I Am Wrong Again, Re: Birthright Israel

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Matt Dorf of Rabinowitz/Dorf communications informs me I got the #s wrong on how many young Jews go to Israel free every year.

Your piece on Ali Abunimah’s talk includes a mention of our client
birthright israel: “Indeed, he said, the birthright program, which gives
a free trip to Israel to young Jews, only gets 2-3,000 recruits a year.”

While I’m sure he said that, birthright in fact takes 20,000 a year (17k
from the U.S.) and has thousands of more applicants each year that they
can’t afford to send.

Birthright has taken more than 110,000 participants since its inception
6 years ago.

Thanks, Matt.

And while I’m in the correction business, let me say that a few weeks back a smart correspondent who will go unnamed busted me for saying that there’s never been a book about the Israel lobby. Well there’s former Congressman Paul Findley’s book of some years back, They Dare to Speak Out.

Live and learn.

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