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Propaganda spotlight: The truth about the West Bank

Danny Ayalon recently posted a propaganda video to his YouTube channel regarding the “Truth of the West Bank”. Ordinarily I’m not prone to producing videos for YouTube, partly because I have zero budget (it’s just me and Powerpoint) and also … Continue reading

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The three sacred words of US-Israeli rejectionism

I have a confession. I love the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. I can, and often do, read it for hours. It is a treasure trove, home to some of the best propaganda on the planet. The MFA website … Continue reading

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‘Mathilde Redmatn’ and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

As someone who spends a lot of time performing critical analysis of the press as well as studying propaganda in general, there are occasionally stories which prick my interest. A couple of days ago, a story appeared on the IDF Spokesperson’s … Continue reading

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