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Nima Shirazi is co-editor of the Iran, Iraq and Turkey pages for the online magazine Muftah. His political analysis can be found on his blog,, where this post first appeared. Follow him on Twitter @WideAsleepNima.

Notice who is welcoming the Pope, and who is outraged

Nima Shirazi writes: Francis will remember the words of his deity and bless the meek, those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, and those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake. But it’s pretty clear that the nuclear-armed settler state Israel isn’t the one eventually inheriting the earth and there is certainly no confusing them with the peacemakers,

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Dershowitz steps down from Harvard to spend more time with what he loves — Israel

According to an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Alan Dershowitz has stepped down from Harvard University because he genuinely wants to spend more time with that which he loves most of all: the State of Israel.

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Shimon Peres’ selective memory of apartheid

Following the death of Nelson Mandela, Israeli President Shimon Peres issued a statement mourning his passing. Unsurprisingly, Peres decided to leave out any mention of Israel’s close and abiding relationship with the Apartheid regime in South Africa–and his own role in bolstering that cooperation. Don’t open the door on the past, he’s said. Except when history serves his aims.

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Iran’s nuclear rights vs. the West’s ‘bombastic diplomacy’

Iran’s inalienable right to a peaceful, domestic nuclear energy program is affirmed by international law via the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), yet the United States believes it can dictate which rights countries are entitled to on a case by case basis. In fact, Undersecretary Wendy Sherman said as much at her recent Senate appearance.

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Rouhani statement on the Holocaust should lead to reconsideration of Ahmadinejad’s similar message

When you hear all this hoopla about how an Iranian official FINALLY admitted the historical reality of the Holocaust, remember these statements from previous Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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The language of Power

Samantha Power, Obama’s nominee to become UN ambassador (above right), offered herself to a Senate hearing yesterday as Israel’s new gladiator and sounded like her neocon predecessor John Bolton in her fearmongering about Iran. Its “continued pursuit of nuclear weapons is a grave threat to international peace and security,” she said, and must be viewed in light of the Holocaust. But US and international agencies say that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon, and Power took a far more detached view a few years ago.

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The Har Homa Heat?: Meet the settlement-building family that owns the Miami Heat


The Arison family, one of the wealthiest families in the world, has owned the Miami Heat from its early years in the 1980s (Micky Arison is above, far right). The Arisons also own the Israeli construction company Shikun and Binui, which operates in Israel, Asia, Africa and the occupied territories.

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Looking for ‘a new devil,’ Israeli leaders and supporters left scrambling after election of moderate Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani’s unexpected victory in this weekend’s Iranian election has sent Israeli hasbara into a tailspin. The desire for an Iranian bogeyman is so intense in the warmongering mainstream of Israeli and neoconservative discourse that any attempt to mask their pre-election desires, and post-election frustration, has been futile. Their entire game plan has been on display — every Iranian leader is a ‘New Hitler’ and every ‘New Hitler’ must be stopped. The whole point is to stave off any possible reconciliation or even minor deflation of tensions between Iran and the West, namely the United States, so as to maintain permanent Israeli hegemony over the region and American largesse and diplomatic cover.

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The Not-So-Complex World of Michael Bloomberg: When a white person does it, it’s not terrorism

Last week, a threatening letter laced with the deadly chemical ricin was sent from Shreveport, Louisiana to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a response to the mayor’s outspoken support for stricter gun control laws. Two identical letters, also containing the lethal substance, were addressed to both President Barack Obama and the head of the Washington D.C. lobbying group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is managed and funded by Bloomberg himself. Despite lethally targeting civilians and non-military officials far from any active battlefield, no one is referring to these acts as terrorism. Not the press, not the intended victims. No one.

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‘Constructive engagement’ didn’t work in South Africa, so why are liberal Zionists pushing it for Israel?

It is now commonly accepted that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher’s “constructive engagement” police towards apartheid South Africa was wrong, both morally and strategically. Yet, these exact sentiments are now echoed in the liberal Zionist community with respect to even the most timid and selective application of BDS.

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The Ironic Lady: Margaret Thatcher, supposed champion of ‘freedom and democracy’, and her dictator friends

Margaret Thatcher died Monday, April 8, 2013, at the age of 87. While there is no dearth of hagiographic profiles of the former British Prime Minister in the mainstream press and scathing vitriol elsewhere, it should be remembered that, throughout her career, Thatcher was a staunch supporter of many of the world’s most brutal regimes, propping up and arming war criminals and dictators in service to Western imperialism, anti-Communism and neoliberal hegemony.

