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Would you buy a used car from this man?

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Shas is an important part of Netanyahu’s coalition, representing the religious nationalist right. The spiritual leader of Shas is Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, pictured in his colorful outfit.

From Ynet‘s report on Rabbi Yosef’s weekly sermon Saturday night, in which he said that Obama is turning Israelis into "slaves" by attempting to impose a settlement freeze in the West Bank and Jerusalem. Then offered some prophetic solutions:

"’You can’t build here, you can’t build there’ – it’s as if we were their slaves," the rabbi protested. "We are being ruled by slaves," he said," adding that, "Our messiah will come and throw them out."

Rabbi Ovadia also bemoaned the current reality in the Temple Mount, saying: "Where is our temple? There are Arabs there!" He then promised that the messiah "will throw all these evil ones out of here."

Thanks to Jeff Blankfort, who writes: "Another story that will not be ‘fit to print.’ Look at the uniform on this nutcase. What values do American share with him?"

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