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A vigil in Sheikh Jarrah marks a critical defeat

a vigil on August 10 for Palestinians evicted from East Jerusalem homes, in “Judaizing” of what was supposed to be capital of Palestinian state

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‘I am homeless’ ‘This is a Jewish country’ (voices from the evictions in E. Jerusalem)

Israel evicts Palestinians from homes in East Jerusalem they have lived in for over 50 years. Thereby destroying the 2-state solution, which calls for a Palestinian capital in E. Jerusalem.

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Israeli right welcomes US envoys with racist rally

A rally was held this evening protesting the arrival of the US envoys in Israel. Members of National Union, Likud and Israel Beiteinu led the crowd, which included Kahanists wearing t-shirts saying “Kahane was right,” referring to Meir Kahane’s ideology of violence against all who stand in the way of the constant expansion of Jewish territory.

The people that attended the rally think that occupying another people and chanting racist slurs at the first black president of the United States (who was elected by a majority of American Jews who support him) is their expression of freedom and democracy. As a humanist and a pragmatist, it can feel very uneasy and unsafe in this country. (VIDEO) Continue reading

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