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The struggle against the boycott law is fundamental: Should Israel be a Jewish or democratic state?

What’s the “Boycott Law” about?  If you ask Israelis that question, particularly those opposed to the law, they’ll probably say that it prohibits calling for boycotts of products produced by Israeli settlements located in territories captured in 1967.  But that’s … Continue reading

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Challenging Israel’s stacked discourse on the right of return

On this last Nakba Day (May 15, 2011), we witnessed the spectacular return of Palestinian refugees in real life. Thousands upon thousands of uprooted Palestinians gathered in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, near the borders of the Jewish state and challenged … Continue reading

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An Israeli on Nakba Day: ‘Our humanity is bound up with your right to return’

My sisters and brothers the refugees of Palestinian, today is the 15th of May, the Nakba Day, and I have one request from you; a heartfelt request from the son of occupiers, as an occupier, to those who paid the … Continue reading

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