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Robert Silvers was a lion on Vietnam and Iraq, and a pussycat on Israel

Philip Weiss on

Robert Silvers, the late editor of the New York Review of Books, ran Tony Judt’s great piece imagining a one-state democracy in Israel and Palestine in 2003, and then he ran away from it. Silvers could take on the establishment over Vietnam, Iraq, and Freud; but he couldn’t really go after Israel.

AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too

Philip Weiss on

If a definition of Deep State is being impervious to elections, then what about the influence that AIPAC has exercised in both parties: fostering Trump’s Islamophobia and trampling a Democratic Party thinktank’s efforts to expose that Islamophobia. Eli Clifton shows that AIPAC supported Frank Gaffney, the Islam-basher, to the tune of $60,000.

Victim’s daughter responds to anti-Arab attack in Oregon: ‘I don’t want this to be considered a hate crime’

Layla Abdel-Jawad on

Last week a man in Salem, Oregon was charged with assault, intimidation and unlawful use of a weapon after he yelled at an employee working in a Middle Eastern restaurant, “go back to your country, terrorist” and then attacked him with a plastic pipe. The victim’s daughter, Layla Abdel-Jawad writes the man, Jason Kendall, suffers from a mental illness and should not be charged with a hate crime.

The lying King

Jonathan Ofir on

Adding to his already rabidly racist remarks, Iowa Congressman Steve King uses a comparison to Israel to make his demographic obsession seem more acceptable.

Ambassador David Friedman: A diplomatic oxymoron

Mohamed Mohamed on

At the most fundamental level, all U.S. ambassadors share a common mission: to represent the national interests and policies of the United States. David Friedman, President Donald Trump’s nomination for ambassador to Israel, is unable to fulfill this basic obligation because his loyalties lie elsewhere, which is clear from his own statements and views.

‘Unfortunately there are many more decent than brave people’ — Michael Sfard

Robert Herbst on

“One has to be brave to participate in non-violent dissent, and unfortunately there are many more decent than brave people,” says Israeli human rights lawyer Michael Sfard. “Israeli politicians are afraid,” and there have been a “tsunami of bills to close the democratic space available to us.”

Steve Bannon’s Judeo-Christian ‘Camp of the Saints’

Jonathan Ofir on

The new white-supremacists have found a model that happened to be created by a certain stream of Jews – the ‘strong Jews’ of Zionism. And the advantage that this alliance creates is far more substantial in realpolitik terms for those power-seeking white-supremacists, than the redundant old anti-Semitism.

‘We are losing the next generation’ — rabbis describe crisis over Israel in their congregations

Philip Weiss on

The American Jewish community is today roiled by divisions over Israel. These divisions are manifest in countless synagogues around the country, but are largely silent– because Israel-critics are still muzzling themselves. Rabbis are in a difficult position. They want the conversation to happen, but big donors threaten to leave the congregations if there is criticism of Israel. Yet the rabbis say there will be no choice but to have the conversation: because young Jews are abandoning the synagogues, and the community needs the next generation more than it needs money.

More than a feeling: Jews and whiteness in Trump’s America

Mark Tseng-Putterman on

The spike in antisemitic acts following the start of the Trump administration has rekindled an old question: are Jews white? But Mark Tseng-Putterman says this is the wrong question: “Let’s not ask if European Jews are white. The more urgent question is: what price have they paid in colluding with whiteness? The price of heritage, of language, and of culture? Or the price of dignity, of accountability, of moral authority? Far from giving white Jews a free pass on confronting their own white privilege, I hope that answering this question might just lead more of our Jewish communities towards truly joining the multiracial, multi-faith fight against white supremacy.”