Si Newhouse Faces Antisemitism–and Blinks

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In the latest Commentary, Ben Toledano tells the following story in a piece about New Orleans:

…a wonderful story, possibly apocryphal, concerns the press mogul S.I. ("Si") Newhouse, who among his many newspapers owned the New Orleans  Times Picayune, the city’s leading daily. Allegedly, Newhouse appeared one day, just before nooon, in the office of the paper’s publisher, Ashton Phelps, Sr. "Si," said Phelps, "I was just leaving for lunch at the Boston Club and wish I could invite you to join me, but the club doesn’t admit Jews." "That’s perfectly all right, Ashton," replied Newhouse, "just be back by 1:00." Whether the tale is true or not, Newhouse had the right attitude…"

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