World Pride

15 Romney to hold fundraiser in Jerusalem…

70 Zionism as a political movement is dead

July 10 2012

26 Republicans woo the settler vote

6 ‘Levy Report’ fallout felt in DC, and online

23 The day the general came (and the lobby tried to get me fired)

23 The BDS movement at 7: Stronger, more widespread and more effective than ever

19 Expert UN panel established to investigate ‘implications’ of settlements on Palestinian human rights

84 Exile and the Prophetic: The Jewish wheel of fortune

7 Defining ‘occupation’ with Israeli Consul General Akiva Tor

34 Ash responds to critique of Finkelstein on BDS

105 Finkelstein on ‘cults and flunkies’

23 ‘IDF Ranks’ transforms pro-Israel Facebook users into ‘virtual soldiers’

67 Beinart signals shift to cultural Zionism, away from need for a Jewish state

13 State Dep’t expresses ‘concern’ about Israeli move to legalize settlements, but let’s leave it at that

0 Demonstrations against Israeli leader, Palestinian police underscore PA’s legitimacy problems

2 War of the Stomachs continues

2 No Pride in Israeli Apartheid

July 9 2012

42 Queer activists disrupt SF Film Festival over Israeli sponsorship

4 Psst lazybones– time to contribute to our summer fundraiser!

29 Exile and the Prophetic: Traveling Jewish

104 Exclusive: Garcia says, Let’s call this occupation exactly what it is

88 Jewish theologian says Christian discourse on divesting from occupation contains ‘latent anti-Semitism’

95 Israeli gov’t study declares West Bank not occupied, Earth flat

17 Deep political differences became the elephant in my therapist’s office

3 Hearts and minds, and stomachs

3 When Jeffrey Goldberg is not enough (Lauder buys Israeli news org to present ‘Israel’s position’ to the world)

11 Nearly 100 weeks of protest in Adelaide: serenaded by buskers, and Christian Zionist unprintables

14 Perelman flops from Obama to Romney. Why?

61 The country with the fourth largest Jewish population in the world isn’t even a country

8 Water Torture: Gideon Levy says ‘water is for Jews only’ in the Jordan Valley

July 8 2012

16 ‘Terror is part of a political war… its task is a major one’ –Shamir

15 Separation of East Jerusalem from West Bank is destroying city’s economy — ‘The Forward’

40 It’s one state now, unequal and unsustainable– former peace processor at Open Zion

58 Harvard student describes her ‘birthright’ trip: endless discussion of ‘the Arabs’ but god forbid you should talk to one

0 Message to Presbyterians: ‘If you truly want to help the Palestinian people, I urge you to listen to what they are asking for’

6 A Fresh Coat of Paint for the Rubble: The message the Presbyterian Church (USA) sent to Palestinian Christians

12 Exile and the Prophetic: Chosen/Kairos

123 ‘Commentary’ slams me for struggling with the elite issue

July 7 2012

97 Evelyn Garcia welcomes a debate on US Middle East policy — not smears and misrepresentation and hate mail
Evelyn T. Garcia

31 Dershowitz says Jewish Democrats love Adelson, who ‘has helped repair the world’

35 On July 4th, Netanyahu lectures Middle East on Jefferson: ‘All men are created equal’

18 Department of Gratuitous Favorable References to Israel in US Media

9 Exile and the Prophetic: South Africa in the mirror

132 American citizens are detained in Hebron for wearing hijab on a ‘Jewish street’

185 Norman Finkelstein’s disinformation about BDS

July 6 2012

22 Some ‘Peace Now’ faithful dispute its claim that divestment will stoke ‘global anti-Semitism’

14 Democratic Congressman’s aide who said there are no Palestinians says he wasn’t speaking for his boss

43 ‘Goldstone Report will pale’ next to damage we will do to Lebanon, says senior IDF official

66 Netanyahu implicated in nuclear smuggling from U.S. — big story in Israel

22 Exile and the Prophetic: Tighter than tight

38 By nearly 9-to-1, Americans believe our support for Israel could lead to terrorist attacks

18 Military ‘kill house’ training base used Muslim women targets

138 Presbyterians overwhelmingly vote for boycott of settlement products; endorse ‘choice of conscience’ option for pension holders to screen CAT, Moto, and HP from portfolios

