‘Bi-Nationalist Zionist Vision Might Have Prevailed But for Arab Pogroms’

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Ralph Seliger of Meretz-USA writes to me:

Saif [Ammous] is an ignoramus. And so are you if you think that his is a serious
analogy of Christians coming to the US to make it a more Christian
. It is already "Christian" in its majority and its cultural

The Jews did not come to Palestine as conquerors but as refugees
seeking a home. I know that the Arabs thought of them as a threat, but
if their response had been peaceful rather than the pogroms of 1920,
'21, '29, and the rebellion of '36-'39, and if they had not made the
British close the doors of Palestine in 1939 – just when the Jews
were especially desperate for refuge – maybe "my" ideological Zionist
forebears (who were bi-nationalists) might have prevailed in the Yishuv
to forge a better, common future for both peoples.

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