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Austin Branion is an activist and perennial student of Arabic living in the DC area. Follow him on Twitter at @austiniyaat.

Settler colonialism — and liberal Zionist denial

Throughout his new book on Israel, Goliath, Max Blumenthal conjures the ghosts of Zionist colonization’s seminal event, the Nakba of 1948, implicating it in subtle and not-so-subtle terms as the wellspring from which all conflict in Israel-Palestine flows– just as the ethnic cleansing of North America produced violent resistance. When Blumenthal’s liberal Zionist critics Eric Alterman and JJ Goldberg clamor for “context,” this is the context they don’t want to acknowledge.

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Making privilege an axiom, ‘Economist’ says Israel’s Jews won’t do what South Africa’s whites did

The Economist knows that the two-state solution is dying, but it has scary warning about one-state future

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‘NBC’ likens Iran boycott to anti-apartheid struggle

Shaming Caterpillar for sales to Iran, NBC says not a word about Caterpillar’s role in the killing of Rachel Corrie in Palestine

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‘The Crisis of Zionism’ and the contradictions of Israel as a liberal democratic fantasy


A review of Peter Beinart’s new book, ‘The Crisis of Zionism’. While Beinart styles himself “a partisan of liberal democracy” and skillfully argues against the continued colonization of the West Bank, proponents of universal human rights will inevitably be disappointed by his fundamental analytical failings.

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When good intentions aren’t good enough: Liberal Zionists and BDS

Liberal Zionist critiques of BDS would seem to indicate that they don’t see the conflict as having to do with Palestinians, but simply about themselves.

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