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Palestinian journalist is humiliated by Israeli security at US ambassador’s July 4th party

A revolting July 4 story from Israel: a Palestinian cameraman is forced by Israeli security to remove his pants before entering US ambassador’s July 4th party to cover it.

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‘Safe European home’?

Toulouse killings demonstrate that Identity politics is a blind alley, for radical Islamists, and the far right in Europe

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Neocon questions: Where is the Palestinian Gandhi? And where is the great Churchill of our times?

Joseph Lelyveld on a new India famine book in the New York Review of Books focuses on Churchill’s racism, “Winston’s refusal to accept things as they are and not as they were in 1895,” as Leopold Amery, sec’y of state … Continue reading

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My shiksa friend sees the crisis

Haaretz: Dozens of top Israeli rabbis sign ruling to forbid rental of homes to Arabs An academic friend, who will only identity as “your shiksa friend”: If Jewish and American rabbis don’t come out strongly against this what are us … Continue reading

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Some things just didn’t make sense

I grew up in the womb of the Jewish Community of Washington, D.C, studied at our Hebrew Academy (a school that my grandfather helped found), and worshiped at the Beth Shalom Orthodox Jewish synagogue. After marrying, I travelled to visit … Continue reading

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I am Zionism’s mandatory object. So don’t I get to define it?

There’s an excellent discussion of the ‘Zionism is racism’ question over at Jeremiah Haber’s site, The Magnes Zionist. Haber makes some very good points which are especially compelling since he – a multiculturalist who self-identifies as a Zionist – is … Continue reading

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Zionism, discrimination, and racist intent

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Some animals are more equal than others

In one of his posts from the Holy Land, Phil referred to an obnoxious teenager on a bus as an “ars” (Israeli slang for unsavoury young man, inevitably Mizrahi – from the Arabic word for pimp), and Avigdor “Yvette” Lieberman … Continue reading

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Slater says Jewish state is warranted by likelihood of recurrence of anti-Semitism

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Lincoln overcame a belief in ethnic cleansing to imagine an interracial future (Notes on my racism, part 4)

The latest New York Review of Books has a great piece by James McPherson about Eric Foner’s new biography of Abraham Lincoln that emphasizes the transformation of Lincoln’s view of blacks, especially during the Civil War. The piece is behind … Continue reading

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Blogger Sheizaf would rather write about cinema, but he has been called to witness a great crime

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‘New Yorker’ connects Elvis Costello’s use of the word ‘nigger’ 30 years ago to his recent participation in boycott of Israel

From Abe Foxman’s lips to the New Yorker’s ear. Nick Paumgarten profiles Elvis Costello in the new New Yorker magazine, and links the entertainer’s use of the n-word in an episode 30 years ago to his participation this year in … Continue reading

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Sotomayor overcame poverty, and then elitist disdain, with stubbornness and cheer

Yesterday I did a post that praised Sonia Sotomayor and sharply criticized Laurence Tribe’s elitism. The issue here is the decadence of the meritocracy; and I realized I had never published this post I wrote in September, after seeing Sotomayor’s … Continue reading

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The new Jewish upside-down world: intellectual who calls for equal rights is likened to KKK

Last month we picked up the news that Jewish groups in New Mexico are trying to stop Ali Abunimah’s talk at the University of N.M. next week. Well Abunimah’s blog contains the disgusting news that a local Jewish leader has … Continue reading

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Jewish identi-kit(h)

A question often raised on this blog is “What is Jewish identity?” Religious commitment, especially of the Orthodox variety, is easy to understand, but what is a Jewish atheist? Some commenters here have argued that there is really little more … Continue reading

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Contrary to reports, Peretz will address Harvard social studies gathering

It has been widely reported that Marty Peretz was dropped as a speaker from this weekend’s 50th Anniversary of Social Studies gathering at Harvard University. This appears to be incorrect. The Harvard Crimson reports on the official statement of the the … Continue reading

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