Impeach Him, Sure–And Limit Presidents to One Term?

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I’m all for impeaching George Bush for staggering incompetence and intransigence (let the lawyers figure out the language), but if I get my wish that means that 3/4 of our recent 2-term presidents will have been impeached, or close: Nixon, Clinton, and Bush. Only Reagan goes unscathed, and maybe he shouldn’t have. (Iran-Contra). All four two-termers have suffered second-term miseries. They’re bored, they know the job too well; they get into deep doo-doo. They become overweening and try and crush their opponents (Nixon and Clinton).

Maybe we should limit presidents to one term. We’d get the most of their imaginative capabilities in that interval and save ourselves the long hangover of 8 years. The world moves too fast to give one guy (or one gal) such an important job for so long.

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