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Horrifying details continue to emerge of massacre in Khuza’a

Yesterday we published a brief account of an apparent massacre in the Palestinian village Khuza’a, a village east of Khan Younis and close to the Israeli border in Gaza. News reports of what happened, or is happening, in Khuza’a remain vague. The above video from Al Jazeera is the only broadcast news report we’ve been able to find. Most information from the village is coming over social media including a harrowing account from Khuza’a resident Mahmoud Ismail who tweeted out updates from the village: “As we walked I saw my uncle and his son, dead on the road next to their house. Snipers were hitting people in the legs. My other cousin died trying to save his bleeding brother in the street. They died on top of each other. There are corpses still lying in the streets, injured people waiting to become corpses, families who still haven’t escaped”

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Israel stops US-led peace talks citing Palestinian unity (Updated)

Don’t Palestinians get to choose their own leaders? Reporters at the State Dep’t were dubious of US assertions that Israel doesn’t have to talk to Hamas if it doesn’t want to. Historically, it’s enemies that make deals. Meanwhile, Israel has ended the US-led talks for now.

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Global Earth Day coalition drops SodaStream over complicity in Israeli occupation

Today is Earth Day and just yesterday the Earth Day Network, a global environmental coalition with 22,000 partners in 192 countries, cut ties with SodaStream over its relationship to the Israeli occupation.

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‘The Nation’ and the privileging of Jewish voices on Israel/Palestine

An important argument has broken out between the Electronic Intifada and The Nation over the issue of the left privileging Jewish voices on the conflict and not being hospitable to Palestinians.

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The Art Of (Ineffectual) Diplomacy: Kerry says all Israeli settlements are ‘illegitimate’ but shouldn’t hamper peace process

It’s really something watching Secretary of State John Kerry tie himself in knots condemning Israeli provocations while insisting they mean nothing.

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Mondoweiss under construction this weekend

We’ll be doing some routine maintenance on the site over the weekend and there may be sporadic moments when the site is down.

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AIPAC promotes Netanyahu on two states (and ignores the statements from the rest of his government)

AIPAC is promoting Netanyahu as supportive of the peace process, but the statements of the rest of his government paint a very different picture.

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In landmark case on Israel and Jewish identity, British tribunal says anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism


Math lecturer Ronnie Fraser, assisted by Jewish groups, wanted a British court to condemn anti-Israel speech as anti-Semitism because an affinity to Israel was an intrinsic part of his and others’ Jewish identity. The court rejected Fraser’s case saying his pro-Israel advocacy constituted political activism and added “a political activist accepts the risk of being offended or hurt on occasions.”

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Day One of Obama in Israel/Palestine — ‘It’s good to be back in the land of Israel,’ Obama says in Hebrew

A live blog of the first day of President Obama’s trip to Israel/Palestine.

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Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense by 58-41 vote (Updated)

Chuck Hagel has finally been confirmed as Secretary of State by a Senate vote of 58-41. Although they were able to prolong the process over the Defense Secretary nomination, today’s vote serves as a stinging defeat to the neocon campaign against Hagel.

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Israel’s changing image

The photo of a Palestinian boy in the crosshairs posted on Instagram by an Israeli sniper and discovered by Electronic Intifada has now gone viral. It is the top story on Yahoo news. (The New York Times will surely get around to it soon, don’t hold your breath.) And the optics of Israel are changing internationally. Startup nation is becoming Child-targeting nation.

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Faux-libuster is Republicans’ latest stratagem to block Hagel for Defense (Update: And it worked)

Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense has been put on ice for 10 days as Democrats failed to get the 60 votes needed to end a Republican filibuster today. The issue will be on hold while the Senate is on recess next week. Earlier today the New York Times wrote, “Republicans [are] mounting what appears to be the first filibuster in history against a Pentagon secretary.” They were successful, for now.

