J Street needs Israeli gov’t, and vice versa

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Michael Oren and J Street are making nice. It turns out that J Street needs the Israeli gov’t to have legitimacy among Jews; and the Israeli gov’t needs J St– to trash Goldstone. Thus, Oren calls on Jews to come together and "support Israel at this crucial time."

[I]n a February 10 interview with the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, Oren said J Street had moved “much more into the mainstream.” “The major concern with J Street was their position on security issues, not the peace process. J Street has now come and supported Congressman [Howard] Berman’s Iran sanction bill; it has condemned the Goldstone Report; it has denounced the British court’s decision to try Tzipi Livni for war crimes, which puts J Street much more into the mainstream,” Oren said.

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