July 5 2012

20 The occupation is extreme

34 Presbyterians reject divestment, endorse ‘positive investment’ by 369-290 vote; settlement product boycott vote tomorrow
Mondo staff

68 Dust-sized speck of polonium is lethal

7 Exile and the Prophetic: The beach mezuzah

100 Burston calls for ‘quiet revolution’– give Palestinians the vote

2 Mother dies at roadblock after visiting her son in prison

89 ‘Americans for Peace Now’ says Presbyterian measure could stoke ‘global anti-Semitism’

62 ‘Promoting coexistence with an occupier rather than divestment is tragically misguided’ –Palestinian groups to Presbyterians

29 State Dep’t says it is ‘not consistent’ on human rights violations involving Israel and neighbors

July 4 2012

28 Former DNC member got in hot water by forwarding Code Pink email blasting AIPAC

14 Introducing ‘Exile and the Prophetic’: a new feature from Marc Ellis

7 In Hebron Hills, Shulman sees that social justice is not at the core of Jewish identity

84 The therapist blurts

13 Will Israel’s high court respect Palestinian family’s human rights?

115 DNC member resigns after emails faulting Israeli ‘aggression’ and Palestinian burden for Holocaust

62 Yasser Arafat ‘poisoned with Polonium’ — Al Jazeera

10 Terrorizing Muslims: A bipartisan project

July 3 2012

7 Prominent foodblogger who celebrated Israeli cuisine was hosted by org aimed at turning around country’s image

38 Et tu Elena– Justice Kagan’s in Israel, celebrating ‘deep commitment to the rule of law’

26 Islamophobia, Shmislamophobia! 97% of Homeland Security security grants go to Jewish orgs

1 One state: Israel controls access to water from the river to the sea

32 Presbyterian committee passes call for divestment from occupation profiteers

73 Ben-Ami says divestment will alienate Christians from ‘American Jewish community’

5 Pekar’s posthumous title is ‘Not the Israel My Parents Promised Me’

35 Police officer kicks 9-year-old boy, and Israeli commenters cheer him on

0 Home is where the occupation is

64 Breaking: Presbyterian Middle East and Peacemaking committee votes to divest from CAT, Motorola and HP; full plenary to vote later this week

29 Justice denied: Israeli attorney general refuses to press charges against the killers of Ziad Jilani

27 Rosenberg gets backup from Plitnick on ‘Israel Firster’

July 2 2012

16 Israel strikes its own spy system in Lebanon

68 Head’s up Mr. President– Romney’s going to Israel

9 Funding the occupation is taking a side

1 Activists occupy the rooftop of Olympic security provider G4S over rights abuses

1 Saying he had no political agenda in Israel, foodie Lebovitz promises to explore his Arab heritage

11 Ramallah Orchestra’s performance of ‘Eroica’ in Jerusalem is cancelled due to Israeli interference

18 Roger Waters urges Presbyterians to divest

26 Mourning Shamir

7 Israeli-Palestinian peace has effectively been removed from the international diplomatic agenda

5 Normalizing violence– a report from Nabi Saleh

23 Netanyahu says Shamir statement, ‘The sea is the same sea and the Arabs are the same Arabs,’ is correct

166 Author Deepa Kumar on the imperial roots of anti-Muslim sentiment

8 The truth of Syrian opposition is lost in the media’s narrative of hate

97 Soccer’s tragic flaw made a farce of Euro Cup final

July 1 2012

57 Why Christians are leaving occupied Palestine

5 Higher price of water to Palestinians in Negev: using thirst to force them out

9 Death of a self-avowed terrorist

6 What’s your occupation, Mr. Shamir?

157 Shamir ordered Bernadotte assassination to save Jerusalem for Jews. But will his obits tell you that?

26 Presbyterian activist in conservative Pbg paper says ‘we will not shrink’ when Jewish leaders threaten break in interfaith relations