Introducing Israel’s next foreign minister: Avigdor Lieberman

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(Banner from the Israel Beytenu website)

No, it's not official yet, but what seemed like an odd joke just a week and half ago, is looking more and more like a done deal.

Ha'aretz reports that Avigdor "minorities are the biggest problem in the world" Lieberman has moved from making his case for the position to making demands. He wants "full autonomy" in his new post and is worried that Benjamin Netanyahu will bring in trusted Likud aides to do the heavy diplomatic lifting . It makes sense that Netanyahu would be a bit worried about Lieberman becoming the face of Israel to the world, this is the man after all who:

has called for the execution of Israeli Arab MPs who had dealings
with Hamas, for Gaza to be "treated like Chechnya" and for Israel to
fight Hamas "just like the United States did with the Japanese in World
War II."

In October, he told Hosni Mubarak to "go to hell" for
not coming to Israel, and after Israeli leaders apologised to the
Egyptian president for the remarks, slammed them for acting toward
Cairo like a "battered wife."

Doesn't look like Lieberman is quite ready for his close up yet. I'm sure Netanyahu hopes he gets ready quickly.

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