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Stranglehold: When will a U.S. columnist decry the ‘injustice’ of 1948?

While Gideon Levy sees no left ("There has never been an Israeli peace camp") Avraham Burg sees a re-energized left. Both see discrimination. Dare we call it apartheid? Burg, in prophetic voice: Yes, the capital of the Jewish people – … Continue reading

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‘JPost’ and ‘BBC’ say the lobby worked against Armenian genocide resolution before

The Jerusalem Post says that the Turks didn’t ask Israel for help to block the Armenian genocide resolution in the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee– as they did on a similar measure in 2007: In years past Ankara had looked … Continue reading

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J Street needs Israeli gov’t, and vice versa

Michael Oren and J Street are making nice. It turns out that J Street needs the Israeli gov’t to have legitimacy among Jews; and the Israeli gov’t needs J St– to trash Goldstone. Thus, Oren calls on Jews to come … Continue reading

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Duh moment in Haaretz: Stonewalling Goldstone was a mistake

Haaretz publishes media consultant Gilad Heiman’s advice to Israel, study the international discourse of human rights: The time has come to change our behavior. In the contest to see who is more unfortunate, and which children are suffering more, those … Continue reading

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(we started this site because we thought the U.S. had adopted Israel’s policy of permanent war)

Bradley Burston in Haaretz: The fear of peace has left Israel as a country which is prepared for nuclear warfare but not for non-violent protest on behalf of Palestinians. The fear of peace, and the blackmail of the right on … Continue reading

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What will another Lebanon war do for Obama’s Cairo speech?

Friends dont let friends drive drunk. You’ve heard that line about the U.S. relationship with Israel, that we’ve enabled them in out-of-control behavior for a long time. Well, Turkey is actually disenabling. Turkey is pissed due to Gaza and the … Continue reading

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Only way to stop delegitimation is to ‘sustain personal relationships with the elite’ (like Friedman and Arianna)

Israeli Gidi Grinstein says below that it’s essential for Israel to cultivate elites; and god knows he does. He is one of Arianna Huffington’s friends, a dinner partner on her recent trip to Israel. Tom Friedman is also a fan. … Continue reading

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I bet O’Reilly and FOX won’t say a word about this ‘war on Christmas’

Haaretz covers the religious war on Christmas displays in Jerusalem. Remember, Herzl promised the Pope and European political leaders he’d extraterritorialize the holy places.

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The contradictions of progressive Zionism

J Street came under great pressure inside the Jewish community to have Israeli officials at its conference 2 months back. Otherwise, well– it wouldn’t be a member in good standing of Jewish leadership. Still, Israeli ambassador Michael Oren refused to … Continue reading

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