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Argo’s Oscar and the failure of truth

Argo’s Academy Award shows that we have yet again been blinded by the heavy dust of politics and our American mantra of hostility and resentment will continue to inform our decisions, dragging us closer and closer to the abyss.

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Former Israeli Amb to Obama on his visit: ‘You cannot come to an area that exhibits signs of apartheid and ignore them’

Alon Liel, a former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director-General and ex-Ambassador to South Africa, said on February 20, “In the situation that exists today, until a Palestinian state is created, we are actually one state. This joint state — in the hope that the status quo is temporary — is an apartheid state.”

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Consensus: Right wing govt minister says Israel is not a state of all its citizens; liberal Zionist icon calls for cantons to avoid bi-nationalism

Two recent statements — one from a right wing government minister and the other a liberal Zionist icon — reveal the staggering degree of racism in Israeli political discourse.

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The AP’s George Jahn serves up Israeli propaganda on Iran yet again

The Associated Press’ favorite conduit for pathetic Israeli propaganda on the Iranian nuclear program, George Jahn, came out with another doozy on Tuesday. Under a banner touting a “Big Story,” Jahn published an article headlined, “AP Exclusive: Graph suggests Iran working on bomb,” which purported to show proof that “Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.”

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As the discourse shifts, ‘NYT’ stays rooted in the past (the 1800s to be exact)

While the New Yorker may be changing the mainstream UWS paradigm with its publication of Munayyer’s excellent article, The New York Times remains firmly entrenched in Zionist talking points.

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What We Won’t Hear in Boca: Nine things to remember during the Iran section of the presidential debate tonight

Nima Shirazi presents nine things to keep in mind about Iran during the third presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

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Goldberg ignores decades of consistent Iranian statements on nuclear weapons for the sake of propaganda

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg recently cataloged four years of statements from Barack Obama to prove the president has consistently committed to using “military force to prevent Iran from getting the bomb.” But if repetition made Goldberg a believer in Obama, why does he ignore the past two decades of statements by senior Iranian officials promising never to obtain nuclear weapons?

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Benjamin Netanyahu: Master of show-and-tell

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (really) likes using visual aids. He has brought to the podium Xeroxed copies of old letters, meeting minutes and, now, a dazzlingly crude drawing of a cartoon bomb to illustrate this fearsome inevitability. Here’s a quick look at years past

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Iraq/Iran is ‘feverishly working to develop atomic weapons’ — Netanyahu 2012 echoes Netanyahu 2002

That was then, this is now, the Netanyahu edition: When it comes to trying to bully the United States into setting “red lines” or even perhaps initiating a war of aggression, Benjamin Netanyahu has stuck to the same script for a decade now.

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Some initial thoughts on the MEK being delisted

If the US doesn’t believe the allegations about Mossad’s backing of the MEK to murder Iranian scientists, that probably means that the US believes (read: knows) that Mossad itself is responsible for the attacks.

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Israel’s lone soldiers: Come for the perks, stay for the war crimes

U.S. and Israeli policies of invasion and occupation rather than religious extremism are the guiding forces behind acts of terrorist violence, but you wouldn’t know it from the New York Times

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Points of no return, zones of immunity: The constant Israeli hype over Iran

Another election cycle is nearing an end and with it as always comes the same tired fearmongering and war hysteria. Threats and predictions of an unprovoked, illegal Israeli assault on Iran are once again flooding the media with dire warnings of fabricated and meaningless – but sufficiently spooky – phrases such as Iran’s supposedly looming “zone of immunity,” which until recently was ominously dubbed the “point of no return.” We’ve been through this charade for three decades with no end in sight.

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StandWithUs’ revisionist history train campaign

Hasbara outfit StandWithUs has placed its own billboards at Metro-North train stations in New York and Connecticut in an attempt to counter a much-discussed awareness campaign depicting the loss of Palestinian land over the past sixty-six years, paid for by Henry Cliffords’ Committee for Peace in Israel/Palestine. StandWithUs’ counter-campaign is aimed at denying the validity of Palestinian ties its own homeland by presenting the Old Testament as a divine land deed.

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It’s a lie that Ahmadinejad took responsibility for Bulgarian attack

Let’s go to the Farsi: Pro-Israel media sources are misquoting a speech by Iranian President Ahmadinejad in an effort to push war with Iran

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