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A Jewish journalist is not sincere about Jewish ownership of media

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Writer/attorney Ronald Goldfarb, who is Jewish, penned the following for The Hill:

That conservatives have successfully propagated the propaganda that liberals control media is mind-boggling. It is right up there with the other myth — that the Jews own the media. A client of mine heard that common complaint from a cab driver in New York City. He asked who the fellow had in mind. CNN and Fox, the guy responded. It’s out — Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch are closet Jews.

Jeff Blankfort then commented on his statement:

As to Jews owning the media (as opposed to "the Jews)," being a myth, Mr.Goldfarb should know that that "myth" has legs. Unless there was a mass of overnight sales that have yet to be reported, the owners of the Washington Post, Newsweek, the New York Times, Boston Globe, NY Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and a number of others happen to be Jewish as are the owners of CBS, ABC, and all of the major Hollywood studios. They don’t all have the same politics but they do share the same religious background. As for Murdoch, he considers himself to be an honorary Jew, having received numerous awards as a friend to Israel by major Jewish organizations and he has openly stated his unqualified support for Israeli government policy many times and his Wall Street Journal certainlyreflec ts that.

Goldfarb’s statement is disinformation. According to, the publication he works for is owned by News Communications, Inc., a company controlled by Jerry Finkelstein and run by his son James. Finkelstein’s other son is the former Manhattan borough president Andrew Stein, and it seems like his company has plenty-um Jews in it.  Was Goldfarb being sincere with his readers?

The same sort of mystification suffused a panel of Jewish journalists at Yivo a couple years back. If people are interested in Jews running the media, they should get the facts. I’ve written that most of my checks as a reporter have been signed by Jews–god bless ’em. It’s been an issue inasmuch as mainstream publications don’t cover Israel/Palestine fairly; and as the Times says, even leftwing Jews are passionately for Israel.

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