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‘Beth Elohim,’ leading Brooklyn temple, is said to have Hebrew school maps of Israel without Green Line

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Yesterday this site slagged Mortimer Zuckerman (and got his name wrong, as Morton; sorry Mort!) for his deceptive suggestion on Huffington Post that the West Bank is part of Israel. Recently the Washington Post made the same error in an obituary. And it corrected it here.

This is a common claim in the American Jewish community. I gather that the Hebrew School at Beth Elohim temple in Brooklyn, a leading Reform synagogue, has maps on the wall of Israel without the Green Line. No West Bank, no Palestinian territory. Beth Elohim did great work last week by hosting Rashid Khalidi, and its rabbi, Andy Bachman, is a good guy. Rabbi, I commented on your blog about this but haven’t gotten a response. A friend of mine says he saw the map without a Green Line on it. How do you justify teaching children this when you are for the two-state solution?

P.S. Horowitz tells me that many Hebrew schools have maps like this. Jack Ross says, It’s not uncommon, in fact at the religious school I went to (Beth El – Bethesda, MD) they still had a map showing the Sinai as part of Israel in 1999! But really, the question we should be asking is why they have maps of Israel at all.

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