Sonia– Kate Winslet ‘joked’ that she wouldn’t win an Oscar till she played a Holocaust victim

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From the JTA: "Life story, Israel trips tie Sotomayor to Jews"

It doesn't hurt that Sotomayor, 54, is a poster child for strong
Jewish-Hispanic relations. In 1986, when she was in private legal
practice, she joined one of the first young leadership tours of Israel
sponsored by Project Interchange, which is affiliated with the American
Jewish Committee.

Sotomayor so enjoyed the country — its immigrant culture, its
popular music influenced heavily by Jewish immigrants from Argentina
and Brazil — that she made a return visit in 1996 when she was a
federal judge, and recently joined a Project Interchange U.S.-Israel
forum on immigration. In the process, she formed a lifelong friendship
with Project Interchange founder Debbie Berger and her husband, Paul,
who attended her swearing-in as a Manhattan appeals court judge in 1998.

"She enjoyed Israel not just from an intellectual perspective, she liked the music and the people," Paul Berger told JTA.

Richard Foltin, the legislative director for the AJC, said her
background naturally played a role in how the Jewish community would
welcome her.

The Kate Winslet/Ricky Gervais joke is here.

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