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Netanyahu out as PM?: Yair Lapid shocks Likud/Beiteinu in Israeli election

The exit polls are coming in on today’s Israeli elections and early results show a severely diminished Likud/Yisrael Beiteinu party. The big winner today appears to be ex-news anchor Yair Lapid, but regardless of today’s outcome there will not be a meaningful change in Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians. Above, Lapid attacks Netanyahu using a parody of the bomb chart Netanyahu presented at the U.N.

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Scott Roth joins Mondoweiss as publisher

Scott Roth is joining Mondoweiss as publisher.

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UN approves Palestinian status upgrade with 138-9 vote (and US Senators threaten to cut aid)


On the 65th anniversary of the UN’s partition resolution calling for two states in Palestine, the Palestine mission is pressing to gain non-member voting status from the UN General Assembly. Above, Palestinians watch Mahmoud Abbas address the United Nations General Assembly in a video broadcast onto the Separation Wall in Bethlehem. (Photo: George Hale)

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Site News — Welcome to our new Assistant Editor, Alex Kane

Exciting news, Mondoweiss staff reporter extraordinaire Alex Kane will now be working on the site as an Assistant Editor.

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Changes to the Mondoweiss comment policy

Several times in the life of this site, we’ve revised the comments policy so as to limit offensive speech. We’re about to do so again—and this time move the goal line. Whereas in the past we have published comments on the basis of whether they abide by certain ground rules, our new policy will involve editorial discretion about the content of comments.

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No room for racism in a movement working for equality and freedom

The important battle of explaining to people that opposing Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism was dealt a terrible blow this past week with the exposure of anti-Semitic tweets by a leader of the Free Gaza Movement, Greta Berlin. Wherever your line is for what’s acceptable speech about Jews, Berlin’s statements and attitude were over the line and have done great damage to the cause of ending the siege of Gaza and working towards justice in Israel/Palestine.

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Sarah Schulman takes on pinkwashing at OUT Magazine

In a dialogue with OUT’s editors, novelist Schulman establishes that the magazine got assistance from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism for an issue it is preparing on gay life there. Schulman says Israel is exploiting the hard won gains of its LGBT movement to falsely brand itself to the world as “progressive.”

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Mid-summer lull

For the next few days Adam Horowitz will be moving and Phil Weiss will be traveling, so the site will be in a bit of a lull. Read a good book. We should catch up some by the weekend. In … Continue reading

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Announcing a new partnership between Mondoweiss and Salon

We’re very excited to announce a new partnership between Mondoweiss and, one of the leading websites for news and analysis on the web.

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Psst lazybones– time to contribute to our summer fundraiser!

We know it’s the dog days of summer, but our fundraiser has been up for two weeks now and we need to push it over the top. We’re only halfway there, lazybones! Right now we’re at about $20,000; but we … Continue reading

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Caterpillar’s complicity in Israeli occupation played a part in MSCI delisting and TIAA-CREF divestment


The decisions by TIAA-CREF to divest $73 million in Caterpillar stock from a socially-responsible investment fund and MSCI to delist Caterpillar from an influential socially responsible investing index has hit a giant political nerve. Over the course of several interviews with people in a position to know, it became clear to us today that Caterpillar’s relationship to the Israeli occupation was an important consideration in these landmark decisions.

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Help Mondoweiss continue to push Israel/Palestine into the mainstream


Twice a year we ask for your support, and we usually talk about breaking the mainstream media’s blockade on the Israel/Palestine issue. Not this time. The issue is finally breaking the surface, and we need your help to keep pushing and shaking up the discourse. (Image: Ethan Heitner)

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State Dep’t official’s ‘Are you Jewish?’ question to US citizen keeps rattling Foggy Bottom


The deportation of Sandra Tamari at Ben Gurion airport and the American embassy’s response to her case — “Are you Jewish?” — continues to be a news story. Read Tamari’s recollection of the call from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, which the AP’s Matt Lee questioned the State Department on today.

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