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Arianna Huffington slams Israel’s colonies/roads for making Palestinians ‘strangers in their own land’

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Apologies to Arianna Huffington. A better reader than me points out that Arianna did go to the West Bank, as Bruce Wolman doubted, in his post of yesterday. And what did she have to say?

I left Bialik Rogozin energized and inspired. So it was particularly jarring to
drive straight from the school to the West Bank to see the Jewish settlements
that have become a flashpoint of the stalled peace process.

The security wall. The roadblocks and barbed wire. The separate roads that the
Palestinians have to use. The checkpoints and "buffer zones." The very large,
sprawling, and very permanent-looking Israeli settlements carved out on
Palestinian land. No wonder Palestinians feel like strangers in their own land.

Taking it all in, it’s hard not to feel weighed down by a sense of hopelessness
over the divisions that seem even more entrenched and permanent than the
intruding settlements themselves.

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