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‘JPost’ and ‘BBC’ say the lobby worked against Armenian genocide resolution before

The Jerusalem Post says that the Turks didn’t ask Israel for help to block the Armenian genocide resolution in the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committeeas they did on a similar measure in 2007:

In years past Ankara had looked to Israel, and Jewish groups in Washington, to fight the resolution that came up almost every year. The passage of the resolution in the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee has triggered a crisis in Turkish-US ties…

[In 2007] Turkey’s ambassador to Israel, Namik Tan, who is now Ankara’s envoy to the US, told The Jerusalem Post that Turkey expected Israel to "deliver" American Jewish organizations and ensure that the US Congress does not pass a resolution.

Funny: in 2007 the House tabled the Armenian genocide resolution. So Turkey evidently assumed that Israel controlled the Jewish lobby in Congress, and could stop the vote. As often as we write about this, it is still amazing to see Israeli sources so openly admit it (even though we are talking about a three year time lag, which assures the US media won’t pick up.)

BBC issues a similar report:

"Both President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton lobbied against the genocide resolution, but only at the last minute. Both supported it as candidates. Turkey may also have lost support from the powerful US Israeli lobby because of PM Erdogan’s verbal attacks on Israel."

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